Magical Morning Routine

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Experience The Magical Morning Routine so you can build inner strength, connect with your energy body and live in the holy flow. With Wisdom of the Ages and  Gifts of the Masters, May these practices elevate your Soul and assist you to Cultivate your Inner Power.

Enjoy The Magical Morning Routine video explanations of the two sets mentioned in my blog. A traditional Daoist Tai Chi body adjustment as well as the Awaken The Ten Bodies Set from Kundalini Yoga as taught by Yogi Bhajan.

Both of these practices come from Masters of their craft. I share the entire protocol in a PDF download as well as two videos in beautiful Mount Shasta, a spiritual energy center and vortex. Learn timeless practices so that you can experience internal power, radiance and deep health.

Receive the Spiritual Warrior Declaration Meditation so you can increase your Self Worth Set Point to allow in the goodness that is your Birth Right.



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