Creating Clean, Healthy Air in Your Home

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With the steady increase of pollutants in our atmosphere it is important to stay close to nature and keep parts of nature in our homes to balance our modern lifestyles.

Things like plants, essential oils and modern technology can assist us here.

So let’s read on and see how these applications can assist our highest vibrational home environment especially in the winter when often, we are indoors more than not.

So first things first do what you can to get rid of carpet and opt for things like bamboo, sustainable choices of wood, tile, slate etc.

Carpet can be the perfect breeding ground for toxic mold spores and bacteria yet it can be challenging to see with your naked eye.

With bamboo floors in my home I can see all the dust and dirt very easily and so I know when it is time to clean.

Next start to enrich your living space with oxygen rich plants.

Spider plants have been known to cleanse the air of pollutants so dress your space with these cost effective plants and others in the same family to keep your air quality clean in a closed environment.

Bringing nature inside your home is a brilliant way to keep the connection to all things while enriching the air.

Next, consider gracing your space with high quality essential oils to purify the air and keep the vibes high.

Not all essential oils are created equal and the link I provided to you here are the highest quality on the market as far as I can see. So with quality comes higher energetics and one drop of these essential oils goes a long way.

So yes the price may be more but you are getting a product far superior than what you see elsewhere. You will be able to experience the plant medicine energy, try it for yourself.

I like to use a few drops of Frankincense in the winters on my mop for the floors.

It just does so much to create clean energetics. Use a few drops of your favorite essential oil like douglas fir for winter time and wash the walls and counters with it.

Recipe for Washing walls, counters & bathrooms:

1 Quart hot water

Dash of aluminum free baking soda

A few TBS of White Vinegar

A few drops of essential oil.

Another great way to infuse your space with plant intelligence is to put a few drops of essential oil on the stove top in some water and let it simmer to cleanse and purify your home space. Or invest in a diffuser.

50% of all illness is aggravated or caused by indoor air pollutants (According to American College of Allergies).

Another piece to the highest quality air in your home would be to invest in an air filter.

A high quality air filter will ensure that your air is purified in the winter months when getting lots of outside fresh air may not be possible for some. Although I do recommend occasionally opening the windows a crack to keep fresh air coming in your home.

Winter_Wonderland_in_Apgar_Village_(5230363852)Another tip would be to make a ritual of getting out and taking a walk outside daily whether its snowing, cold or rainy. Just dress for the occasion and get outside in the elements.

I remember my Dad, Sister and I would take walks at night time in a winter wonderland like the picture here while growing up in the Northeast of the U.S..

It was quite magical, my Dad would lace up his Indian boots and we had our favorite snow boots too, we would head out into the quiet snow covered roads and the moon was our guide.

This will surely nourish your whole being into your soul but on a tangible level it purifies and cleanses the lungs and grounds us back into the wholeness and richness of life.

So what do you think about this article? What do you do to cleanse the air of your home? Please share this article if you loved it and share your sacred comment below.



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