Intro Guide To Coffee Enemas

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Coffee Enemas have been used as a tool to cleanse the liver of toxicity, and ultimately clean the blood, for decades. The idea of inserting coffee into the rectum may not appeal to everyone, but by traveling through the colon into the liver the healing qualities of the coffee herb are preserved, leading to an exceptional form of purification.

Toxins are safely removed, the liver is cleansed and the body is detoxified with a coffee enema. Often, they are used in auto-intoxication situations, when the body is over-loaded with pollutants and the organ systems are not able to get rid of the toxins fast enough.

To some degree we are all exposed to toxins but this book, The Complete Guide to Coffee Enemas, presents the reader with a totally new experience through chapters which examine;

  • The history of the coffee enema
  • The benefits to you
  • Using quality coffee and equipment
  • Performing a coffee enema
  • Longevity Protocols
  • Upgraded Recipes and much more….

These recipes are cutting edge, while a series of Frequently Asked Questions make this book the complete answer to using a coffee enema as a holistic approach to well-being.

On top of that this book offers alternative therapies and the truth to the root of all diseases. The Complete Guide to Coffee Enemas delivers a pleasant surprise and a comprehensive super-powered book!

Learn how to detoxify your body with a Coffee Enema.

2 reviews for Intro Guide To Coffee Enemas

  1. Joelin Ferguson

    Wow! Some great information in this book! Thank you for making it clear and easy to understand. I love your website too!

  2. Graham Jevon

    Dodee is well availed in cleansing and lifestyle practices. So much that I would recommend Dodee, her advice, her teachings and her strength to all. Dodees ability to see a person and feel into what is right for someone is second to none. I personally feel this book can change your life and how you perceive cleansing. I recommend you take in the wisdom gifted to you in this book. The wisdom of a thousand ages.

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