Our Take on an Easy Grain Free Sourdough Scones Recipe

sourdough discard scones

Sourdough scones are incredible and rarely found in a bakery or cafe.

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Perhaps it is because it takes a little extra work to create a sourdough scone, but it is well worth it. 

Not only for the taste but also the health benefits of fermentation and making foods easier to digest.

Today, we are going to make raspberry sourdough scones.

Sourdough discard can be used for this recipe.

My Unique Take on Sourdough Scones

I started with 1/2 cup of an over 200-year-old sourdough starter from France.

And no, I did not travel to France to pick it up. I found it over on Etsy which you can too.

I also create my unique twist on the recipe by using cassava root flour and monk fruit in this particular recipe.

You can just as easily use another flour that you prefer.

The cassava root gives a sugar and grain-free option that tastes phenomenal.

And it seems to help my sourdough ferment bloom.

It must be all the prebiotic fiber in the root.

Monkfruit is wonderful when it comes to sweetening without impact on your blood sugar.

What’s more, it does not disrupt the friendly gut microbes living in your gut like sugar can.

But again regular sugar can be used with the same ratio.

Sourdough scones are not meant to be sweet but more sweet and sour, which I love.

Cassava is from a root, and I prefer it over grains.

Many people who have sensitivities to grain can enjoy it.

The thing you need to note when working with cassava root is it will suck up the moisture.

In this recipe, if using cassava, you will need 4 tbs of cream and 2 eggs.

If using regular flour, you can get away with 1 egg and 2 tbs cream.

A bit About Sourdough

With its rich history, Sourdough represents not just a slice of bread but a timeless culinary tradition.

Originating thousands of years ago, it is one of the oldest forms of bread-making.

The ancient Egyptians are often credited with its discovery, utilizing natural fermentation to make their bread rise.

This technique spread across the globe, becoming a staple in various cultures.

Each region added its unique twist, but the core process remained the same: combining flour and water, then allowing natural yeasts and bacteria to ferment, creating the sourdough’s distinctive tangy flavor.

This process enhances the taste and improves the bread’s nutritional value and digestibility.

Sourdough’s revival in recent years is a testament to its enduring appeal, as it connects us to the simplicity and authenticity of traditional baking methods.

What’s more is it connects a lot of us to our ancestral roots and may help our gut microbiome!


Sourdough Scones Recipe

If you want to make sourdough scones or sourdough discard scones then you will love this recipe.
Sourdough recipes allow for the pastry to be more easily digested.
In this recipe I am using the grain and gluten free Cassava Root Flour. I also use Monk Fruit instead of Sugar.
You can easily substitute with regular flour and sugar however to keep them low glycemic and grain free the video is cassava and monkfruit.
With cassava you have to double the amount of egg and cream since it really soaks up the liquid.
Course Breakfast
Cuisine healthy recipes


Wet Ingredients

  • 1/2 cup sourdough discard 125 grams
  • 4 tbs heavy cream if you are using regular flour you can use only 2 tbs cream but with cassava you need the 4 tbs.
  • 2 tsp vanilla
  • 2 eggs pasture raised eggs If using regular flour you only need 1 egg.

Dry Ingredients

  • 1 stick unsalted grass fed butter be sure it is cold
  • 1/2 tsp sea salt
  • 1/2 cup monkfruit granulated brown sugar can substitute with regular sugar
  • 2 cups Cassava Root Flour Or choose the flour of your choice.
  • 1 cup Frozen Red Raspberries Or any fruit of your choosing.
  • 2 tsp baking powder
  • 2 tbsp ghee optional to brush on top after they come out of the oven.


  • In a medium sized bowl mix the wet ingredients well and set aside.
  • In a larger bowl mix the dry ingredients adding in the butter in small chunks. Ensure the Butter is very cold as you use the back of a fork to incorporate into the flour.
  • You can now add in the raspberries.
  • Next add in the wet ingredients.
  • Next on a medium size cutting board kneed the dough until it just comes together making a circle about 1/2 inch thick.
  • Cut into pie like slices and put the board in the freezer to set around 30 minutes.
  • Bake at 375 degrees for 25 minutes.
  • Optional top with ghee and sprinkle with monkfruit.
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Sourdough Scones + Nutrition Profile

When it comes to making sourdough scones you really are helping to breakdown gluten if using traditional flour and neutralization of enzyme inhibitors and phytic acid (which cassava has), making bread more digestible and nutritious.

Since cassava root has a good amount of phytic acid it is great to ferment with sourdough. 

This will help neutralize some of the phytic acid.

Sourdough and traditional fermentation methods yield health benefits not found in modern, industrially processed bread. 

This helps digest your food better, giving it an amazing flavor.

Nutrient-dense foods are key to a healthy lifestyle.

If you make scones, why not ferment them with sourdough to make them healthier to digest?

Whether using regular flour or cassava, it will impact the overall digestibility of the scone.

Sourdough Scones Review

I think sourdough is the way to go if you are going to enjoy a scone!

This way you help to get rid of some of the anti-nutrients.

I also feel the flavor profile is so amazing with a sourdough starter.

Sourdough scones can be made using the sourdough discard and is an excellent way to create something unique for your and your family and friends.

Whether you use traditional flour or cassava just remember that cassava uses much more liquid.

So what is your favorite flour to use for sourdough scones?

Let us know in the comments how you like to whip up your own sourdough scones and if you use your sourdough discard.

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