Liquid Chlorophyll Benefits for Your Body & Spirit

liquid chlorophyll benefits

Liquid Chlorophyll Benefits For Your Body & Spirit

What are Liquid Chlorophyll Benefits?

Have you ever wondered why chlorophyll is essential to the human body or how it can benefit your Spirit and Consciousness?


You may be wondering what chlorophyll is. 

Chlorophyll is an organic molecule that allows plants to carry out photosynthesis.

Photosynthesis occurs when plants convert the Sun’s rays to chemical energy. 

In short, it is these chemical reactions and processes that sustain plants on a biological level.

Photosynthesis is what essentially allows plants to create their food.

Chlorophyll is what gives plants their magnificent hues of green.

So, what does all this scientific talk have to do with the human body and spirit?

Why is chlorophyll potent for our body and soul?

Did you know that the word “human” means light being? 

It comes from the words Hue and Man. 

That said, our intuition alone can steer us in the direction of how necessary chlorophyll is for our human bodies and potentially our spirits.

Chlorophyll Benefits

Our blood requires oxygenation to carry nutrients and minerals to different body areas.

Chlorophyll can help increase red blood cells in humans, which helps with this oxygen transfer.

You may also enjoy my post on building your white blood cells here.

In these toxic times, we, as organisms, need as much oxygen as possible.

Ingesting chlorophyll water benefits our well-being.

It can be a way for the body to heal itself biologically and expand consciousness spiritually.

When a plant uptakes the Sun’s energy, it creates its food.

These plants are responsible for mending and nourishing themselves from the Sun’s energy.

Think about a fungus; it does not go through photosynthesis.

On the contrary, fungi are great takers. 

They are great takers, like the emotional pattern that stems in those with fungal overgrowth.

Chlorophyll can help clean out that pattern and fungal overgrowth.

You may also find it opens up your heart. 

Of course, here, the bright green color represents the heart chakra.

Another correlation to how chlorophyll opens us up to the spirit of life.

As humans, we can only see a fraction of what is truly here. 

As energetic beings there is so much more to explore.

Opening the heart may be a gateway into that unseen world.

Nourishing and thriving on chlorophyll-rich plants can signal to our DNA that we are ready to take responsibility for our thoughts, words, and actions.

We should revere this body and the spirit of life and utilize the tools nature gives us to heal and return to wholeness.

With chlorophyll as our ally, we can cleanse, alkalize, oxygenate, purify, and rebuild blood cells.

A gift from the Sun for us light beings, we can abundantly take in this nourishment and wisdom from on high.

Green vegetables and microgreens are rich in chlorophyll.

You can quickly grow microgreens on your kitchen counter at any time of the year. 

Just ensure they are getting ample sunlight.

Liquid Chlorophyll Benefits Fasting

I like to do a water fast or liquid fast on Sundays, and there is no better day for it.

Sun Day is the Day of the Sun.

You can make an abundant batch of chlorophyll-rich green juice.

Give yourself liquid chlorophyll benefits and start thriving.

Chlorophyll Liquid drops can work, too, if you don’t have access to a juicer.

You can take in other nourishing liquids that build energy in the body, like teas and light soups.

Another great combo is cucumber juice and cilantro juice.

This may detoxify the heavy metals and cleanse the kidneys.

This is one of the health benefits of chlorophyll and liquid chlorophyll supplements. 

The amount of energy created by well-oxygenated cells is robust.

Sundays are a day to replenish, rejuvenate, and honor our connection with the Earth, plants, and the Sun, the Spirit of Life on Earth.

When we fast in this way, we also let the body know who is in command.

Does your stomach or your mind dictate your eating patterns?

Or do you, as a conscious soul, decide what you will eat and choose to think, feel, say, and do?

This is one of my favorite aspects of a liquid chlorophyll fast, we begin to notice the deep patterns that try to dictate our choices.

Here we can see how again chlorophyll can enhance our spiritual growth.

Getting out in the sun during a fast is paramount to being a divine channel for insights to come forth.

It is a practice, and we all can stumble and fumble, but why not sincerely try to be disciplined? 

After all, if our goal is to Master the Art of Living and live a Supernatural Life, these are the waters we must drink from.

Spiritual Chlorophyll Benefits

As I end this post, I will leave you with another thought about the consciousness of plants.

Plants are living beings, just like you and I.

Don’t plants give off a sense of majesty and wonder?

As we invoke our awareness and truly see plants for what they are, we might find that following in their steps is a wise choice if we also evolve as light beings.

They are teachers, allowing us to learn from them. 

As our awareness builds, we revere this alchemical process that unfolds in plants and us.

Enjoy these liquid chlorophyll benefits not just on Sundays but as a way of life.

I appreciate the majesty of these plants and what they freely give to humans: a healthier body, physiologically speaking, and perhaps a more elevated state of consciousness on a spiritual level.

Side Effects of Chlorophyll

Due to the power of liquid chlorophyll, you may have a detox reaction, so it is important to start with a small amount first.

For example, if you have heavy metal toxicity, it may cause some detox reactions in the abdominal regions. 

An upset stomach, loose stools, or a skin rash could occur if one has a lot of metals to clear.

On a physical level weight loss is something people want to know about when it comes to chlorophyll and its benefits. 

Weight loss happens naturally as a side effect of our organs working well and the body being free of processed foods and chemicals.

While chlorophyll may aid in weight loss and fasting, it is important to follow a whole-body approach to weight loss efforts.

What has been your own experience with chlorophyll-rich plants?

You can share this with your friends and family who may benefit from it.

This post was all about chlorophyll and its benefits for the body and spirit, allowing us to experience greater connection and health as a result.

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