Powerful Benefits of Castor Oil Packs

castor oil packs

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In this post we will go over the benefits of castor oil packs as well as how to do castor packs over the liver, gallbladder, abdomen, kidney and even the spleen.

Castor Oil packs have been used for centuries and are a helpful natural remedy for many different ailments.

Even Cleopatra touted the benefits of castor oil as a way to brighten the eyes.

We will get into how to do that later in this post.

The Romans called the castor plant the Palm of Christ or “Palma Chrisi” as to them it resembled the Palms of Christ. 

Edgar Cayce, the American mystic was an advocate for castor oil compress benefits. He recommended it for the following ailments:

  • Digestive Problems
  • Liver Conditions 
  • Menstrual Disorders

But what about solid medical research?

The Medical Research shows us that castor oil packs benefit us as an antiviral

The medical literature proves promising that castor oil helps with liver infections, inflammation, stomach problems as well as castor pack benefits in wound healing.

This is to the various compounds present in the castor bean.

Ricinoleic Acid

Castor oil is the deepest penetrating oil due to the Omega 9 fatty acid called ricinoleic acid.
It is very useful when it comes to dissolving growths and stones as we will talk about in this post.
Castor oil is so thick and medicinal it is used topically in castor oil packs for various health ailments so that it can dissolve, penetrate, soothe and lessen inflammatory responses in the body.


castor oil pack benefits

Benefits of Castor Oil Packs

 Detoxification is one of the most well noted benefits of  castor oil packs.

When applied to the abdomen, spleen, liver, kidney or gallbladder they help promote the elimination of waste products and toxins from the body.

Liver and Digestive Support: Castor oil packs are often used to support liver health and improve your digestion. 

The packs may help stimulate the liver’s detox pathways, leading to improved circulation while dissolving stones or cysts. 

When you apply a castor oil pack to the abdomen it can help improve blood flow, oxygenation and therefore improve nutrient absorption.

Pain Relief: The anti-inflammatory properties of castor oil may contribute to pain relief when used as a warm pack.

The application of the castor pack over an area of discomfort, a sore muscle, joint or even an abdomen cramp could reduce the inflammation and pain.

Cough or Cold: Use a castor pack over the lungs if congested.

Constipation: Applying a castor oil pack to the lower abdomen with heat you can relax the muscles and help with occasional constipation.

Menstrual Pain or Cystitis: Some individuals use packs for menstrual cramps and even ovarian cysts. The packs reduce inflammation, relax the muscles and could potentially help dissolve growths over time.

Break up Bone Spurs, Tumors and Fibroids: Consistent castor packs over growths with a heat pack can help dissolve and break up growths.

Use this in combination with a healthy diet and lifestyle to see results in 90 days. 

Tip: With fibroids it is likely you have estrogen dominance. In this case besides castor packs you may use a topical wild yam cream to help get rid of them. 

The longer the growth has been there the longer it takes to dissolve it. If it has been there only a short time it could take only a few weeks.

Scar Tissue and Adhesion Reduction: The packs can soften and breakdown scar tissue and the adhesions that sometimes form after injury or surgeries.

Skin Health: The moisturizing properties of castor oil are remarkable. Many people report wrinkles fading and they use it as an anti-aging oil. 

Applying castor oil to the skin could help reduce itching, hydrate dry areas and pull toxins out of the skin like blemishes healing the skins layers over time.

Hair Health: Not as a castor pack but for topical use. Utilize castor oil to stimulate growth of the hair on bald spots.  Use it as a scalp treatment to promote hair growth. Great for frizz reduction.

Immune System Support: The lymph and detox effects of castor packs help to remove toxins, bacteria and fungi and up-regulate our white blood cells, therefore improving your immune system. 

To Recap key points of castor packs are below:

  • Penetrate skin to break up toxins
  • Reduce inflammation 
  • Help dissolve kidney stones or liver/gallbladder stones
  • Assist with breaking up tumors, cysts and fibroids
  • Improve digestive issues
  • Anti-fungal
  • Anti-bacterial
  • Immune system invigoration

Castor oil helps your immune system because of its anti-bacterial qualities. It also boost the white blood cells helping you fight off viruses and bacteria.

Castor Oil Pack For Liver

where to put a castor pack on your liver?

Can castor oil packs heal the liver?

As mentioned earlier in this post the medical research shows castor oil helps treat liver infections.

Castor Liver Detox Benefits

One of the best ways to detox your liver naturally is with a castor oil pack.

This will improve the detoxification pathways of the liver and work as an anti viral and anti fungal.

This is a non invasive powerful way to boost your immune system strong and clean the blood.  

This will brighten your eyes, create radiant skin from within and create hormone balance.

Where do you put a castor oil pack on your liver?

Put your hand over your right rib. Now feel the bottom rib and up under here is where your liver sits.

This is right below the lung.

Castor oil packs for gallbladder would be the same focal area.

The castor oil pack helps to process and eliminate the stored toxins and even helps break up stones.

Because castor oil packs are anti-inflammatory they help to soothe the liver, increase blood flow and relieve congestion.

The act of a castor oil pack over the liver will help to break down and move stagnant bile.

If you are suffering from gallstones, you may want to consider taking Raw Organic Apple Cider Vinegar internally.

This will help dissolve & break up the stones.

Another great herb for dissolving stones is Chanca Piedra.

How do you know your liver is detoxing?

As congestion breaks up in the liver you may experience a bowel movement, more energy and at times nausea due to the passing of toxins.

Castor Oil Pack Kidney

Similarly if you have kidney stones you can use a castor oil pack for kidney stones in the same way. It will aid in breaking up these stones just the same.

Here you will apply the castor oil pack over the kidneys and apply the heat compress for at least one hour.

Keep your diet light and hydrating when doing castor oil packs for kidney stones.

Your kidneys are delicate and will need the utmost of care during the cleansing of stones. 

Castor oil on kidneys in the form of a compress is very effective in break up calcification or stones.

Stay away from hard to digest foods and over cooked foods. You may want to consider a full body kidney cleanse.

Kidney stones are super painful.

I highly recommend caring for your kidneys with a cleanse and healthy lifestyle changes so that kidney stones are a thing of the past for you.

Castor Oil For Kidney Stones Pro Tip

A castor oil pack for kidney stones coupled with drinking Apple Cider vinegar can work together to dissolve the stones with far less pain.

Castor Oil Pack Instructions


First start by prepping your area to do this. If it is your bed or the couch then put down an old towel so that you do not ruin your couch or sheets.

First begin with getting a high quality organic castor oil.

The things to look for are:

  • Is it stored in a glass bottle?

This is so that the plastic does not leech into the oil. Castor oil is powerful and it will penetrate that which it is near.

If you can find a dark glass bottle that is best.

  • Next be sure to use organic cotton material

This is so you are not adding pesticides to your castor oil pack.

The other thing that I learned is that having some sort of elastic that helps hold it in place is super helpful.

I have linked the queen of thrones kit below because it address all of these concerns. The organic castor oil, the dark glass bottle and the elastic organic cotton pad.

Queen of Thrones Castor Oil Pack

I like to wear a latex free medical glove so that as I pour the oil in I can use my hand to spread the oil a bit.

Focus on pouring the oil in the center of the fabric. Do not over do it because it will start to spread by itself. 

It also spreads once on your body due to the heat. 

It can take up to a half hour for the castor oil to really saturate the organic cotton material.

It also depends on how thick the material is. The thicker it is the more it can hold.

Once you poured the oil on and allowed it to spread out you are ready to put it on the target area. If you went with the queen of thrones castor pack it comes with that elastic piece to secure it easily.

 Otherwise simply take your saturated organic cotton fabric and put it in place. 

You can then take a piece of plastic wrap to hold it in place.

With either option secure it over the target area and utilize a towel over top.

Then grab a hot water bottle or heating pad to place over the area.

I like using a hot water bottle or heating pad, not just body heat because it helps to actually make the castor pack effective in penetrating the surface area.

If you don’t want any emf pollution stick with the hot water bottle option and it is likely a more cost effective option too.

It will easily get through the skin layers and start to work its magic much quicker than if it is just cold.

Leave this in place for at least 1 full hour over the liver or target organ. 

Store in a cool dry place or the freezer when finished. I like to put the fabric in a glass mason jar and seal it with a lid.

You can reuse this up to 20 times.

Benefits of Castor Oil Pack on Abdomen

If you experience stomach aches, bloating, gas, constipation or other digestive symptoms a castor pack can help ease the symptoms.

The phyto chemicals in the castor oil work as an anti-inflammatory to penetrate the skin barrier and go deep into the tissues.

The benefits of castor oil pack on abdomen issues like digestive complaints can be helpful as a calming agent.

Or to get the toxins moving out of the body through the bowels.

If you have cysts you can target the lower abdomen or ovaries. This is a very gentle way to help break down cysts.

The other key benefit to castor oil packs on the abdomen is increased oxygenation and nutrient absorption.

Applying the castor oil pack over the abdomen area for 60 minutes can do wonders for digestive issues.

Because of the antiviral effects it can help move out bad bacteria in the gut.

Castor Oil Pack for Spleen

You don’t hear too much about the humble spleen.

But it is so important for detoxification.

This is the main organ in our lymphatic system.

Its truly a remarkable organ as it plays a crucial role in our immunity, its where our red blood cells are stored and also filters blood.

The spleens tissues help to fight viruses, pathogens and clean up infections.

Furthermore the spleen is where your white blood cells and antibodies are made.

Its amazing to see shifts in your lymph health with the adjunct of a castor pack over the spleen.

Doing a castor oil pack over the spleen after a rebounding session is a powerful adjunct to cleanse the lymphatic system. 

The rebounder is one of the main tools I use in all my protocols because it not only stimulates the lymph but it tightens and tones the entire body.


 Mini Trampoline Rebounder to Detoxify the Lymphatic System

Skin brushing will further help to remove toxins and invigorate the lymph and immune system.

Castor Oil Packs For Skin Ailments

Speaking of the skin this is your largest organ for detoxification.

Moving things out of the skin with castor oil as a gentle yet powerful dissolving agent is a great natural remedy.

A breakout of the skin or a rash can benefit from a castor pack to aid in the cleansing of this area.  

It really invigorates the superficial lymph fluid under the skin to get blood flowing and gently cleanse & dissolve toxins.

You can simply create a castor oil pack on the target area like in the instructions above.

Castor oil can help as an anti-aging tool since it helps to erase wrinkles.

This is due to ricinoleic acid in the castor bean that deeply pierce the skins layers and nourish them.

Another great use is for bald spots on the scalp.

You can use it as a spot treatment or make a scalp treatment with castor oil and essential oils of rosemary for better hair growth.

What to Expect After a Castor Oil Pack?

You may be wondering, do castor packs really work?

Or what to expect after a castor oil liver pack?

Castor packs definitely work and here is what you can expect after one.

As I mentioned it can take time to clear the issue you have.

It depends on how long you have had it. Give it several weeks or up to 3-6 months to see results.

After using a castor oil pack, individuals may experience various effects, both immediate and over time.

Less Congestion: The lymph and organs benefit from castor oil so you will notice better circulation and movement of stagnant waste. 

Digestive Effects: If the castor oil pack was applied over the abdomen or liver some individuals may experience improved digestion or relief from abdominal discomfort. 

You may even have a bowel movement due to the cleansing effects of the castor pack.

Skin Moisture: Castor oil is known for its moisturizing properties. After a castor oil pack, the skin in the treated area may feel softer and more hydrated.

Improved Circulation: Some users notice improved circulation in the area where the pack was applied.

This can lead to a feeling of warmth and possibly a slight redness or flush in the skin.

Possible Detoxification Effects: 

After using a castor oil pack on your liver, some individuals report feeling lighter or having improved energy levels.

However, some may feel weak due to toxins being expelled from the body.

You may also feel nauseous as toxins leave the body.

Stay hydrated and take it easy.  A cup of hot ginger tea can be beneficial to soothe your stomach.

Over time you may notice dissolving of growths or lessening of your symptoms.

Castor oil packs slowly but consistently works to break up toxins under the skin or on the skin.

Detox Protocol - Castor Oil packs

Below is from Dr. David Jubb’s PDF on a detox protocol with castor packs to de congest the entire lymphatic system.

Add this with 20 minutes of rebounding on a mini trampoline coupled with a non inflammatory diet and you have yourself a program.

Lymph & Immune System Reboot with Castor Packs

2 days a week over the liver/abdomen area

2 days a week over the spleen area

3 days a week over the Thymus gland

This will rejuvenate the adrenal glands and enhance the function of the thymus
gland, revitalizing the entire body.

Do the treatments daily for the first 4 weeks,
after which, do the treatments every other day,
once over the three target areas – liver, thymus, spleen.

importance of castor oil packs

Recap Castor Oil Packs

Castor oil packs are a helpful adjunct to clear your organs of toxins and assist in the removal of waste via the skin.

Make sure to use high quality castor oil and organic fabric and one with elastic to fix it in place.  

Use the castor packs to bring circulation to the area, as an anti-aging tool, help the lymph fluid along or to dissolve waste build up like stones, cysts, fibroids and tumors.

Diet and lifestyle plays a huge role in health challenges as does our emotional state.

It could take several months to see results depending on how long you have had the issue.

Learn more about healthy recipes to add to your detox protocol in my nutrition video course here.

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