The Self Care Wheel Infographic

A tool for self mastery Self Care Wheel

The self-care wheel infographic was designed to give specific tools to nourish your cells and soul.

You can utilize the prompts in each aspect of the infographic to help nourish any area of your life.

We cover the following areas:

  • Purpose or Life Mission
  • Physical Health
  • Mental Health
  • Emotional Health
  • Spiritual Health
  • Detox

You can easily magnify the self-care wheel by clicking on it and zooming into the image.

Self Care Wheel Categories


Let’s start with the Detox category.

This category encompasses the benefits of letting go of things that no longer serve you.

This encompasses your mental and physical health as well as tangible things in your life that either need to be removed or that you need to break from.

This could be a digital detox from your devices. It could be a detox from social media.

What about a detox from specific thought patterns that don’t serve you? 

You could create a journal and write down replacements for these thought patterns.

Make a goal to put a big brown X through the thoughts that don’t serve you and replace them.

On the other hand, it could be a body detox.

Perhaps you know you are allergic to a particular food.

Or you may want to see what cutting out gluten from your diet is like. 

Doing a cleanse of your liver can help make your entire body, including your mind, run more cleanly and efficiently.

Did you know that each organ is associated with different emotions, as in Chinese medicine?

  • Anger – stored in the Liver
  • Kidneys can hold fear
  • Lungs can hold sorrow
  • The spleen can store worry
  • Heart represents joy

When each organ runs clean and efficiently, the emotions become balanced in these areas. 

self care 1 (1)

Mental Health

A self-care wheel must include a mental health category.

Mental health encompasses a vast array of challenges and opportunities.

Speaking with a trusted Health Care Professional is crucial for this category.

But my top tip is to set healthy boundaries in your life.

Once you know what triggers you, you can examine these issues and see where you may not be honoring your boundaries.

Reading self-help books or speaking to someone qualified to help in this area can be helpful.

Creating a journal is also a great idea to get it down on paper and monitor your progress.

Another key piece to mental health is getting outside. 

Although we love our homes and are grateful for them, it is essential to leave the box and expand. 

It literally allows our consciousness to open and expand.

Getting out in nature grounds us and discharges electromagnetic energy.

This can help balance our body and help with its various functions.

Getting outside can expand our awareness and help us see things from a new perspective.

Sometimes, we need a friend. Another great tip is to schedule a time to go to a coffee or tea shop with a trusted friend.

You can also consider joining a group that meets up in person. Look for groups that are similar to your interests.

self care 2 (1)

Spiritual Self Care

Without spiritual health, having a peaceful and powerful life is pretty challenging.

First and foremost, we are energetic beings that utilize a body to live from and experience this 3D reality. 

So, we must nourish this aspect of ourselves. It is what I call soul nourishment.

We can do this by recognizing our True Self.

We do this by actively becoming the witness and the observer of our lives.

We can join meditation groups to help raise our awareness of our True Self or experience guided meditation.

Meditation allows us to step back and soak in our divine nature.

It also shows us the shadows and the things we must eventually learn to accept.

Facing our deepest wounds, challenges, and shadows is part of the work.

One of my favorite spiritual practices for the self-care wheel is dancing.

Dancing for spiritual joy is key to the health of our energetic signature.

When all else fails, dance.

"To watch us dance is to hear our hearts speak."

Another nugget of spiritual wisdom is to express yourself through singing, specifically through your unique soul song.

You can learn more about the details of your personal soul song in my course, Emotional Freedom Here.

Essentially, your soul song is the expression of the depths of you.

Your soul feels heard and nurtured through toning and resonating with the deep songs within you.

Without words, tones and toning can do wonders for mental, emotional, and spiritual joy.

But singing your heart out in whatever capacity can also be a beautiful expression from the heart and soul.

mirror work (1)

Emotional Self Care 

This brings me to emotional self-care on the self-care wheel.

Our emotional well being plays a huge part in every aspect of our lives.

As humans we have the ability to embody a vast array of emotions.

Our thinking mind deems some emotions good and others wrong.

But in truth, they are all just energies in motion.

The more we can let them out safely and allow them to be what they are, the more we can accept all aspects of the human experience.

I mention safely expressing emotions in my emotional freedom course.

There are techniques to release the emotions of anger and resentment safely.

For example screaming into a pillow for starters.

Compassion, mirror work, and forgiveness are key players in emotional self-care.

Another thing that can help emotional health is to connect with a friend in real-time.

Caring for an animal or having a garden can help our emotional states.

Meditation helps us find stability and, again, see from a new perspective.

Setting healthy boundaries is also important here.

self care bath (1)

Physical Self Care

Taking care of the physical body is a must in the self-care wheel.

Without a healthy body, we cannot express and live a full life.

By making the conscious choice to nourish our body with foods that resonate with our vessel, we honor this human suit.

  • Walking in nature
  • Choosing our thoughts and actions wisely
  • Grounding to the earth
  • Fasting
  • Hydrating
  • Taking detox baths

…are some of my favorite ways to nourish the physical body.

Finding an exercise you love can be healthy for the physical body and nourish every other aspect of the self-care wheel.

It is all connected, so even what we think and feel energetically plays a huge role in our physical well-being.

purpose (1)


Every soul on the planet has a purpose. 

Realizing we are points of consciousness and choosing to experience life through a human body is the first step to knowing that a more significant purpose exists than being a copy in a world full of them.

You are a unique expression of the Source.

Consciousness wanted to know itself through you.

Your unique expression is here to bring a healthy and beneficial contribution to the world.

It could be something seemingly small, or it may appear to be quite grand.

But remember each stage of your life holds purpose.

The truth is that your purpose never stops.

No matter what age or level you are at in this game of life, there is always a purpose for your life.

If you need clarification on your purpose, ask yourself, what brings you joy?

I also think self-worth practices and deprogramming from things like mind control of the masses is key to really get clear on a purpose filled life.

You can start by letting go of watching TV, movies, and other things that program you in ways that may not be beneficial.

Instead, find programs that expand your awareness.

Lessen screen time and get reading books and connecting with your True Self instead.

Detox your body and mind so that your Spirit shines.

Instead tune into the radio frequency inside and let it teach you what you always have been.

A unique expression of the One.

Self Care Wheel Recap

In this post, we dove deep into the self-care wheel.

We touched upon emotional, mental, physical, and spiritual aspects of self.

We also explained how detox and purpose play a role in a balanced, peaceful, powerful life.

May this inspire you to express your uniqueness and create a healthy life you love to look at.

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