Change Begins With Us!

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I felt like talking about this because well today I see so many of us desiring to change our world but often we forget to look right under our very noses.

If we really desire change in the world the greatest thing we can do is be change.

There are so many things that we could get super upset about in the world and I will spare you the details here.

For that kind of information you good turn on the news or read the paper.

But instead my focus for this article is to remind us of our part in the creation of all that we see and experience. Mainly I am going to focus on the health of our bodies.

There is a lot of fighting going on in the world today but let’s ask ourselves this question, “Are we fighting with ourselves in some way?”

Do we contradict our thoughts, words or deeds on a daily basis? Think about this for a moment.

If we really know who we are and have a clear vision of what we choose to see in the world and we act, think, speak and live from that place than we are in alignment with our life prayer. Our life really is our prayer.

It’s an art form to work on this in our day to day life. Make your life your art.

Artist are not just painters or drawers. An artist is one who puts passion into their work and puts it out there with the intent to inspire others into their highest version of themselves. So this could be many things. We have a unique blueprint different than any other soul on the planet.

What is your blueprint? What are your gifts?

11903775_1072224899473764_19730594933446083_nNext when we see lots of “negative” things in the world lets first turn to ourselves for guidance and answers instead of looking to someone else. Are we really feeding and nourishing the highest version of ourselves.

Many of the population suffer from serious fungal infections.

Is our gut bacteria fighting inside us each time we eat something that doesn’t really serve our healthiest version of ourselves?

A lot of times there is a low grade systemic infection in the body and it goes unrecognized.

This is important b/c without health in your body and mind you can not really full live your highest potential.

The only way to really know is to make change in ourselves and start to take responsibility for ourselves first. Consider the Body Ecology Diet, not as a month long cleanse program but a life long commitment to your well being and your families.

Consider going on a wholesome diet approach like this to lower your systemic viral load. Keep the BED grains out of the diet as well and keep it as ketogenic as possible.

Clean out your mind and heart daily with some form of meditation or time out in nature.

Surround yourself with people that are on a similar path and if this isn’t possible learn from the people you admire as you become what you invest most of your time with.

Get some exercises and move your lymph daily.

Keep focused on your visions and do your best to align all parts of yourself with your true nature. Our true essence is always there waiting for us to remember and that is where we find the peace.

These things will ultimately bring about a radical shift in the bodies strength, the minds mental confidence, courage and your connection in the world to see the beauty of this life and in all things.

So let’s be apart of the solution. One day if we choose to have a family we give the greatest gift of all, we pass on a healthy bacteria to our children.

This to me is passing on the golden lineage as the bacteria we pass on is the intelligence and consciousness we pass on.

If we already have a family it’s never too late, the point of power is always in the present moment. We can make a change now and pass it to them in the form of wisdom.

Everything is a gift, everything.

What are you doing to be apart of the change for the highest good? Please share with us in the comments below. It’s wonderful to hear from you.

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