About me

This site was born from a natural calling over 15 years ago to live in a way that was aligned with a higher purpose and passion for all things elevating the mind and body.

My intention here is to inspire a deeper sense of wellness and living. It is a site filled with health, detox and spiritual wisdom.

I have learned from some of the best of the best over the years from Natural Doctors like Dr Gabriel Cousen’s, to Healers like Lou Corona & Truth Calkins to Master Martial Artists that my life has synchronistically presented me with over the years.

With training in The Resilient Heart~Trauma Sensitive thru Heart Math Institute, Raw Food Chef under Hollywood Chef to the Stars Juliano Brotman, Quantum Reflex Analysis Practitioner with Dr Bob Marshall, Usui Reiki Level II from a Traditional Shaman Elder, & as a Practicer of the Internal Martial & Longevity Arts my experiences have given me tools to create a personalized treatment map for those seeking health and spiritual evolution.

Let this site be a muse for elevating your health and spiritual life.

I have courses, guided meditations, and books on my shop and a wealth of free content on the blog

These days I reside in the Trinity Mountains practicing Martial Arts, Meditation, & Inner Alchemy while offering courses in health, detox and Super Natural Living.

Dodhisattva Super Natural Living

Certifications and accolades

QRA Alternative Health Practicioner Certification
Certificate of Completion
Raw Certificate Dodee Schmitt
Dodee Schmitt Shaman Apprenticeship
Certificate of Completion

What People Are Saying…

Awesome Program!

Thank you for guiding me through a colon cleanse and detox. I learned so much and you helped me to see aspects I would have never thought of had I did it on my own. I feel lighter, brighter and full of energy. I highly recommend Dodee’s Detox Coaching to anyone serious about feeling great and achieving their health goals!

Joelin Ferguson, Los Angeles, CA

Thank you for the Detox Program!

Your program was so helpful. It was like a hidden gem amongst so many cleanses out there. My digestion is so much better and I was able to do the cleanse while working. I appreciate your support with the details I would have never thought of. Thanks Again.

– Andrew Lee, Thousand Oaks, CA

Thank you for all your work!

My family and I had Dodee personally come to our home and help us with lifestyle coaching. She showed us hands-on in our home how to make the most amazing healthy nutritious recipes. We had one on one coaching done for our daughter whom suffered with teenage acne. We so appreciate Dodee and all her education, she is a rare gem.

~ Melissa B. – Malibu, CA

So Glad I chose the Detox Your Living Space Program!

Wow, I had no idea certain products I was using on my hair, skin, and teeth were so toxic. I got so many recipes and insights on upgrade approaches to hygiene and personal care. My kitchen got a whole make over as far as oils I was using, pots/pans that were toxic and certain condiments that were hindering my performance. I really appreciate your help with this, it made a world of difference!

~ Molly Rowlands, Seattle, Washington

Detox Program

I really appreciate the amazing program you put together for me. I got both the living space detox and personal cleansing program. Dodee has some masterful knowledge about health and wellness that is rare in the world today. I feel like I am a new person revived and ready to take on tasks with ease. Thank you so much for all your genius. You really have made a difference!

– Tyler Hoff

Liver Flush Protocol

Dodee has been instrumental in my health and longevity journey. She really gave me a good handle on liver flushing and how to do it like a real master. Her insights allowed me to get results like I had not experienced before. Thanks for your support.

~ George Sohal, Seattle Washington



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