The Cosmic Kitchen

Mock Garlic Grilled Cheese

Raw Vegan Garlic Butter Grilled Cheese Recipe

Who doesn't reminisce from time to time of a warm & buttery grilled cheese especially as the weather starts to transition to winter? This garlic "grilled cheese" is made of plants, nuts and seeds. It is served warm out of the dehydrator. Why not give it a try?

Jack Fruit Tacos Recipe

Leave your guests amazed at how epic these flavorful tacos are. What's more, is they are healthy and are teaming with friendly microbes due to the sauerkraut and sour cream. Let's create magic in the kitchen!

Heavy Metal Chelating Salad

This salad is one of many recipes that can support a heavy metal cleansing routine. Heavy metal cleansing is not...

Probiotic-Rich Orange Creamsicle Elixir

Do you remember those orange push pops from when we were little? I remember them well. This orange push pop...

Raw Vegan Wild Nettle Soup

Raw Wild Nettle & Carrot Soup Recipe

It is Spring and we have plenty of nettles growing now. Nettles really make a nutrient dense soup because they...

Raw Vegan Sprouted Cultured

Cosmic Raw Vegan Sushi Wraps

Here is a cosmic, raw, vegan, sprouted sushi wrap recipe.  It has so much flavor and really nourishes all the...

Circulation and the Humble Red Onion

Improve Circulation with The Humble Red Onion

Interested in getting immediate results with improved circulation to your heart, face, hands and feet? Well then look no further...

Epic Ice Cream Recipe

Body Ecology Blender Ice Cream Recipe

Wow friends! I have been wanting to come up with the most Epic Body Ecology Blender Ice Cream Recipe that...

Raw Vegan Sprouted Aquatic Sea Grass Recipe

Wow this recipe is just off the charts epic.  First you will want to obtain some Wild Rice or what...

Cosmic Cake Recipe

I celebrated my Birthday last week and have got in the ritual of adorning my Birthday cake’s with the cosmic...

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