10 Ways Rebounding Helps with Weight Loss & Health

10 Ways Rebounding Helps with Weight Loss

I can remember as a child my parents had this contraption that looked well like a mini trampoline. Essentially that is what the rebounder is, a mini-trampoline.

A rebounder oscillates every single cell in your body.

This gets oxygen to the trillions of cells in our bodies, cellular nutrition at its’ best!

Remember in a well oxygenated environment disease will not thrive!

Back in 1931 Otto Warburg won the Nobel Prize in Medicine and Physiology.

He mentions that disease can not live in a well oxygenated environment.

The body if well oxygenated turns alkaline not acidic.

In a well oxygenated and alkaline body weight loss is effortless and dis-ease will cease to exist.

Well it took me some time to learn about this.

When I studied for a couple years with Lou Corona (a Natural Lifestyle Enthusiast like me) whom has been on raw living cultured foods for many years he highly advocated the rebounder and still does!

He watched certain clients dissolve tumors in their body by taking on a raw living plant based food diet along with rebounding daily.

He also watched another client drop 100 pounds after consistently rebounding and following the nutrition protocol.

Maintenance Program would be- 15-20 minutes per day.
Therapeutic Program would be- 15-20 minutes 2 to 3 times per day

Let’s talk more about the benefits of rebounding and list some of them:

  • Lose Weight
  • Anti-aging
  • Relieve Stress
  • Tighten and Tone the Muscles & Skin
  • Increase Circulation
  • Eliminate Cellulite
  • Improve Digestion
  • Gets you into a parasympathetic state
  • Increase Oxygenation
  • Improve your Balance

Just imagine what is happening as you go up and down as gravity works to wash and cleanse your cells.

It also gives all of your major organs an internal massage!

That’s right, you are giving life power to all the body parts. Your face will glow with life.

You don’t even have to “jazzercise” on the thing, just lightly jump if you are starting out. My nephew Beau just bounces like this and loves it!

I personally do a lot of different movements on my rebounder b/c it feels wonderful.

My body feels alive and invigorated every time I treat myself to a session.

If you want glowing and radiant skin without wrinkles get a rebounder.

It is getting fresh oxygen to all your cells. It is pumping your lymph system.

This is where our toxins get drained out of the body.

Most people whom are overweight have a very slow moving lymph.

Remember that the lymph system does not have a pump like the heart. We must stimulate it thru deep breathing, yoga and rebounding.

The lymph has twice as more fluid then our blood pathways.

Another tidbit on how to stimulate the lymph system is to do hot/cold therapy.

So while in a filtered shower (free of toxins and fluoride) you will turn the water hot and do this for a few minutes, then turn the water cold.

Do this cycle a few times.

The adrenal glands love it and so does the lymph. Your skin will really love this. You will feel incredible afterwards.

Rebounding is an incredible tool for longevity as it reverse calcification in the body.

It is able to dissolve tumors and nano bacteria with repetition and consistency (coupled with green juicing and other tools I mentioned in my last post).

Get on a rebounder as soon as you can. You will love it!


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