Serious About Your Health? Try an Ice Bath!

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Today was my first ever Ice Bath. It was a 15 minute soak in geothermal spring water with 14 lbs. of ice added in. I got super charged today after getting some things at the market and I was inspired to pick up a few bags of ice and head straight home to engulf myself in a sea of ice.

Basically if you have never done an ice bath I will tell you the best way to start might be just to do an ice facial. That’s right, get a tray of clean water and ice and soak your face. The face has nerves in it that connect to all parts of the body so it’s like training for the real thing. Or if you are brave enough to do an ice bath start with the lower half of your body then slowly dip the organs and stomach in, then get your face in.

As some specialists have recommended, I actually did not start with ice face baths to prep myself, I just went for it. I put all my chips in.

The first few minutes were intense as my feet really hurt from the intensity of the temperature shiftt. I had to get in and out for the first 4 minutes. After this adapting period I was able to stay in the water and really let the ice water do its work.  The skin becomes red as the body pumps blood out to the skin layer and organs.

It’s surely not for the faint of heart or someone not ready to step it up and experience health on a deeper cellular level. But if it is for you, read on.

So what are the benefits of an ice bath?

1. Reduces Inflammation, a huge factor in today’s world.

2. Flushes Lactic Acid from the cells

3. Pumps blood to the organs and extremities of the body for new blood to come into these sites and invigorate them with nourishment.

4. Tightens and tones the skin/pores.  If you are used to cold showers then you know the effect on your skin. It gives you a glow.  The adrenal glands and our entire endocrine system benefits from the cold water as it pumps into these glands, this brings the youthful glow to your skin.

5. Builds adrenal-kidney axis strength and adaptability.  Adaptability is one of the main benefits I am after with this therapy. When your body can handle extreme temperatures it means that your mitochondria are in top shape. Adaptability is the name of the game.

6. Great for athletes and anyone wanting to cut down on recovery time of an injury.

7. Enlivens and invigorates you at the deepest core of your being.  You will likely feel amazing afterwards!

I think medicinal bath soaks are necessary in our modern world. My favorite baths are those with chlorella, shilajit, and peat magma to name a few. These substances detoxify heavy metals and nourish the cell with minerals.

What do you know about ice baths or cryotherapy?  Have you done one yourself? Feel free to share in the comments below. I will continue to utilize this therapy and see what long term benefits I may receive.

Much Love and Many Blessings.




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