The Ultimate Guide to a Full Body Detox Cleanse

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Intro to Detoxification

What is the Definition of Detoxification?

The process of detoxification is how the body eliminates toxins. These unwanted substances may originate from the environment, certain drugs, or even the foods we consume. 

The skin, liver, kidneys, and colon are a few of the body’s organs that require natural detoxification to aid in the removal of pollutants in the body.  In this post we will go over a full body detox cleanse.

Organs can get overworked and might profit from some assistance.  We don’t live in the Garden of Eden and we are getting hit with toxins from multiple angles.

So with this information we can look at a full body detox cleanse as a way to open up the pathways, clear out the old and make way for a new health body free of blockages and toxins that hinder our full potential.

These programs may include particular dietary adjustments, health tools, the use of herbs or supplements, and participation in exercises that help the body’s natural detoxification procedures. We will look at the best body detox to support your body, mind and soul connection.

The human body has always had natural detoxification processes in existence.

History of Detox

Formalizing the process of aiding the body’s organic detoxification procedures through certain initiatives or programs has a long history.

Different cultures from all over the world have used some form of assisted detoxification for thousands of years.

You will see detoxes in both Ayurvedic medicine originating in 1500 B.C. in India and Traditional Chinese Medicine dating back over 2000 years ago. 

Native Americans as well as Biblical scriptures share of herbal remedies and enema use. They used sweat baths to purify and fasting to cleanse the body.

The people of Ancient Egypt utilized colon hydrotherapy long before you and I existed. 

There was a medical document back then called the “Eber Papyrus.” The paper documents the use of enemas as well as colon hydrotherapy to rid themselves of toxins.

Hippocrates normalized the use of enemas and was known as the father of medicine.

All Diseases Begin in the Gut. ~ Hippocrates

You might know of the clinic today called Hippocrates Institute where they offer detox services to this day.

Benefits of Detoxification

The following are some potential advantages of detoxification:

Improved digestion: By excluding inflammatory foods and including nutrients that support gut health, detox programs can assist to improve digestion.

Increased energy: After finishing a detox program, many people say they feel more energy. 

This could be as a result of cutting out items that could be causing inflammation or digestive problems, both of which can deplete energy.

Better attention and mental clarity may be attained by detoxifying the body of toxins and feeding it a healthy diet.

Weight loss: Although it’s not necessarily the main objective, some detox treatments may cause weight loss.

Better skin health may result from detox regimens that emphasize nourishing the body with complete, unprocessed foods and lots of clean water.

Clearing long standing infections or healing up a wound can be the result from a full body detox cleanse.

You may notice your appearance becomes more vibrant with the best body detox cleanse routine we share in this post.

As you get rid of stagnant energy, dissolve toxins and move the lymph you might notice you move forward in areas of your life that were stuck before.

Since all is connected a full body detox cleanse can affect other areas of our life for the better.


Types of Detoxes

Juice Detox

A juice cleanse entails only consuming juices made from raw fruits or vegetables.
Doing this type of detox will require a juicer and organic produce.
Staying away from high glycemic fruits and keeping your juice cleanse low glycemic is the best way to rejuvenate organs like the pancreas and overcome blood sugar imbalances.  
 Giving the body a break from solid foods and allowing it to concentrate on detoxifying and healing is the idea behind a juice cleanse.  
A low glycemic juice cleanse may aid in better digestion, restoration of the pancreas for better blood sugar stability, more energy, weight loss,  a sharper mind as well as a more open heart. 
Drinking plenty of water in addition to the juices will help you stay hydrated while on a juice cleanse. 
I like to dilute the juices with my special spun water for the ultimate detoxification of the cells.
Before beginning a juice cleanse or a full body detox, it is also advised to speak with a healthcare practitioner because it may not be appropriate for everyone.


Fasting as a form of Detoxification

When we fast we are drinking water only typically. 

Some consider a low glycemic juice cleanse a fast but I will leave that up to you to decide. 

If you are looking for the best way to detox your body in 24 hours a water fast is an amazing way to do this.

Essentially through a water fast the body starts turning to glycogen for energy, a type of carbohydrate, that has been stored in the body as a reserve. 

It usually takes 1-2 days for the glycogen to be used up.

In this stage we can feel hunger, irritability, headaches and body aches.

When this is used up or the body’s glycogen reserves are exhausted, it starts to break down fats and eventually proteins to use as fuel.

Depending on your unique body the process of autophagy will begin.  Autophagy is pushed during water fasting because now your cells have to be more selective of which they tend to and which they let go of.

This is great news for getting rid of unhealthy cells as and is a natural and organic process your body goes through during a fast.

Depending on how long it takes your body to start burning fat as fuel will determine when your body really gets into deep autophagy.

From Day 2 -7 the body is now using fats for energy.

Ketosis is the name of this process, which can result in weight loss. 

Toxins held in fat cells may be released into the bloodstream and eliminated from the body as the body starts to rely on fat stores for energy. 

During this time, some people might feel more energized, open hearted and intelligent. 

Fasting is the best body detox as it really gives you results quickly and even over time if you decide to make a 24 hour body detox a weekly routine.

Breaking a Fast

Breaking a fast is so important and if not done properly you risk losing many of the benefits you could have gained. This should be strategic and be done with just as much care and discipline as the fast itself.

You may choose a cleansing water tonic, a fresh pressed vegetable juice or some sort of warming broth to ease back into whole foods. Breaking a fast will take several days depending on how long your fast was.

If your fast was no more than 7 days wait a full 24 hours to introduce a solid food. Start with a very simple solid food that is low glycemic. For example once introducing liquids then you can move to a whole avocado. 


Mind Detox

Before we get into specific organ detoxes we need to address our mind and mental health.

First we want to make up our mind to do a full body detox cleanse. What is it that inspires you to do this? 

It might be due to a health condition or it may be apart of your longevity strategy. Perhaps you have a spiritual reason for doing this fast. What is your intention? 

You can write this down and create a goal. So that when times get tough during the fast you have a deeper will and resolve to inspire you.

Ask yourself if you are open to heal the mental construct that may have been the cause or contributing factor to the disease or issue.

Most all of our diseases start on the energetic level and so it is important to address the non physical aspects of detox as well.

This may include taking a digital detox to some degree or changing your thought processes so that you don’t go into habitual thinking that has kept you stuck up until now.

castor oil packs

Colon Cleanse

Disease starts with a toxic colon. This is the first physical place to begin when embarking on a full body detox cleanse.

Cleansing the colon is one of the foundational ways to detoxify the body. The gut is our second brain. It is also where food can go rancid, putrefy or ferment over time.

Things like improper food combining, toxins, processed foods, heavy metal exposure and parasites all wreak havoc on the colon. 

The colon is around 6 feet long and is divided into 4 different parts:

  1. Ascending Colon
  2. Transverse Colon
  3. Descending Colon
  4. Sigmoid Colon

If we work to cleanse the colon and seal up our guts we can start to bring back health to the human body.

Benefits of a Colon Cleanse

You will notice when you detoxify your colon you may lose weight and improve your digestion.  You can also see skin improvements when you clean out the colon walls.

But where you also become lighter is in your thoughts. You may notice you are more quick to forgive and more open to newness.

A clean colon generates mental clarity and is one of the reasons it is the best body detox. 

To keep your colon clean you will need to make dietary changes after a detox that ensure proper digestion.

Proper food combining, intermittent fasting and probiotics can help keep or maintain a clean colon for the best body detox. 

The colon cleanse will get rid of bad bacteria to make room for adding in healthy evolved bacteria. When you have an imbalance of bad to good bacteria in your guts it will cause many different issues. 

Some of these issues are things like skin eruptions, constipation, auto-immune issues and the list goes on.

After 7 days of a colon cleanse program you will be hydrated, clear and more sensitive to the foods you entertain afterwards. This will allow your colon to digest better and uptake nutrients more fully. 

It will help your bowel movements become regular and healthy. And you will notice when you go to the bathroom your stools will not smell or only a faint odor if any.

Tools to Assist with Cleansing Your Colon

You can use distilled warm water enemas to aid in cleaning your colon. 

Or supplements like Oxy Powder can help get rid of rancid or putrefied matter in the entire colon. This is a more cost effective way than a colonic.

Some people also use colonics as a way to aid in cleaning out the colon. You can find a colon hydrotherapist in your area to give it a try.

A 7 Day colon cleanse a couple of times a year can be beneficial to maintain the health of your colon.

 Your lifestyle and maintenance program is key to keep the colon healthy and thriving with bacteria that can work for the systems of your body.

For example probiotics and a probiotic rich diet can help to further diversify your microbiome and keep it brimming with evolved microbes.

Probiotics can help cleanse the colon of unwanted bacteria.

Simple Colon Cleanse

Try a 7 day colon cleanse by eliminating processed foods, meat, dairy, eggs, fish and only consume low glycemic blended green smoothies from organic produce.  Add in Oxy Powder at night and a Probiotic in the morning.

Or try a raw vegan diet for the 7 days focusing on leafy green salads, and green smoothies.

Add in colonics or water enemas as you see fit.

This alone will help clean up the blood and clear waste from the colon.

Key Point: Be sure all of your produce is organic and low glycemic if you also want to keep an eye on your blood sugar levels.  Stable blood sugar levels help us to stay youthful as we move through life. 

Detox juice

Liver or Kidney Detox

These types of detoxification programs target one specific organ. 

After a colon cleanse you will want to take a couple of weeks off before embarking on a liver or kidney detox.

Depending on what your ailment is you can either start with the kidneys next or liver.

This is the next step in a full body detox cleanse.

 For example if you have kidney stones clean them out next. If you have gall stones go for a liver detox.

Liver Detox

liver detox is important because the liver is the bodies filter. Just like you have an oil filter in your vehicle the liver is your bodies organ filter.

It has the rigorous job of filtering out all the toxins that we come in contact with whether it be from food, environmental, alcohol, drugs etc.

It helps to store nutrients, produce bile, produce hormones and regulate blood sugar.

Cleaning out the liver can be done in various ways.  My free liver detox mini course is a great way to start.

Then if you find benefit you can explore a deeper liver cleanse. 

A deeper cleanse consists of following a program where you soften the stones first with apple cider vinegar. You prep your liver in a few different ways for a flush.

One is the softening of stones with apple cider vinegar and an herbal tincture like Livatrex. This will help you soften the stones so you can pass them easier.

I also like to add in castor oil packs for the ultimate best body detox. Castor oil packs help clear waste via the skin and soften stones.

Depending on what detox you do you will follow specific diet instructions and then drink an oil and lemon juice elixir the day of the flush.

Often we feel lighter, brighter and more clear after a liver flush.

I remember my first liver cleanse and it really made me feel alive.

Kidney Detox

Our kidneys are delicate organs that have the job of filtering excess waste and fluids. For the best body detox and as part of a full body detox cleanse cleaning the kidneys is essential.

If the kidneys are not cared for properly stones and cysts can build up in them. 

They may not function properly and so cleaning and strengthening them and adopting new lifestyle habits can be a great way to support the kidneys.

In Chinese medicine the kidneys are the “root of life”.  Certain herbs are used to detoxify and cleanse the kidneys.

A 7 day program works well with a modified diet of organic whole plant based foods to go lighter on the kidneys during this time.

I personally like to keep it light with green juice or green smoothies to give my kidneys a rest to rejuvenate and not get overworked.

At the very least eliminate dairy, caffeine, meat, alcohol and processed foods.

Cleaning out your kidneys can clear fear believe it or not. You may feel some emotional turbulence during a kidney cleanse but just know the road is bright on the other side.

You may feel stronger, clearer and more confident as the kidneys positive trait is confidence. When they are filled with toxins a lot of fear can be held there energetically.


Healing tincture of nettle.

Parasite Cleanse

Whether we like it or not parasites are in lots of our foods today. Whether you are eating a raw salad or a piece of meat chances are you have been exposed to a parasite.

And by the way they are also on door knobs and in the air, on shopping carts and in your fingernails. They are just about everywhere.

The thing is we can take certain actions to lessen our exposure by making our meals and have proper hygiene practices.

If we eat out it is good to include cultured vegetables or kefir to help digest small bugs. You can also include hot peppers with a meal to kill off bugs.

parasite cleanse lasts much longer than your colon, kidney or liver detox.

The best way is to go for 3 months if you can but 40 days to start will give you a good beginning point. You want to take out the eggs but also the host parasite. That can take up to 3 months.

Did you know tape worms can grow to be over 50 feet long? Yikes.

The best way to perform a parasite cleanse is to get a potent high integrity formula to last you the entire length of the detox.

You will want to stay away from sugar. You might like my recipe video course that is low glycemic and raw vegan.  I even overcome things like phytic acid and other anti-nutrients with my preparation methods so you can keep your recipes vital and over come the myths associated with a raw vegan diet.

If not eating this way just be sure to keep it savory, with proper food combining techniques. Proper food combining will do wonders for your digestion.

Lay off the breads, pastas, pastries and sugary stuff.

Enjoy warming soups, cultured vegetables and kefir water so that you make the environment uninhabitable for these creatures.  

It is sort of a waste to take probiotics while you are taking these potent herbs so you can begin probiotic re-inoculation after your 30 days of parasite cleansing.

Symptoms of Parasites

Do you get moody, sluggish and lethargic easy? Do you get itchy, have rashes or skin eruptions? Are your joints painful? Although these symptoms can also be other illnesses. Parasites cause them too.

One supplement that can really help you on a regular basis is oil of oregano. I prefer the wild P73 oregano products because they are from high mountains and are way more potent and non toxic. 

You can use oregano hand sprays, take several drops orally per day and use it to do deeper cleanse programs.

Charcoal cream in wooden bowl for facial spa treatment.

Heavy Metal Detox

Now that the parasites are gone its time to clean out the metals. Remember to take several week breaks between cleanses during a full body detox.

You need to build back your body, remineralize and keep building your jing or life force too.

heavy metal detox is extremely important in these modern times we are living in and is one of the best body detox protocols around.

It is almost impossible to avoid heavy metals in our environment.

However once we learn how to safely cleanse heavy metals from the body we can take on new habits and adjust certain aspects of our life to limit exposure.

For example we can modify our cook warefilter our water and maintain strong and healthy organs that work optimally to detoxify substances like heavy metals.

A heavy metal cleanse is best performed after the colon and kidneys are opened up  and cleared.  

Making sure we work with someone who is experienced and understands the complexity of heavy metal detox is very important.

Over the years I have done a lot of heavy metal cleanses and found that supporting all organ systems while using key tools and supplements creates powerful results.

You can do a lab test before and after to measure your results. Otherwise when you do not support key organs you can have side effects that will not be fun.

 Sometimes your results can look worse at first but this can mean you are toxic and you may need several heavy metal cleanses over the year. Over time you will slowly see results as the metals exit the body safely.

Heavy metal cleansing is an ongoing tortoise like process. It is not a quick and easy fix but a planned and strategic one.

Young couple relaxing in the sauna

Natural Ways To Support Detox

Cellular Movement    

During a detox it is good to get some movement of your lymph with gentle approaches like skin brushing, deep rhythmic breathing out doors and light walks out in nature. 

Especially during a water fast only it is best to rest and let your body repair. 

Detox programs and cleanses you are more familiar with may give you energy, strength and stamina and you can use your own discretion on how to move your body.

Things like gentle rebounding can help stimulate and oscillate your cells while gently moving waste to the lymph to be excreted safely.

Proper Hydration

Ensuring you get adequate quality water during a fast is so important. The body will need to move waste from the cells and utilizing water the great solvent and flusher mustn’t be overlooked.

Sauna Therapy

One of my favorite adjuncts to heavy metal cleansing, parasite cleansing or mold cleansing protocols is sauna therapy. 

You can get help through the largest organ of the body, your skin.

The skin through the heat of the sauna helps to release toxins through the pores.

The organs get a bit of an assist to loosen and release toxins this way.

Be sure to recover with electrolytes, and proper hydration.

Support Liver & Kidney Function

During a heavy metal or parasite cleanse it is very good to either make sure you detoxified your kidneys and liver first or during be sure to supplement with key herb tinctures to give the organs a boost.

Healthy organic green food, assortment of fresh vegetables

Foods To Eat and Avoid During a Detox

Depending on the detox or full body cleanse you want to keep your diet light and clean. Eat an organic non gmo plant based diet. 

You can target specific herbs and foods to support your efforts. For example cilantro is key to help detox heavy metals. So if you love it add it into your regime during the heavy metal portion of the full body detox cleanse.

But with certain fasts like a water fast there is no food on that program.

Detox programs like a liver flush you follow a light and alkaline, hydrating, low glycemic diet.

You can support your liver with key foods like avocados that promote glutathione production, broths and vegetable juices to keep hydrated and mineralized. 

A plant based diet can with no complex eating and/or blended green sugar free smoothies and soups can be great adjuncts here.

Heavy metal cleansing programs require abstaining from large fish that easily accumulate heavy metals and radiation. 

It is best during a cleanse to omit the consumption of fish.  Add in foods that chelate metals like cilantro, one’s that are high in fiber and anti-oxidants.

Avoid processed foods, GMO foods, alcohol, and sugar.

During a parasite cleanse stay away from sugar, alcohol, processed foods and acidic forming foods.

Cold symptoms

Symptoms of Detox

You can go through many different uncomfortable experiences during detoxification.

Some of these symptoms are listed below:

  • Nausea
  • Headaches
  • Joint Pain
  • Lethargy
  • Gas
  • Bloating
  • Break outs
  • Mood Changes
  • Bowel Movement Changes
  • Body Odor

These are just a few symptoms that can happen. But I will say the more you prepare for a detox and utilize key supplements and tools for support the more enjoyable the detox can be.

The reason is you are opening up your channels of elimination and supporting key organs.

Natural Remedies for Hot Flashes

Detox Supplements and Products

Herbs and Supplements for Detox Support

If you are not doing a complete water fast you can use detox herbs and supplements to support key organs like the kidneys and liver.

Liver Support

The liver can take a beating so giving it herbs that have been shown to help eliminate the toxins and boost health in the liver can be helpful in your detox journey.

The liver goes through a phase 1 detox where enzymes help to  neutralize the toxins.

Then in phase 2 the toxins mobilized are assisted out of the body. 

One substance extremely helpful in these detox is sulfur.  You can find sulfur in abundance through cruciferous vegetables.

You can also look to herbal tinctures with Chanca Piedra, Turmeric and Milk Thistle to clear the liver pathway.

My favorite liver cleansing formula is Livatrex. You can either take it as a maintenance program which is more gentle.

Or you can embark on a detox and utilize it alongside a week long cleanse of the liver.

Kidney Support

The kidney can benefit from herbal tinctures with cranberry, horsetail, Uva Ursi and Juniper.

The calcification of these organs if not well cared for starts to plug them up. Then the fluids and energy can not flow freely through your body.

The skin organ benefits from skin brushing to move toxins and open up pores.

The colon benefits from oxygen based cleansers like Oxy Powder to break down substances that have gone rancid, putrified or fermented.

Heavy Metal Support

A sauna can greatly aid the removal of heavy metals. 

I also like to add in detoxadine because it displaces the metals in the thyroid. When you have iodine like this one coming into the body your body gladly takes up this nutrient over the metals. 

The most important supplement for detoxing heavy metals that is cost effective and won’t leech the good minerals is zeolites.

Zeolites remove both radioactive isotopes and heavy metals. The molecular structure of zeolites is perfect for capturing and removing metals out of the body safely. For a deeper dive into my heavy metal remedy you can go here.

Foot pads can be a great way to support yourself on a heavy metal cleanse program. These foot pads gently open the pathways and pull toxins out through the feet download points.

When you use these in combination with a heavy metal protocol you can get a lot of benefits. 

Your feet will be sweaty by the morning when you wear them over night. The pads will range in color indicating the type of toxins you are releasing.

You will want to clean your feet well after using them.

Parasite Detox Support

When embarking on a parasite cleanse having specific herbs that parasites do not like can help to move them out.

Of course doing this along side a no sugar and low glycemic diet is key to success.

If you keep feeding the creatures you will not get very far.

Some parasite cleansing herbs are things like black walnut, diatomaceous earth, neem and clove will all help to make the environment unattractive to these organisms.

Oxy Powder can be helpful in these type of detox programs so that you move the parasites out effectively.

Detox Safety Precautions

It is always advised to speak to your trusted Health Care Practitioner before embarking on a detox or fast.

Some supplements and herbs can be contraindicated in certain individuals.

If you have a medical condition you need to tread this road with extra care.

None of the information in my article should be construed as medical advice.

Natural charcoal and powdered charcoal on dark wooden background

Best Way to Detox in 24 Hours

Some people are looking for a quick detox and want to know the best way to detox the body in 24 hours.

Well although the plan I laid our for you here is comprehensive and takes time there are ways to detox in 24 hours.

Activated Charcoal can be a great ally if you went out drinking and feel terrible or you ate something that just did not agree with you.

Oxy powder is another effective 24 hour detox. Simply take 4-6 capsules of oxy powder with plenty of clean water at bed time if you ate something undesirable.

Then in the morning you will have several bowel movements expelling toxins.

Another option is to do a 24 hour water fast. Simply eat your last meal and then wait 24 hours until eating anything else. You may know this as a form of intermittent fasting.

Enjoy giving your body a break and keep it hydrated with water. It is interesting how we may go to the kitchen or grab something to eat just out of habit. 

These practices help give us more awareness and self Sovereignty over these body vessels. Truly fasting does allow you to be the driver instead of being taken for a wild ride from our emotional and physical addictions.

If you need a quick liver cleanse in 24 hours look to a coffee enema. This will often give you energy and free up your body of a lot of toxins. See my coffee enema post here. I have a book about coffee enemas here.

You can also do a simple distilled water enema to clean out your bowels. This will help move out toxins. 

Acceptance, Letting go, Accepting the Positive with Open Arms

Recap on Detoxification

The benefits of a detox is a way to allow your own body to start to heal itself. It also allows you to regain your self sovereignty over addictions both mental and physical.

Once you remove toxins through a safe protocol of detoxification you can begin to feel your energy and clarity come back. 

Cleansing your organs and giving your body a break from food allows for the body to go in and scavenge for things that are not serving your body.

Some of the bonus benefits can be shedding unwanted weight and creating newness in your life. As you clean out the vessel of your body you will automatically start cleaning out the toxins in your exterior world.

Listen to your body and do not over do a detox. There is a time and a place for detox and a time for rebuilding your body with a proper diet and lifestyle program.

If you feel symptoms that become intolerable stop the detox and consult with a health advisor.

Our bodies are intelligent and when given the proper protocols along side rest, coupled with a healthy mindset, fresh, clean air and water and sunlight it can repair itself of most illnesses.

The best body detox is one like this that is comprehensive making sure each area of concern is addressed. But ultimately you need to make your own discretion and choices on which is best for you.

Throughout the year you can do maintenance detox programs for a week at a time.

3 times a year for example you can embark on a fast of some sort to give your body a boost from today’s modern world.

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