The Importance of Routine Heavy Metal Cleansing

Green Wild Raw Soup

Are you keeping up with a routine heavy metal cleanse?

Why is this so important and how can it help your overall energy, mind state and well being?

Heavy Metals are a huge issue in today’s modern world.

From amalgam fillings to chem trails being sprayed down on us and the day to day exposure to environmental toxins we need to keep our organ filters strong and healthy and clear the metals slowly over time.

So what are the dangers of these metals on our bodies?

When heavy metals enter the body especially in overwhelming amounts the body wants to naturally protect the vital organs so often these toxins will be stored in fat to prevent them from damaging the organs.

If someone does not have fat it will then go to the organs.

The body will do what it can to keep padding on you if there are a lot of toxins in your body.

Over time this storage of metals causes immune suppression, circulation problems, bladder issues, neurological disfunction, hormonal discord and havoc on your metabolism.

Our gut can become compromised as these metals irritate the lining making it of great concern for PH levels and healthy absorption of nutrients.

Getting tested for heavy metals could be a start so you have something to gauge detox progress.

Then you will want to make sure your channels of elimination are all in tune and able to handle the toxins being released.

If this is not done properly you can end up feeling worse and so it is important to clean up your lifestyle prior to a heavy metal cleanse.

Start by cleansing first the colon then the kidneys and then the liver.

This natural progression will ensure your body has a clean gateway to release toxins.

The body will be more open to let go of the stored toxins if there is a clean pathway.

The diet should be organic with a whole foods emphasis. Let go of processed foods that clog your system.

Leave the sugar behind and focus on wholesome, nourishing foods to support the detox phase.

Once you are ready for a heavy metal cleanse you can add things like Zeotrex, Detox Foot Pads and DNA Detox as well as chlorella before bed to start to release these toxins.

This is a slow and steady process that should be done over time.

Some heavy metal cleanses suggest harsher supplements that can strip your mineral reserve.

I would heir on the side of caution as we are already a mineral deficient society.

One of the main supplements we should take daily is something like quinton’s 3.3 or ancient earth minerals from Body Ecology.

These type of minerals will help seal the gut, stabilize electrolytes and optimize the PH.

Keep your diet full of blended green soups that nourish you on a cell level.

To fast during a heavy metal cleanse sends signals to the body to focus on protecting the vital organs, and could be detrimental.

Instead look to nourish and build jing supplying much needed fats to the brain in this detox phase with living soups, warming soups and gut healing soups.

This is a very general view of a heavy metal cleanse. For a personal heavy metal cleanse head to the Shop Page or message me to get guidance.

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