TaiJi | Activating Light & Stabilizing Connection

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TaiJi | Activating Light & Stabilizing Connection

TaiJi or a Tai Chi practice is one of many ways we can work on our character, our flexibility of both the inner world and outer body. 

Through this practice on Independence Day along the lake around Mount Shasta we celebrate freedom. 

The freedom we have to open up to the Grand Landscape within. We expand into our light body for full activation while fostering connection with the elements and the earth.

We expand consciousness recognizing we were free all along. Whilst maintaining a solid foundation within the Tao.

Tai Ji Benefits | Moving Meditation

Each one that practices martial arts has to feel the experience and connect to experience the benefits.

Taiji is a moving meditation which is an internal art.

It has a spiritual center that connects us to all of life.

While cultivating flexibility and skills from an outward perspective there is much happening around us and internally.

As we recognize we are more than the body form we start to work with the field around us, therefore effecting our energy body.

We also harness internal power, cleaning up our field and activating our light body. In a sense we begin to take our power back from external factors, people, places and things.

We may notice our energy is more clear or we don’t have cord attachments from other things in our life. 

This is the integrity and discipline the comes from the practice.

“Discipline Makes the Glowing Coat of Awareness Unpalatable to the Predator.”

Body Strength through Martial arts

While a spiritual internal focus is a profound aspect of Tai Chi, the body, bones, meridian lines and organ system are also strengthened greatly.

A warm up may consist of stretches that include strengthening the eyes and ears even.

We practice “washing” our face with Chi that allows us to bathe ourselves in this healing energy.

Tapping of key accu-pressure points and allowing flow of energy through the meridian systems creates our own healing sanctuary.

Through the practice our bones are strengthened while tensile strength is achieved.

You notice many deep stances like Mabu in the Taiji system.

Not only does this harness great strength in the lower body but it cultivates mental fortitude.


Tai Ji as a Morning Routine

You might enjoy the magical morning routine within the shop page here.

This is a great place to start with a foundational tai chi morning stretch routine.

It is connects you to the heavens and the earth while working on flexibility.

We work on the energy washing with our chi and encouraging the flow through the meridian lines.

As the subtle body is recognized and nourished we can then activate the light body more and more.

This all happens through a deeper reverence for the physical body as the deep stances are worked on anchoring the chi.

TaiJi and Tai Chi martial arts and self mastery

Self Mastery through Tai chi

You can see that because we focus on so many aspects of our being in this practice it becomes a way to self mastery.

Some of our greatest blocks come from the mind and its unhealthy programming.

Tai chi as a moving meditation allows us to tune in to our inner world.

Through the practice our thoughts slow down in pace allowing us to recognize old patterns, clean up our thoughts and become sharper.

We can see more than meets the eye as we can tap into the energy fields around.

We are able to cultivate more intentional thought and again take our power back.

As we develop a healthier esteem we learn humility and grace.

The body and mind become better, stronger and wiser because of it.

We come to realize a beginner mind is a masterful mind.

Staying open and curious keeps us light, radiant and activated. 

After all we are the light.

“He who conquers others has force. He who conquers himself is strong.”

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