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I have posted about some of these Natural Lifestyle Tools in the past but I have got to say, it is time to share about them again. They are just so darn amazing and valuable to a quality, healthy and vibrant life.

Ceramic Netti Pot

These cellular tools will enhance your beauty but on a deeper level it will help clean out cellular debris that is not serving you any longer.  The main tools I want to talk about again are the Netti Pot,  Skin Brush and Face Brush.

Let’s dive right in to the value of a netti pot. It is just one of the most epic detox tools on the planet.

I have to admit I gave my netti pot a rest for several months.

I would see it sitting there in the shower staring back at me. I even ended up giving it a new use.  I began to make it my final hair rinse vessel.

Hair Rinse with Netti Pot Vessel:

First Shampoo as usual and rinse hair. If you condition do that next then for a final rinse make this.

Start with 2-3 tbs. apple cider vinegar and fill the rest of the netti pot with water.

Because of the spout this helps to evenly distribute the liquid all over the scalp.

It makes for a shiny head of hair and can even cut out your need for conditioner depending on your hair type. Apple Cider Vinegar give the perfect PH to your scalp and inhibits bad bacteria or fungi from growing. So although this use is really awesome, I want to mention its original intended use next.

The netti pot can be your saving grace if you have any congestion in the head or sinus cavity.

At first I was very squeamish of the netti pot. The thought of water going in my nose was not the best idea I had planned for myself.

But as I sojourned through just like I did when I first tried an enema you just get used to it.

To use a netti pot simply add distilled water and a pinch of a salt that you trust, meaning it is a clean source.

Then put the spout in one nostril as you tilt your head and breathe out your nose.

It might take a minute to get the hang of it and you might even inhale water the first time, but just remember to breathe in through your mouth and out through your nose.

This clears mucus, phlegm, head congestion deep in the nasal cavity, toxins from the environment that you are breathing on a daily basis. The clarity you can feel from a netti pot is note worthy!

Next up is a skin brush.

Having one of these in your natural tool box is pretty crucial for your lymph system.

It can do wonders for stretch marks, cellulite, detoxification of your lymph path ways and keep the body stronger and healthier as you release dead cells. This is important to tighten and tone the skin and keep it youthful.

Face Brush
Face Brush

And here we have the face brush.

You never want to use a body brush on the face as the skin is too delicate and requires a different type of brush.

This is the type of skin brush I use and it gives great results, toning and exfoliating the skin for a healthier, brighter you.

It also is detoxifying and should be used properly. This is a great youtube video explaining how to properly face brush from a master.  Click here: How to Face Brush

Scalp Massager

My last natural tool that I feel is so supportive to a Super Natural Life is the scalp massager.

This is so, so wonderful to improve circulation to the scalp and allow the invigoration of it to stimulate hair growth and create a healthy foundation for your hair.

What has been your experience with any of these tools or what have you noticed from incorporating them into your daily detox protocol? Share below and Share the article if you loved it!

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