Detox Heavy Metals Protocol
Learn how to detox heavy metals from your body at home so you can overcome pain, inflammation, sickness and disease. Empower your immune system now.

Important Tips

  1. Talk to your health practitioner before any home cleansing protocol.
  2. Make sure your thyroid and kidneys are supported with key supplements.
  3. Be sure the colon is cleansed.
  4. Eat hydrating organic mineral rich and easy to digest foods.
  5. Keep yourself alkaline.
  6. Move your lymph and sweat.
  7. Use Key Supplements and Tools
  8. Remineralize your body.
Support Your Organs
importance of castor oil packs

Your kidneys, liver and thyroid need to be supported to ensure a safe cleanse.

Your thyroid is your bodies shield.

You need to be sure the thyroid is being supported.

Do you take a thyroid medication or do you supplement with a natural thyroid supplement?

Stabilize the thyroid and ensure it is working before a detox. Why? Because if you don't you could end up causing further issues with your body. You want max support and organ optimization.

Here are my favorite thyroid nutrients:

  • Sea vegetables
  • L-Tyrosine
  • B Vitamins
  • Vitamin A
  • Vitamin D3
  • Glutathione

Support your kidneys by taking it easy on highly heated cooked or processed foods. Go for alkalizing blended foods during a detox. Things like NAC, milk thistle and turmeric can help support these organs.

Avocados naturally have glutathione which is helpful during detox. This will support the liver. Your liver needs to be in tip top shape as well to handle the toxins that will be released. Have you tried a liver gall bladder cleanse yet?

Other liver helpers are:

  • Milk Thistle
  • Bitter greens like Dandelions
  • Coffee enemas which we will get to in Step 4.

Check out my heavy metal chelating soup recipe here.

Keep Your Body Alkaline
Healthy organic green food, assortment of fresh vegetables

When you detox heavy metals it is best to keep your body alkaline. You can check your alkalinity with PH test strips.

The best ph for optimal cleansing is between 6.4-7.0.

This test helps reveal our mineral levels. If we are acidic you can be sure you are not in an optimal mineralized state.

With detox we end up losing the good minerals and electrolytes so this will need to be monitored and addressed.

The best mineral supplements are those that mimic our blood plasma like quintons. I also like a good quality shilajit.

Eat fresh organic green foods to help stabilize your ph and blend your foods to go easy on the kidneys.

You can do sprouted seed patés to get bioavailable protein during the cleanse.

Eat lots of red onion or sulfur rich foods so that your liver is assisted with the detox process.

Include Turmeric to lessen inflammation and protect you from metals like mercury.

You might check out my free recipes or take a deeper dive with my video recipe nutrition course to get max benefit.

Acidity in the body is going to make the detox process more challenging for the body and uncomfortable.

Magnesium flake baths can be extremely helpful when you detox heavy metals. It helps with alkalinity but also relaxes the system to release heavy metals.

Stay away from these foods and toxins:

  • Alcohol
  • Sugar in all forms
  • Processed Foods
  • Fried Foods
  • Starchy Grains
  • Canola and Grape seed oil
Sweat & Exercise
Sauna master making ritual in Finnish sauna

One of the greatest ways to get rid of heavy metals is to get in a sauna and sweat them out.

Gentle exercise will move the lymph like rebounding. This is important to help get rid of toxins that are stuck and need to be moved out via the lymph with a bit of help.

You don't need to put much effort into an effective rebound routine. A light bounce for 15 minutes will do the trick.

To really detox pair your rebounding with a 40-50 minute sauna session depending on how much you can handle.

Start out slow and build up. Remember to be well hydrated and replenish with electrolytes and minerals.

Quickly after a sauna take a warm shower so that you do not reabsorb heavy metals.

In short the Sauna will help you:

  • Detox heavy metals
  • Lose weight
  • Boost Immune System
  • Help you get deeper sleep
  • Control viral load

Afterwards hydrate with a fresh pressed green juice or mineral supplement.

Detox Tools & Supplements
Various superfoods and healthy food supplement

Coffee Enemas will be an ally to you while cleansing heavy metals from your body. You can learn more about coffee enemas in my book here.

The coffee enema will get rid of heavy metals so they can be released thru your bowel movements.  You can perform the coffee enema 2 times per week during a heavy metal cleanse.

Here are instructions on how to do one.

Glutathione is crucial to help neutralize the free radicals. This will ensure you don't age faster with this kind of detox and not go through major detox symptoms. Vitamin C & E help with neutralizing free radicals and are a more cost effective option.

Zeolites is one of my favorite supplements especially if you are on a budget and can only pick one supplement. It will help you detox metals and radiation. The best part is it won't steal your good minerals.

Vitamin C in its whole food format can help release heavy metals especially lead.

Iodine will help clean out the thyroid of heavy metals and nourish it.

Women need more because the ovaries and breasts also require iodine. Be sure to use a quality nascent iodine, this one is my favorite for quality and integrity.

Other powerful tools are Chlorella Tabs, Cilantro Tinctures, Modified Citrus Pectin and Selenium.

The Protocol Recap
Green spinach detox smoothies
  1. Prepare your body for detox by supporting the liver, thyroid and kidneys.
  2. If you need to cleanse your elimination organs first then do this first.
  3. Keep a healthy, alkaline forming diet and make blended soups with avocados, turmeric and bitter greens.
  4. Move the lymph with rebounding, uphill walking and yoga.
  5. Use Detox supplements like Zeolites to get rid of heavy metals.
  6. Saunas 3-5 times per week to sweat out metals.
  7. Do 2-3 coffee enemas a week to help get the metals out of the body.
  8. Take Magnesium bath soaks to support adrenals and replenish this mineral.
  9. Green juices and mineral supplementation to replenish lost minerals/nutrients.

To learn more you can visit my blog to get an even deeper dive. Detox heavy metals here.



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