The Benefits of the 24 Hour Water Fast

benefits of the 24 hour water fast

Today we are going to speak about the benefits of the 24 hour water fast.

The most recognized figure whom lived by this principle was Paul C. Bragg,  of the “Bragg’s Healthy lifestyle”.  His energy, strength, vitality and youthfulness give us clue’s that this is in fact a powerful way to optimize the function of the body.

He left his physical body during an accident in his 90’s while surfing. You can get his book related to the benefits of the 24 hour water fast here.

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24 Hour Water Fast for Increased Vital Life Force

Although at first it can be a bit challenging as you create this as a weekly practice it becomes a joyous experience allowing you to fully rest and rejuvenate. We are giving our digestive system a break which is one of the best things we can do to improve our gut and or gastrointestinal tract as well as our organs.

If we want tight gut junctions so that we keep the bad stuff out and thoroughly absorb the nutrients we take in this practice is essential. To learn more about a leaky gut you can check my articles here.

When the body is given the time to heal it will do so. Digesting food takes so much life force so in order to allow the body to clean house it requires a break.  Often the belief is to take this product or food to heal the body, however I believe it is what we let go of that heals the body and what we cleanse out of our system that gives us back our life force.

Sophisticated supplements can be beneficial however clean the body out first and then see how its vital life force returns without fail. I present you with the miracle of water fasting.

Clear Toxins While Water Fasting

If we want better bowel movements it’s a great idea to water fast.  Each meal we take in should yield a bowel movement shortly there after.   If this is not happening you can be sure food is fermenting, putrefying and going rancid.  This then attracts yeast, parasites,  mold and fungus.  Cleaning out the bowels via water fasting helps to clean the vessel of the body.

It makes it more efficient at absorbing nutrients, clears the mind and gives us a sense of sovereignty over our own stuck habits.

If we want our hormones to be working in harmony with us a water fast also helps to balance these out. If we are bombarded with toxins that mimic hormones we must flush them out. Giving the liver and other organs the opportunity to “catch up” in a sense and expel these toxins will reset the hormones.  A liver flush is also a wonderful adjunct to clearing toxins.

If we want great skin and clear eyes water fasting will give us this. At first there might be blemishes as the accumulated waste begins to flush out of the body but in time the blood and fluids in the body will become cleaner and the organs will function better.  In turn the waste will exit the kidney and bowel not the skin.

fasting for healthLonger Water Fasts for Improved Health

After a few weeks of the 24 hour water fast then you can go into a 3 day water fast. The 3 day water fast is an incredible reset of the system. After this you can talk to your health practitioner about longer water fasts.

These will often reverse conditions in the body giving you a new lease on life.

We are bombarded on a daily basis with toxins in our environment so keeping up thru a detoxification regime will give us a the purity to live our full potential this lifetime.

These longer fasts assist us to release unnecessary weight. When we water fast we are losing fat but also all the chemicals and toxins that were stored in the fat. The reason why so many people can not lose weight effectively is because of the toxins stored in the fat cells. The body is utilizing the fat as a protective measure to store these toxins. It isn’t until we release the toxins through a tool like water fasting that we can fully let go of the unwanted weight.

water fastingEmotional Reasons for Stored Fat

First and foremost there must be an internal shift in our mind’s eye or a healing that takes place that we no longer feel the need to protect ourselves with extra fat.

Since we are no longer running from grizzly bears in the woods like our ancestors we can learn how to shift our perspective of needing extra protection.

Moving the body, communicating with love and forgiveness and keeping up a cleansing regime must be apart of this lifestyle to keep your weight at its natural state. A holistic approach is the way of the Natural Lifestyle Enthusiast!

Once we adopt a healthy lifestyle we can keep the weight off. This includes emotional work around food trauma or the need to be insulated for protection. You might like to try one of my guided meditations to help you clear subconscious beliefs.

And incorporating fresh pressed vegetable juices to keep our system active with enzymes we can keep that weight off.

Because enzymes are like a spark of life and they aid in breaking down toxins they are keys to flush and cleanse the system.

What if someone is intending to gain weight?

Water fasting also resets the system for those that are too thin.

When the body is too thin it is also in an unbalanced state of dis-ease so fasting will assist to clear the toxins. This is when a Doctor or Water Fast Specialist can come in handy.

Enzyme Therapy and Water Fasting

Enzyme therapy coupled with water fasting can be a powerful approach here.  The enzymes work to go after any viruses or bacteria that might be hindering the immune system from working properly.

So, the 24 hour water fast also gives us more energy, vitality, youthfulness,  emotional balance, and the ability to see things from an optimistic point of view. We are more quick to forgive, more aware of ourselves and are able to respond to life instead of re-act.

Some tips for implementing your 24 hour water fast:

  • Choose a day that you can rest as you desire.
  • Utilize Distilled or Spring Water for the fast. You need water that is clean and pure. Take it a step further and vortex your water.
  • Sunbathe in early sunlight or late day sunlight for powerful nutrition via the sun.
  • Fill your time with positive affirmations, vision board creations or art that you enjoy on this day.
  • Get on the earth to receive valuable earth frequencies for hormonal balance and regeneration.
  • Adopt a healthy whole food organic lifestyle prior to the fast so you have fewer detox symptoms.
  • Consider doing a castor oil pack on the large intestine or the liver for 1 hour with infrared heat to assist toxin removal.
  • Prepare & perform a coffee enema if you get a headache. This will assist the liver to flush out these toxins.
  • Take a quality colon cleanser the night of your 24 hour fast. Oxy Powder by Dr. Edward Group is recommended.
  • Start your fast after breakfast and go until breakfast the next day. (BREAK the FAST…hence the word breakfast:))
  • Have a power packed superfood smoothie for breakfast and the next morning after 24 hours have a green vegetable juice to start the day!
  • Enjoy the emotional clearing, clearing of stagnant waste and the reset you gain from this bringing about a more ageless, loving and purified you!

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    1. Hey Amanda, thanks so much for your comment and stopping by the Sacred backyard to chat;) The benefits of the 24 hour water fast are truly amazing! Glad you were inspired. The book Fasting by Paul and Patricia Bragg is really great if you want to look into it further. Love and light to you as well! Love, Dodhisattva

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