The Top Tools for A Successful Fast


To achieve great results with a fasting program, certain Top tools will help you achieve the best results. From my many years of experience these tools can make the process a bit more graceful with less pain or agony from detox symptoms.

In this article I will go over some of the tools that have greatly assisted me through the years that are simple, effective and affordable.

The Top Tools for A Successful Fast

Enema Bucket

The Top Tools for A Successful FastFirst one on the list is the trusty enema bucket.

You can go as simple as a bag enema bucket bought at a local medical store like Rite Aid in the USA. Or you can find some disposable enema buckets here.

I also love my glass enema bucket.

This bucket ensures you are not taking in toxic plastic if you put a warm liquid in there but the downside is it requires a bit more care to keep it safe and is not the best travel bucket.

That being said it is an upscale at home bucket for sure.

I like to keep both on hand.

Why use an Enema Bucket During Fasting?

While your body goes into a sort of hibernation mode working to fix and repair your body your bowels might need a bit of help to move toxins along.

Because you are not eating you likely will not produce natural bowel movements.

The water enema can help gently move out toxins so that the organs have room to continue to clean and mop up toxins while expelling things in the colon that really need to get out.

It can also help to dislodge impacted fecal matter.

After you are finished fasting you can then replenish the good bacteria in the gut with a potent probiotic.

This can help reinoculate the friendly microbes that may get washed out from the water enemas.

If for whatever reason you do not want to do enemas you might consider an oxygen based colon cleanser that works gently to get the toxins out of the colon.

It actually works on the entire digestive tract like a colonic would but far less cost per treatment and in the comfort of your home.

Tongue scraper

Next up is the tongue scraper.

If you have fasted in the past you know that your tongue can get coated with a white film as the body releases toxins and the tongue scraper will help remove this coating and allow the tongue and associated organs to breathe and continue to detoxify.

Tongue Scraper

Look at the chart here to see how the different organs relate to parts of your tongue.

If you see more congestion on your tongue in one area you can better understand what you may need to work on.

You can find copper tongue scrapers like this one or a regular metal scraper with the rubber like handle grips too.

The copper tongue scraper has been shown to help with reducing plaque and be anti-microbial.

Skin Brush

What is your largest organ?

If you guessed your skin you are spot on.

At around 8 pounds and 22 square feet the skin has many roles.

If it is plugged up and not able to expel toxins easily during a fast your organs especially the kidneys can be stuck with the burden of recirculating toxins. This can result in unpleasant detox symptoms.

The skin brush will release toxins and stimulate your circulation and lymphatic system.

As an added bonus it tightens and tones the skin and can help one lose extra weight if need be.

Here is a diagram of the correct direction to go with your skin brush.

There are body skin brushes and then there are facial and chest brushes that have more delicate bristles for the décolleté and face.

The facial brush will gently exfoliate the face and give it a glow. I prefer one like this.


Next up on the list is a juicer.

If you are water fasting then skip this one but if you are intending a liquid juice fast well this is a key tool.

I prefer the twin gear juicers so that it is a slow, cold press of the juice preserving as much nutrients as possible from the plant, fruit or vegetable.

Over the years I think even though I have the Angel Juicer because I really wanted an all stainless steel one, if I was to make a suggestion of a more cost effective option I would go with the Green Star.

The Angel is great but it is very slow. So if you do not have the patience of a snail then go with the Green Star.

You will want to make sure you strain out any fibers left in the juice once it is pressed to ensure you are not digesting small amounts of plant matter.

This will cause your body to still feel hungry over the days so get a small strainer.

Supplements for Detox Support

This could be an herbal tincture that supports the liver or kidneys.

I  often use one of these tinctures as they can help clear out toxins while fasting and ease detox symptoms.

Whatever needs more targeted support start with that organ first, whether it be the liver or kidneys.

They keep things moving through your body. If your body is overwhelmed with toxins they could make you feel tired or cause mild detox symptoms at the start but realize that your body will be able to process unwanted waste easier now that you are giving your digestive system a break and adding in powerful healing herbs.

Lastly, if for some reason you do not want to do enemas you could choose to take Oxy Powder in place of the enema.

This is an ozonated magnesium that will clear the entire digest tract similar to a colonic in the comfort of your own home.

It is key to move toxins out either through the enema or oxy powder.


I hope these tips were helpful as you embark on your fasting program.

There are many other nuances to a successful fast like the emotional and psychological components and other adjuncts like ensuring electrolyte balance however I will save that for another post.

I wanted to focus on the main fasting tools that are essential for an effective fast.

But as a little extra bonus a solid meditation practice, magnesium baths and hot/cold showers are other profound adjuncts.

Remember that just as you feel you can’t go any further is usually when the breakthrough happens.

I hope this post will inspire you. You might find my detox guide useful.

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