Here’s Exactly How to Do a Coffee Enema This Week

how to do a coffee enema

In this article, we will explain exactly how to do a coffee enema, what is a coffee enema, the benefits of a coffee enema, and what coffee is best to use.

If you are looking for coffee enemas near you like at a natural health clinic you might check those that offer colonics.

But I am going to help you prepare a coffee enema so you can easily make a coffee enema at home.

 Saving you time and money and you also learn a powerful natural health remedy.

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@theremedyvault For full directions go to 4 cups pure water 1 TBS Organic Light Roast Coffee 1 Enema Bucket with Hook High quality strainer No toxic Pot for boiling water Wooden spoon Oil for tip Old Towels and pillow for floor Let simmer for 5-10 minutes and cool to body temp. Start by inserting 1 cup at a time…Hold for up to 15 minutes. This solution will yield about 3 sessions at one time. #coffeeenema #howtodoacoffeeenema #liverdetox #liverdetoxification #livercleanse #naturalremedies #liverflush ♬ original sound - Natural Remedies

What is a Coffee Enema

Some people are searching  for “what is coffee enema.”

A coffee enema is where you take a prepared high quality coffee solution with purified water into the rectum.

It is a simple yet powerful way to detoxify your body, especially your liver.

This will cause you to have several bowel movements so that the toxins exit the body.

It gives your liver some assistance in opening up the bile ducts in order to eliminate toxins and is a very important part of some natural cancer treatments and alternative medicine approaches.

Max Gerson helped bring popularity to coffee enemas when he created the Gerson Therapy.

His therapy focused on eliminating toxins in our bodies through coffee enemas, supplements and a nutrient dense plant based organic diet.

Why Coffee Enemas?

Coffee enemas are a potent detox tool that can help us in these modern times.

We are bombarded with environmental toxins today. You can see in this research work by the EWG the amount of cancer causing toxins in Americans today.

In order to detox the liver we have many alternative medicine tools today.

A coffee enema is one such way to effectively clean it out.

If you have a liver issue a coffee enema may improve your sluggish or toxic liver.

The caffeine in coffee help to stimulate the bile flow and open the bile ducts so toxins can more easily exit your body.

Bile flow is important for healthy digestion and absorption of nutrients in your food especially fat soluble nutrients. 

This in turn helps lessen inflammation in the brain as our brain is 60% fat.

The increase in bile it causes can help break down toxins and eliminate them from your body.

The anti-oxidant and anti-inflammatory properties of coffee help to lessen symptoms of disease.

The other important aspect of a coffee enema is its ability to help the body produce more glutathione.

It is the palmitic acid in coffee that once it reaches the portal vein triggers the body to start making more glutathione.

Glutathione plays a key role in the body as a powerful antioxidant quenching free radicals. 

What’s more is glutathione is major detoxification agent for the liver as well. 

It essentially binds with the toxins and moves them out of the body.

Benefits of a Coffee Enema

  1. Clearer skin because when the liver is clean it shows up as radiant skin.
  2. Naturally eliminate some parasites like rope worms due to the PH changing of the colon.
  3. Relieves acute constipation which can help so you do not reabsorb toxic waste. 
  4. Helps acidify the colon making it harder for yeast and parasites to thrive.
  5. Alleviate pain associated with some cancers.
  6. Increase mental clarity.
  7. Lessen Brain inflammation
  8. Improves Digestion
  9. Better Mood
  10. Improve Detox Channels
  11. Clean out Heavy Metals
Remember that a coffee enema is a alternative treatment tool and should be used in combination with a whole lifestyle approach to achieve results.
You may also like to read case studies on self administered coffee enemas from Pubmed here.
7 Things You Need to Know About How To Make Coffee For Enemas
  1. Perform the enema in the morning. Later in the afternoon could keep you awake at night if sensitive.
  2. Be sure to take an electrolyte supplement or prepare fresh organic green juices to restore electrolytes.
  3. Be sure to use the very best coffee designed for these enemas and the purest water.
  4. Start small if you are sensitive by using a 1/4 of teaspoon of coffee. Work up to 3 rounded TBS. as recommended by Gerson Institute.
  5. Make sure the coffee is body temp – not too hot as it could burn you.
  6.  They are a tool not a fix all. Focus on an overall lifestyle for max health.
  7. Do your best to evacuate your bowels before a coffee enema so you can hold the solution for the full 12-15 minutes.

How To Prepare Coffee Enema

You will need a coffee enema bucket or bag.

It comes with a hose and there is a small clamp and tip at the end.

You want to make sure the clamp is closed while getting ready to do the enema.

The tip will go inside the rectum about an inch or so and that tip should be coated with organic oil for ease of use.

The coffee enema kit should come with a hook.

This is very important as you need to hang the enema bucket higher than where you are laying.

This will ensure it flows easily into the rectum when you are ready.

Lay down some old towels on the floor in the bathroom.

Hang the bucket and again have the clamp closed for now.

Best Coffee For Coffee Enema

Next, you will want the very best quality coffee and water.

You want to use a very light roast, not something heavily roasted.

Cafe Mam is a great coffee choice as they specialize in a therapeutic blend exclusive for coffee enemas.

The Gerson Institute recommends their coffee.

I have been utilizing their coffee for years because it.

Use 3 rounded tbs of coffee per Quart of purified water

For beginners start out very conservative then work your way up to the full 3 rounded tbs and full quart.

Ensure the coffee is body temperature, not too hot or cold for max comfort.

It will make it much more enjoyable and easy to do.

You can always use an ice cube to cool the mixture down quickly or put the solution in the refrigerator for a short time.

Once you’ve filtered out the grinds and the solution is ready at body temperature you can add it to your bucket.

Be sure to remove all air from the tube by letting a small amount of liquid out and into the sink or toilet.

Once full of liquid clamp it shut.

Make the area comfortable with a pillow or rolled up towels.

Begin on your right side and insert a lubricated tip into the rectum.

Utilize jojoba or castor oil or whatever you like.

You can first just allow in a small amount if you had not evacuated your bowels.

Doing this will ensure you get rid of any fecal matter in the bowels first.

Add in the solution which is typically anywhere from 1-3 cups depending on your comfort level.

Hold it as long as you can or up to 15 minutes no more than this.

You can also move onto your back at this point but if you can stay on your right side it will be most effective at reaching the bowels.

When you feel the need to have a bowel movement remove the tip and clamp it shut.

How to Do a Coffee Enema & Coffee Enema Instructions

  • Begin with an enema bucket or bag
  • High quality coffee
  • Purified Water
  • Old Towels
  • Hook for the bucket
  • Organic Oil to lube tip
Remember morning is the best time to do a coffee enema since caffeine is the therapeutic agent.

If this is your first coffee enema start with a 1/4 teaspoon and work your way up to 3 rounded tablespoons per quart.

3 rounded tbs is the full therapy dose that will yield the therapeutic benefits over time.

1 quart of purified water 

Mix the water and ground coffee into a pot and let it simmer for around 10-15 minutes on low.

Once you have a nice, strong solution brewed filter out the grinds.

Be sure the solution is body temperature so it is very comfortable going in your body.

You will lose some of the water so you can add it back in to make sure you have a full quart.

You can also add an ice cube or let cool until luke warm. 

Next hang bucket or bag with the hook on a towel rack in the bathroom.

Ensure the clamp is closed and add in the solution.

Create a comfy area to lie down with your old towels.

Insert the well lubricated tip into the rectum while on your right side. The reason for laying on the right side is to ensure it flows far enough into the bowels. 

The back is also suitable but not preferred like the right side.

Allow the solution in by unclamping the tip.

Try to take in the whole quart. If that is not doable in the beginning start with 1 cup of the solution.

Just remember for it to be a therapy you really need to make sure the ratio is 3 rounded tbs to 1 quart of water no matter how much you are able to take in and hold.

Hold for up to 12-15 minutes but no longer before evacuating your bowels.

Keep in mind every 3 minutes the blood is cleansed so if you can hold it for 4 – 3 minute cycles that would be ideal. 

This ensures all the caffeine has made it into do its job of opening the bile ducts and cleansing the liver of toxic waste.

Everyone of us is unique and you may be able to hold it longer than another.

The therapeutic effects help in activating the portal vein so that the vagus nerve is stimulated and the detox mechanism activates.

These coffee enema instructions should have you well on your way!

Coffee Enema Recipe

4 cups purified water(1 quart jar)
1/4 tsp (if a beginner) of therapy roast coffee and work up to 3 tbs
Make a strong brew by simmering for 12-15 minutes on low.

Strain that with your favorite filter method so that no grains remain.
Take that solution and put it into your enema bucket, bag or bulb.

This is my tried and true coffee enema recipe. 

Now it’s your turn to do a coffee enema!

Coffee Enema Kit

If you are looking for a good coffee enema kit you may be interested in this one below.

Premium Kit

See how this one above has a  bulb for travel, a bucket for at home and several different tips in the coffee enema kit? 

I also love that it comes with the hook I mentioned. Click here to buy it from Amazon.

This gives you options for comfort when doing coffee enemas for liver cleansing.

I like the bucket for home use and the bulb for travel use.

Best Coffee For Coffee Enema

As far as enema coffee goes as I said pick the highest quality you can.
Be sure it is organic and a light roast.

This will ensure there is the most palmitic acid to really detoxify therapeutically.

I mentioned Café Mam makes enema coffee specific for this use.
In fact Gerson Therapy uses their coffee at the alternative medicine clinic.
Oh yea and by the way I am a total natural alternative health nerd type so I wrote a whole book on Coffee enemas. If you want to check it out you can find it here.
It has the do’s and don’ts, the history of enemas as well as a pretty cool drawing of my setup of how I perform a coffee enema and a few bonus vegan recipes to assist your detox strategy.
This post gave you a guide on how to do a coffee enema and how to make coffee for enema needs. 

We went over the best enema coffee, a coffee enema recipe, the coffee enema kit and even 7 things you need to know about a coffee enema.
Let me know if you have any questions in the comments below. I will do my best to help!

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