The Liver Gall Bladder Cleanse Guide

Liver Gall Bladder Cleanse

The Liver Gall Bladder Cleanse is something I have a lot of experience with.

I first created this draft back in 2015! I am now editing the article in the year 2022.

So this should give you an indication of how long I have been not only blogging about it but actually tweaking it to make sure you have the best guide ever.

With that said this is not medical advice and you should always talk to a health care practitioner before embarking on any cleanse program.

Why a Liver Gall Bladder Cleanse

When I began to learn about health and wellness I realized that years of eating a Standard American Diet and likely not eating enough fresh organic live foods may have compromised my bodies health.

The main reason why one typically embarks on a liver gall bladder cleanse is to remove stagnant waste, dissolve stones in the liver and gall bladder and improve the circulation and radiant health of the body.

Our liver is hard at work each and every day. In fact, it is our bodies main filter. Think of how you get an oil change for your vehicle every so many miles.

This is exactly how you can think of the liver flush. You are looking to prepare the body properly to then go in and clear out unwanted elements safely and effectively so your machine a.k.a your body operates at top tier levels.

Doctors & Celebrities who Advocate the Cleanse

I remember learning about Dr. Edward Group and really being thankful for his work. He truly is a beacon of health and has helped millions of people get back to radiant health with a liver gall bladder cleanse.

Danette May the motivational speaker and former celebrity trainer shares youtube videos on her success helping her clients with cleansing the liver/gallbladder.

But some of my hero’s when it comes to this protocol are Dr. Bob Marshall, Dr. Group as mentioned and David Jubb. In fact back in 2014 when I really started to get deep into the liver gall bladder cleanse I enjoyed David Jubb’s Life Food Book which you can find here.

It was a huge help in my recipe creations during deep cleansing routines.

Another insight I would like to share with you is to stay away from high sugar foods because if you have major glucose swings during this it will likely make it harder for your body to truly get into a state of healing and cleansing.

The goal is less inflammation. This is why I keep it green, low glycemic and lay off any sugary fruits.

We are looking for a long, slow, clean burn almost like ketosis but more of a mild ketosis. We want stability and balance in our body as we move into the flush.

Tools For the Flush

Oxy Powder

Magnesium Flakes

Liver Health Tonic


Epsom Salts

Living Plant food Nutrition

Organic Cold or Ice Pressed Olive Oil


Glass Straw if you don’t want to drink the oil


Prepping for a Liver Gall Bladder Flush

Prepping properly for a liver gall bladder flush means you first start by modifying your diet if you are not already eating in a way that supports optimal liver function and digestion.

Here we want to stay as alkaline as possible. For the 4-6 days leading up to the flush a diet of organic whole plant foods is highly recommended. Any kind of flesh or dairy is hard work for the digestive system.

Adding hormones from animals or inflammatory effects of these types of foods is not advised. You are in prep to allow your body to heal on a deep level so less food is better and easy to digest food is best.

We are also looking to stay as alkaline as possible.

So fresh organic leafy greens, sprouted seeds, soups made with avocados in the blender and things like lemon juice and apple cider vinegar to help dissolve stones and calcification.

Tools For Best Results

You will want some type of liver gall bladder stone breaker tonic. You can get the one I linked there or try Chanca Piedera tinctures and Apple Cider Vinegar.

Basically you will take this 4 days leading up to the flush so that you can assist your body in breaking down these stones in the liver and gall bladder.

This helps for safe passage of the stones without any complications.

During this phase of prep you will want to consider cleaning out your bowels each night with a safe and effective supplement called Oxy Powder.

This is Dr. Group’s flagship gentle but powerful ozonated magnesium colon cleanser. Basically you take 4-6 capsules on an empty stomach before going to bed.

At night the oxy powder works to break up undigested foods and impacted waste from your colon to safely be flushed in the morning. You will likely have around 3 to 4 loose bowel movements in the morning.

This will help you avoid detox symptoms like headaches, rashes and other uncomfortable side effects from detox like inflammation.

As your colon cleans up you will feel lighter with more energy and aliveness. This is a sign your liver has less of a burden of clean up. You are doing a great job.

I also recommend Magnesium flake baths. (3-4 cups per bath). Or you can spray your body down with Transdermal Magnesium.

This will help soften stones but also give your body the magnesium it needs to conduct over 300 functions in your body. It will keep you alkaline and relaxed.

Those that know my work know about my book the Intro Guide To Coffee Enemas. Coffee enemas can be your buddy during the liver gall bladder cleanse prep days as you clear the toxin build up.

I would only do two before the flush. I like Day 1 and 3.

Castor Oil Packs over the kidneys and liver on your prep days can also help soften up the stones.

I would do one day on the kidneys for an hour and one day on the liver for one hour.

I like to use a low or no emf heat pad. You could also hang out in a sauna if you have one at home.

Recap on Your Prep

You are all prepped and have kept yourself hydrated with blended, foods and low glycemic juices and are in an alkaline state.  You can check with some PH paper by urinating on the strip first thing in the morning.

You’ve been taking the Oxy Powder so that your bowels are cleaned out for a minimum of 4 days following a light, clean nutrition protocol.

In between your meals you are taking a liver tonic to help soften the stones.

Your castor oil packs on the liver/kidney each day, for approximately 1 hour, has helped to pull toxins and soften any stones.

You have been either bathing in magnesium flake baths or spraying yourself down with a transdermal Magnesium to keep the body cleansing and operating efficiently.

Flush Day Routine

So it is the day of the Flush and you can start it off by following the advice that comes with the livatrex instructions. Or do things a little different.

Dr. Group recommends the last meal being avocados or walnuts. This will help your body produce more of its’ own glutathione. This supports the liver during a cleanse.

What I like to do is make Monkey Mylk! Yep you heard me right, monkey mylk.

Also Dr. David Jubb recommends nut mylk for your breakfast meal on the day of your gall bladder flush so sometimes this is the route I go. For the most of the week I prefer blended and liquid foods as does Dr. Jubb.

Monkey Mylk Recipe

1. Soak and Sprout Raw Organic Walnuts for 6-8 hours
2. Blend 8 oz of Walnuts with a cup or so of clean water and strain thru a nut mylk bag.
3. Now blend in a pinch salt, omica organics stevia to taste and premier lecithin powder to emulsify fat.

Next Juice the following in a cold pressed juicer:

1 bunch cilantro
5-7 stalks celery
1 cucumber
1/2 bunch kale or other favorite green

Mix the juice with the mylk and you have created monkey mylk. Get ready to feel charged, sustained, cleansed and at the same time its rebuilding from the proteins and fats.

I learned this technique from Lou Corona many years ago! Its’ a life saver when doing a liquid fast when you just want to have a bit more sustenance.

This is your breakfast and hopefully makes a quart. After this I stop eating for the day and wait 2-3 hours then drink the epsom salt mixture.

1 tbs. epsom salt
8oz warm clean water

And shoot it back. Be near a bathroom. This will open up the bile ducts so stones pass easily.

Best time of Day for the Flush

For me this happens at Noon and at 1.30pm I am ready to take the oil down.
The school of thought here is that the gallbladder is releasing the most it does all day around this time. (Dr. David Jubb speaks of this).

You can do the oil when it works best for you. Most people do it at night before bed. For me I like the suns solar rays to be apart of the healing so I do it in the day, plus I seem to get better results and enjoy being present during the whole experience.

The best way to shoot the oil back with ease is of course using the highest quality Olive Oil and making sure it is nice and cold.

Next I juice fresh press lime or lemon juice which keeps it low glycemic and have that cold as well. So I have 6 ounces oil and 6 ounces of juice. You don’t end up drinking all the juice, really only a few sips. Some shake it up together, I do it separate.

Drink it down and be prepared to lie in bed on your right side with knees up for at least 30 minutes. After then you can lay on your back. At this time a castor oil pack can be put over the liver to help the procedure along. Plus keeping the liver warm is crucial and that is what the heating pad is doing (as spoke about in past posts). Stay like this for 1 hour.

Tips if Nauseous

Then you can lay out as usual on your back and rest for several hours.

If you get nauseous open up a few enzymes into your mouth. This will help dissolve the oil in your body.

Some people take Hydrochloric Acid capsules with the oil. Do not open these but swallow them if you go this route to help digest the oil.

You can also make some ginger tea with the fresh root to help you out.

Safety Tips Liver Gall Bladder Cleanse

I recommend taking it easy the first time you do a liver gall bladder cleanse.  Start off first by cleaning out your colon, then just start taking things like Chanca Piedra or Dr. Group’s liver tonic in your day to day life.

Try out a coffee enema and get your body used to some of these new tools.

If you are already seasoned with cleansing this may be no big deal to you.

If you want help you can work with me one on one. Reach out on my contact page and set up a consultation.

Detox Reactions

For me I have gone through the highest of highs from doing these flushes to some moments where I was not sure if I would do them again. I am more sensitive I think then most people. You may be more similar to me so take it slow.

I am not a fan of oil in general so my body really does not like drinking it that is for sure. It has made me nauseous even when fasting. This is not to scare you from the protocol but to warn you that it could be uncomfortable.

There are gentler ways to clean your liver with herbs that dissolve stones but the first few liver flushes is like an expansion in consciousness for sure!

I remember the first one I did and wow I just sat in the backyard grounding in a chair thinking how great it felt to get toxins out of my body. I felt refreshed and revitalized.

Is a Liver Gall Bladder Cleanse a Hoax?

You will have to make that decision for yourself. I have personally experienced health benefits from doing these cleanses but some say that from drinking the oil you create the stones.

If you read testimonials where people have nothing to gain but helping others I would say some of us can get great benefit from them.

Maintenance of a Healthy Liver & Gall Bladder

If you leave behind old habits like improper food combining, fried foods and processed foods etc your liver and gall bladder will become healthier.

In the beginning I was doing 1-3 flushes per year. That was 10 years ago.

As you fine tune your lifestyle you are able to move into a more supportive approach and not so direct at target flushing.

I simply keep up with my own unique health program and support my liver with coffee enemas from time to time, bitter herbs and fasting.

I hope this helps you on your journey with the liver gall bladder cleanse. Please reach me with any questions.

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