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TaiJi | Activating Light & Stabilizing Connection

TaiJi is one of many ways we can work on our character, our flexibility both inside and outside. Through this practice at Mount Shasta on Independence Day we celebrate the freedom we have to open up to the Grand Landscape within to Expand Consciousness and recognize we were free all along.

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In this section, we emphasize Exercise, the rhythmic conductor: Moving our bodies gets the blood pumping, oxygen flowing, and endorphins surging.

Whether it’s a brisk walk, working with the energy around you in tai chi, a vigorous dance session, or a quiet yoga flow, exercise strengthens our muscles, improves heart health, and boosts our mood.

It’s the foundation on which the rest of our well-being orchestra rests.

Deep breathing, the calming oboe: When we take slow, intentional breaths, we send soothing signals to our nervous system.

Like a skilled oboist, deep breathing slows down the heart rate, eases tension, and invites a sense of peace and clarity.

We find a deeper connection to all of life.

It’s the quiet counterpoint to the energetic exercise routine, bringing balance and harmony to our inner landscape.

Rebounding, the playful percussion: Jumping on a mini-trampoline might seem like child’s play, but beneath the bouncing giggles lies a potent wellness tool.

Rebounding stimulates the lymphatic system, flushing toxins and improving immunity.

It strengthens bones and joints, improves balance and coordination, and adds a joyful spark to your workout routine. Imagine it as the playful percussion, adding a lighthearted element to the orchestra of well-being.

Playing these instruments in harmony amplifies their benefits. A post-workout deep breath eases muscle tension, while rebounding can be a fun way to get your heart rate up without the impact of traditional exercise.

Weaving them into your day, be it a morning yoga flow infused with mindful breaths or a playful rebounding session after work, creates a symphony of physical and mental well-being.

So, ditch the rigid routines and instead allow this section to inspire you with movement connected with the longevity and healing arts.

My personal favorite is tai-chi.

True martial arts, and especially the graceful flow of Tai Chi, offer a far richer tapestry, woven with threads of our super senses, mindfulness, and profound personal growth.

Tai Chi, often mistaken for slow-motion gymnastics, is a powerful internal martial art disguised in gentle movements.

Like a wise storyteller wielding words, each Tai Chi gesture unfolds with precision and intention, harnessing the body’s energy (Qi) in a dance of defense and grace. Its focus on balance, flexibility, and inner strength builds a formidable resilience from within.

Martial arts, encompassing a vast spectrum of styles, share this emphasis on internal strength and discipline.

Both Tai Chi and martial arts offer potent tools for navigating the complexities of everyday life. The lessons learned in the practice space – patience, perseverance, and adaptability – become stepping stones for facing challenges, managing stress, and navigating relationships with newfound self-awareness.

So, whether you’re drawn to the meditative flow of Tai Chi some other form of movement exercise is key and this is the section where we tune into the body’s needs for movement.

Each movement, each breath, is an opportunity to connect with your body, hone your mind, and discover the warrior within. You might not win a tournament, but you’ll emerge stronger, more centered, and ready to face life’s challenges with grace and resilience.

Move your body, breathe deeply, and bounce with joy. Let these instruments of wellness fill your life with a harmonious melody of health and happiness.



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