Sea Soup Recipe

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It has been quite a long time since I posted a recipe and I think it is about time. I have not stopped making the most amazing nutrient rich other worldly recipes. However I slacked sharing them. So here I am to share with you one of my favorite soup recipes besides tomato that is.

This soup has such a mineral rich signature.  With this combination of ingredients your palette will be satisfied without the heaviness of  a solid meal.

Ingredient List:

Various Seaweeds of Choice

Pine Nuts






Fulvic minerals (add ins)

Teff powder or Wild whole food b vitamin powder with torula yeast, wild chaga and maca (add in)

Nutritional yeast (add into blender and top it if you dont have the other b vitamin mixtures…these type of whole food b vitamins are crucial for the nervous system).

Make it:

First start out by heating a pot of spring water or your preferred filtered/distilled water source.  Having clean clear water just sets the stage to actually taste the awesomeness of what ever you are creating.

Into a vitamix blender add your Miso serving, I like a flavorful rich soup so I add a good heaping spoon ful.  I like South River Miso or Miso Master and/or learn how to make your very own miso!

Next, add in the juice of one whole, fresh squeezed lemon,

Then peel a few garlic cloves and add that to your blender and a couple squirts of fulvic minerals. If you like a thicker soup base add a bit of B vitamin powder from excellent sources like teff or chaga ground.

In your serving bowls put several nori sheets cut up or tore apart into each bowl. I like mine loaded and I also like to add a bunch of dulse to each bowl. This makes for a very hearty soup.

Next cut up one whole ripe avocado per bowl.

Blend the ingredients in the vitamix on high then pour over the sea weed.

Next top with Pine nuts and minced cilantro or parsley.


Wisdom Note: Food is just one small aspect of a greater embodiment of our vital essence. With a strong nervous system thru kundalini yoga, breath work and meditation we see these special foods as an enhancer of our work to strengthen our own nerve system. Every expensive tool out there can NOT compensate for your own ability to strengthen your own nerves thru doing the hard work of the yoga.

Need inspiration or a custom program? Let me be your coach and hold you accountable. With over 15 years of experience in detox protocols, kundalini yoga and sophisticated health programs to take your journey on a new timeline, send me a message, let us see if we are a fit to work together.


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