The Importance of Cellular Movement

Through out this blog we talk about 4 Principles. Cellular Communication, Cellular Environment, Cellular Nutrition & Cellular Movement.

Stretching, moving the body and maintaining elasticity and tensile strength in our body will ensure spinal alignment, organ health & overall fitness is maintained.

Tensile strength focuses on smaller muscle groups of the body.

A person that has tensile strength usually has a lean figure and toned muscles.

Yoga, Dance, The 5 Tibetan Rites (see past post for pictures of the rites), Pilates, Deep Breathing, Stretching, Tai Chi, Chi Kung, Walking, Biking, Hiking in nature & Rebounding are some of the ways to gain cellular integrity and flexibility within  the mind and body.

These mentioned activities would be longevity strategies.

These activities actually help to reduce stress in the body & mind, wash cells with oxygen and oscillate them for improved function.

Tai Chi, The 5 Tibetans and certain forms of Yoga assist to increase the auric field of the body and create an overall state of peace in the mind.

Stretching daily with a simple yet consistent regime will ensure that all the organs get “rung” out, the spine is in alignment and the tendons, muscles and ligaments are all functioning properly.

With each stretch and deep breath the body and mind become more flexible and flowing to what life has to offer. The more life we allow to flow through us the more we experience profound positive change in our lives.

Most traditional forms of movement like running in the city, working out in a gym or weight lifting can cause strain on the body creating acidity within our fluids.

Running in the city can increase the toxic waste in the system through breathing in smog/pollution, can be harsh on the joints if running on pavement and decrease our bodies sensory abilities due to emf radiation & artificial lighting in gyms.

The cells will age more rapidly and one can feel an overall sense of “burn out” or adrenal fatigue.

Signs of this on the face might be bags under the eyes or dark circles, periods of tiredness, headaches, muscle and joint pain.

In this acidic condition the body loses magnesium reserves and the adrenals becomes stressed.

Although I a love a good jog/run in the park and aerobic activity I enjoy supplementing with stabilized oxygen supplement in order to enhance the cells ability to handle the energy output.

I also like to take a magnesium bicarbonate supplement before and/or after working out. Basically Magnesium Bicarbonate is a hydrated salt that protects the cell wall from toxins and stress. It helps to relax the muscles and bring homeostasis back to the muscles.

It actually reduces acid in the body bringing the system back to a healthy 7.0 ph.

Supplementing with a high quality magnesium oil for trans dermal use will help to regulate the body systems.

You might also try bathing in Magnesium Flakes twice a week with your filtered bath water.

If you have the opportunity to soak in the warm, blue waters of the Carribbean sea, the waters around Fiji or somewhere like it you will receive the same benefits if not more so due to the incredible Cellular Environment around you.

Most people in the u.s. are severely magnesium deficient and I have mentioned in other posts that magnesium is usually the first thing administered into the body when admitted to a hospital.

Magnesium Bicarbonate deficiency is most often present in those with any form of Diabetes and most all those with some sort of imbalance.

After proper supplementation with a liquid Magnesium bicarbonate (liquid form is the best to ensure proper utilization in the body) you will experience increased focus, memory function & a sense of relaxation.

With a balanced approach to cellular movement  your body will experience great levels of energy, focus, adaptability & elasticity at any age.
For a simple yet profound set of stretches to do daily you might enjoy this book, Heal Your Life 101.

Beyond the stretches this book has changed my life and the lives of many.

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