Osteoporosis Self-Care: My Top 3 Tips

osteoporosis self-care

Top Osteoporosis self-care supplement here.

My top 3 tips for Osteoporosis self-care can all be done at home and are all-natural remedies for increasing bone density and preventing fractures.

In this article, I will discuss nutritional strategies, lifestyle factors, specific exercise recommendations, and the best vitamins and minerals to emphasize in your diet.

We will also dig a bit deeper into the root cause of osteoporosis and how osteoporosis self-care is paramount to increasing bone density and lessening pain associated with it.

This is a no-fluff article aimed at getting you results.

Key TakeAways – Osteoporosis Self-Care

  • Diet is a major component of osteoporosis self-care
  • Learn my secret recipe for osteoporosis self-care with medical articles to back up the recipe.
  • This specific exercise will be a game changer in your osteoporosis self-care regime
  • Nutrients you may need to supplement due to deficient soils.
  • Top foods for Bone Density and osteoporosis self-care
  • The food to remove from your diet for bone density and osteoporosis self-care
  • The magic bullet vitamin you must have in your diet for bone health
osteoporosis food list

Whether you or someone you know is dealing with osteoporosis, bone pain, a fracture, or decreased bone density, this article will give you some clear and concise action steps to consider.

Even if you want to prevent osteoporosis, this article will help you progress through life with a healthy body.

The truth is women in their 30s typically begin to lose bone density.

This rapidly increases around the last period and the first year of menopause.

One in two women and 1 in four men will break a bone in a lifetime because of osteoporosis.

To have an effective osteoporosis self-care regime, we need to look at our nutritional habits.

Osteoporosis Self-Care Tip 1 – Key Nutrients

The number one supplement for osteoporosis self-care is Vitamin K.

Getting Vitamin K in the form of K1 and K2 is a magic bullet to help ensure calcium goes to the right place in the body.

You will need both forms of vitamin K.

Both vitamin K1 and vitamin K2.

Vitamin K1 can be found in deep, dark, leafy greens. 

Vitamin K1 is best obtained by adding these dark greens to your daily diet.

This form helps blood coagulation and may affect the health and density of the bones.

Vitamin K2 helps with calcium absorption into the bone.

Without it, calcium may get lodged in the eye, creating cataracts or building up in the arterial walls. 

This, in turn, can lead to heart attacks, so it is very important to ensure that calcium goes to the bone, not the arteries or eyes.

How can we get Vitamin K2 from our diet?

Foods such as

osteoporosis diet

Supplementing with K2 may be the best route to ensure you get the long active form Mk-7. 

This has been shown to have the best results for osteoporosis self-care.

You can get that osteoporosis supplement on Amazon here.

What Can I take To Reverse Osteoporosis?

Some pharmaceutical drugs negatively interact with vitamin K supplementation, so you will want to check with a primary care doctor before choosing supplements.

Let’s go over the top vital nutrients to be sure to include in your osteoporosis self-care program as follows:

  • Vitamin K1 and K2
  • Magnesium
  • Calcium and Vitamin D
  • Collagen

The main thing to consider with osteoporosis is what is the root cause.

Is your gut healthy? Do you eat a bone-building diet free of processed foods?

If we have a compromised gut, getting the nutrients required to build bones will be hard.

Moreover, if the body is acidic, it will pull minerals from the bones to stay balanced.

Some foods I love for building bone density are:

These foods can help reduce the risk of osteoporosis, alkalize the tissues, and may result in increased bone mineral density.

What’s more, they can have a positive impact on gut health, which is key to ensuring your body absorbs the nutrients.

I talk more about L Reuteri Yogurt and the studies on bone density and preventing osteoporosis here. 

This is my secret recipe for osteoporosis self-care.

L Reuteri Yogurt is also a top source of calcium. 

It also helps repair a damaged gut.

osteoporosis diet plan

Tip 2: Osteoporosis Self-care – Game Changing Exercise 

To prevent bone mass loss and strengthen the bones, essential exercises are vital for osteoporosis self-care.

With the guidance of a doctor, you can implement the best strategy depending on where your body is currently.

My best game-changing exercise recommendation is to get rebounding.  

My favorite way to bounce is up to 30 minutes per day in two 15-minute intervals.

In this study on bone density, we can see rebounding helped with bone density in the case of osteoporosis.

Nasa also mentions rebounding to maintain bone density in this rebounding study.

I love my rebounder and have been bouncing for years. 

If you are concerned about falling or breaking something, you can get rebounders with a stabilizing bar.

Here is one on Amazon with a stability bar.

I even got my little nephew to rebound at a very young age.

You can see him bouncing in the article about rebounding here.

Weight Bearing Exercise

If you can also implement some weight resistance in your osteoporosis self-care protocol, this can help with bone density.

For example, a few hand weights on your morning walk can add a bit of resistance. 

A very lightweight weighted vest could also be worn.

Or once you and your Doctor deem it safe, you can get one of these Hyperwear Bars!

These are wonderful for those who want to lift weights with a soft, weighted bar.

osteoporosis exercise

Exercise Option for Preventing Osteoporosis

If you want to be able to lift weights, one way to enhance the prevention of osteoporosis is to utilize blood restriction bands during weight-bearing exercise.

You can get blood restriction bands here.

This form of exercise may help with bone density. Check out this blood restriction band study.

Ensuring the blood stays in the arm or leg while the band is on creates beneficial metabolic changes.

I just picked some of these up, so I am excited to try them with my strength training exercises.

Old woman smiling at the beach

Tip 3 The Lifestyle Factor Osteoporosis Self-Care

It is crucial to note lifestyle factors in the prevention or care of osteoporosis.

We discussed diet, supplements, and exercises, but the last tip is a deeper lifestyle approach.

Factors that play a role in osteoporosis or increase the risk are the following:

  • Sedentary lifestyle
  • Weight under 125 lbs
  • Alcohol
  • Smoking 
  • Chronic Inflammation
  • Menopause

These are some of the root cause issues.

So, knowing this, we can choose lifestyle factors that help us combat undue stress on the body.

Sun for Vitamin D is Essential

Getting sun on our bodies helps us absorb Vitamin D.

Healthy sun exposure can lessen the risk of fractures as the body absorbs the vitamin D, then the skin converts it to D3.

Here is an excellent study on Vitamin D and Bone Health.

To learn more about the sun’s health benefits, check out my post about sun gazing here.

Menopause Tips

If you are in menopause or approaching it, consider supplementation of Black Cohosh, flax seeds, or other estrogen booster that you and your doctor find suitable.

This would be a natural remedy alternative to hormone replacement therapy.

More on Lifestyle Factors

Limit your alcohol intake and cut out smoking.

By exercising and eating a healthy diet, you can work to keep your weight healthy to prevent osteoporosis.

Move your body and find calming hobbies that keep you moving, like Tai Chi.

Alkalizing Bath

Give your body a magnesium baking soda bath each week for at least one hour to absorb the benefits of magnesium and alkalizing baking soda.

Body Alignment

Stretching is seriously underestimated.

We can lengthen our spines by hanging and standing at a desk instead of sitting all day.

We can get an exercise mat and stretch daily so that we remain flexible, limber, and in proper posture.

WIFI & Sleep

My last lifestyle tip for people with osteoporosis is to focus on deep, restful sleep for 8 hours in darkness.

Please turn off the wifi and use an eye mask if the room is not dark.

WIFI can be a real issue for our bones.

The WIFI can cause calcium overload, which may lead to hypercalcemia. 

Sleep is vital to rejuvenating the body, reducing fracture risk, and preventing bone loss.

You can even see in this study how, with less sleep, a high risk of fractures is more evident.

Louise Haye Affirmations

Bonus Tip for Osteoporosis – Emotional Self Care

On a mental and emotional level, we should look at the more profound program that could run in the psyche.

The famous Louise Haye was known for her incredible work on how thoughts and emotions affect the physical body.

The program for osteoporosis that could be running, according to Louise, is: 

“I feel there is no support left in life.”

If you sense it is coming up in your life, one way to reprogram is to put a brown X over the thought form mentally.

You can replace the thought with:

“I stand up for myself, and life supports me in loving and unexpected ways.”

Recap Osteoporosis Self-Care

In a nutshell this post gives you my top 3 tips on Osteoporosis Self-Care.

We discussed the following key factors:

  • Nutrients like Vitamin K, Magnesium, Vitamin D, Collagen and Calcium
  • A whole foods diet with dark leafy greens
  • Bone Broth  and L Reuteri Yogurt as key players in the fight against osteoporosis
  • Rebounding and lightweights 
  • Turn off Wifi for Deep Sleep
  • Staying active
  • Quality Sleep
  • Maintaining weight
  • Extra care for Menopausal women

What are your top ways for osteoporosis self-care? What has helped you the most?

I hope this short but sweet article with no fluff helps you to maintain or prevent bone issues so you can live a healthy life span.

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