Little Known Ways to Strengthen the Heart

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Have you ever considered ways to strengthen your heart?

Likely if you are into yoga you are accustomed to hearing words like, “heart opener”. But let’s examine this subject a bit further.

It is truly amazing how today most people are working towards closing down the heart and weakening the muscles around and behind the heart.

Mind Your Heart

If we are not careful (and what I mean is if we don’t slow down enough) to see what is really going on, we can easily get caught up in a life that shuts down the heart.

Today’s modern lifestyle is a great way to weaken and close down the heart.  For example laying around on a couch, or a bed and letting the spine sag contributes to a weak heart.

Most people invest so much of their time on a hand-held device and the heart area caves in and the head points shift down. This causes a mis-alignment of energy in the neck and the head and heart don’t communicate properly.

The head, heart, navel connection is key for a powerful human to come alive and share their greatest assets with the world.

Some may not have considered this and perhaps are doing okay without it, but wow if they knew what I am about to share they may just uplevel their consciousness and gain insights to a more powerful life!

When we look within and tune up our own inner world through kundalini yoga, vital food choices, and meditation we actually cultivate a powerful heart.  A powerful heart leads to empowerment in your life. When the heart is weak we look to blame others and we look outside of ourselves for the answers.

What happens when we do not exercise the spine and strengthen the muscles behind the heart?

We end up with an inability to let love in while simultaneously making it hard to give love to others. This is probably one of the most important aspects to living a deeply fulfilling life, an open, healthy, strong heart.

On this subject, I am going to stick to Cellular Movement instead.  The more you hold your hands above your heart and start to work this area behind the heart the more you can expand and become the authentic compassionate person you really are.

The more you engage that lymphatic system of yours with cold showers the more you work to expand the heart meridians.

Most city tap water is far from ice cold. Where I live the mountain water flows from the glaciers and it is ice cold.

Take an ice bath and see how it goes for you.

The events of your day are likely closing in the heart and making it weak. A weak, closed heart makes life super challenging.

So lets practice opening the heart while strengthening the muscles behind it.

In this sketch you see the arms are stretched out, elbows straight.Begin rotating your thumb in a circle and do this for 3-11 minutes.

Begin rotating your thumb in a circle and do this for 3-11 minutes.

Take breaks when you need, but don’t stay down too long! The mind will think that the armheart yogas are going to fall off but I have never seen that.

Once the ego lets go you get a second wind and you keep up to be kept up!

So take an honest look at your heart and see what you might do to open and strengthen so you can gain a healthy, happy, holy life!

If you are interested, to learn more kundalini yoga kriyas to expand the heart…

Check out this book by my teacher Gurmukh on the 8 Human Talents.


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