Effective DMSA Chelation: Top Protocol for Best Results

Heavy Metal Detox Cleanse

DMSA Chelation is a way to remove lead, mercury, arsenic, tungsten, aluminum, cadmium, and tin.

It is recognized as a succimer because it binds and chelates lead. It is then excreted through the urine. 

In this post, we will identify:

  • Precautions
  • Nutritional requirements
  • Heavy Metal Chelation Therapy Tools
  • Adjuncts like a heavy metal detox bath
  •  And my favorite way to use DMSA.

A safe heavy metal detox or heavy metal detox program is done strategically.

Check with your Doctor first before any DMSA chelation protocol, especially in those with amalgam fillings.

They would be better suited to use a more gentle binder or first remove the amalgams properly.

You may enjoy my detox bath recipe post here. 

This bath can help calm the central nervous system and provide essential minerals such as magnesium to the tissues. 

With essential minerals in the tissues, the body has an easier time letting go of toxic heavy metals.

Remember, there are many other ways to remove heavy metals that are less aggressive than DMSA. 

In some situations, a doctor may prescribe it when hair and urine tests show high levels of these dangerous metals. 

It can be powerful to cleanse the body this way for a short time. 

Our world has become increasingly toxic.

We must become savvy in mineralization to effectively dislodge heavy metals from our bodies.

Nature with pollution

Why Chelate Heavy Metals?

There is no safe level of lead or mercury in the body.

Yet the earth, its wildlife, and its inhabitants are polluted with these heavy metals.  

The body stores away these metals in the organs and bones. 

Lead especially gets stored in our bones.

In fact, due to lead from paints as early as the 1940s, many older people have a lot of lead in their bones.

Around 1978, lead was removed from gasoline.

Many mothers from that era transferred lead and metals to their offspring. 

China still adds to lead pollution via their factories and industry. 

This comes over onto American soil, which we all breathe. 

We bathe in heavy metals from:

  • Water sources
  • Air contamination
  • Foods we consume
  • Soil Contamination and more.

Other sources of lead are

  • Water pipes 
  • Cosmetics 
  • Jewelry
  • Ammunition 
  • Ceramics

These heavy metals are stored away deep inside the body, but they may cause:

  1. Immune system weakness 
  2. Hormone imbalance
  3. Cardiovascular Damage
  4. Nervous System Damage
  5. Lethargy
  6. Vision impairment
  7. Autism
  8. Liver toxicity
  9. Atherosclerosis
  10. Nutritional Deficiencies
  11. Amongst many other illnesses

These are just a few of the things heavy metals do.

They are a reason for autism in children, and those with ADD or ADHD are likely plagued with vast amounts of metals.

Tungsten is a lesser-known heavy metal.

It has been correlated with leukemia and bone marrow suppression.

Where can you find tungsten? In all the new computers and devices like your “smart” phone.

Reading paper books and finding hobbies offline is becoming more and more attractive.

Cadmium toxicity is often totally missed by Doctor’s.

A lot of times, they will not equate your illness to heavy metal toxicity at all.

But it is everywhere. It’s in the

  • Auto exhaust
  • The tap water
  • The plastics
  • The rubber
  • The sewage
  • The Cannabis
  • The candy
  • The fertilizers, and the list goes on.
  • And it is most definitely in coffee and chocolate.

Did you know Hershey’s is being sued for the level of lead and cadmium in their chocolate? 

So, if you are looking for a reason to detox heavy metals, this is your sign. 

They are everywhere.

And you may think, well, my body will detox it quickly.

Well, hundreds of years ago, a small amount here and there would not have been an issue.

But today, the amount of aluminum in human tissue is disturbing.

We must follow a safe and effective protocol for consistently moving heavy metals out.

Moreover, women have faster bone turnover as they reach menopause.

The years before, during, and after this transition are critical to addressing the heavy metal issue.

The lead comes out faster at this time as the bones lose density.

This will cause a lot of hormone issues and health problems if not handled correctly.

REMOVE the Source

If you have amalgam fillings, you must first address removing them with a qualified Biological Dentist.

We are all exposed to heavy metals daily.

Some people have direct exposure, like from amalgam fillings.

Other direct sources include working with contaminated jewelry or being exposed to old buildings daily.

For most of us, we need to examine our daily habits.

We might check the utensils we use, the plates, cups, press pots, and other items.

We can use water filters to test our water and so forth.

At our best, we can remove our daily exposures to some degree.

Lightbox with word detox on blue background. Healthcare concept. Digital detox as disconnected

Minerals Are Key to Detox

A safe heavy metal detox is a marathon, not a sprint. 

Incorporating tools like a heavy metal detox bath helps slowly move toxins out.

Minerals Are Key to Detox

Our bodies require minerals to function correctly and to thrive.

A mineral-deficient body can lead to

  1. Bone loss
  2. Fractures
  3. Compromised Detox Pathways
  4. Weakened Life Force and inability to handle today’s stressors.
  5. Accelerated Aging
  6. Compromised Gut

If your body is burdened with heavy metals and you have mineral deficiencies, the metals can occupy the receptor sites where minerals should be.

This creates misfiring and bad wiring throughout our bodies.

The absence of heavy metals on a hair test suggests a lack of essential mineral reserves to expel them from the body. 

So, with that being said, the first thing someone needs to do is check their mineral status.

What kind of minerals do you take, and have you tested with a heavy metal hair test to see those ratios?

Blood tests are not reliable for measuring mineral levels.

The blood constantly adjusts to maintain balance and pulls what it needs from other body areas.

The actual test is more like the hair mineral test; it does not hurt to do both.

Without a foundation of a mineralized body, detoxing and a heavy metal cleanse is not the best idea.

Close up of green powder and wooden spoon on white background.

How To Remineralize

First, let’s ensure that what we eat nourishes the microbiome, keeps our body strong, and allows us to handle the pollutants. 

If you have a healthy gut, you have an army of self-defense, with little microbes cheering you on to protect you.

Take a good probiotic and eat fermented foods (if they agree with you) that can help detoxify heavy metals.

Next, look to the mighty broccoli sprout. This is a cost-effective detox option.

I make my homemade broccoli sprouts as part of my daily main meal. 

They contain lots of sulforaphane, which will significantly assist the detoxification pathways and raise glutathione levels in the body.

Next, you want to eat cilantro.

Cilantro is gentle and effective at chelating things like mercury.

If you still have amalgam fillings, you may be cautious until a biological dentist safely removes them.

I notice those with lots of heavy metal toxicity can’t stand cilantro. 

Next up is Garlic.

Garlic will help lead out of your body due to the sulfur content.

The active component is Allicin.

What’s more, garlic is an excellent source of selenium, a critical mineral needed by those with heavy metals. 

Often, mercury will displace selenium and cause thyroid diseases.

My book Detox Your Thyroid Here teaches you more about detoxing the thyroid.

Next on my list is a good source of beef organs like grass-fed liver.

This will have all the B Vitamins, other minerals, and vitamins from a food source.

You can get capsules here.

You can also consider purified sea salt and heavy salt in your meals so you get trace minerals.

And last but certainly not least is Spirulina and Marine Phytoplankton.

Choose your sources wisely; this will help alkalinize/mineralize the tissue and detoxify heavy metals.

dmsa chelation

DMSA Chelation Lab Tests

Before doing DMSA chelation therapy, you also want to get these tests done:

  • Complete Blood Count
  • BUN test
  • Hair Mineral Analysis

These are crucial because they show you how well your kidneys and liver are doing.

If they are weak, you will know you must strengthen and improve their abilities before doing deep chelation work.

You should see my body detox post here to help your elimination organs.

A CBC test helps to get a gauge of your overall health.

It can help detect

  • infections,
  • leukemia, and
  • bone marrow suppression. 

You can quickly obtain these tests from places like Life Extension and qualified heavy metal practitioners, even without health insurance, for a relatively low cost.

Once you have these labs, you can make a game plan.

Gut Binders for Detox

DMSA is a a binder of metals such as lead, mercury and tungsten.

It is important to have a healthy gut with supporting agents to help remove mobilized toxins from the body.

We want to avoid auto-intoxication or reabsorption of heavy metals.  

You can look to:

  1. Pecta Sol C also known as Modified Citrus Pectin
  2. Zeolites
  3. Humic and Fulvic Acid
  4. Activated Silica
  5. High Quality Probiotic
  6. Activated Charcoal
  7. Ground Flax Seeds

If your gut is in good shape, which it should be prior to heavy metal cleansing, these options are helpful for flushing toxins out.

Activated Charcoal is a potent binder and will be able to bind to the gut toxins.

Keep in mind it will pull minerals so use it only for periods of time and not as a daily regime.

Utilize your diet during dmsa chelation to support detoxing the metals from your gut. 

For example, check out my chia porridge recipe here. 

Not only is this brimming with fiber from fresh ground flax and chia seeds, but it also has so many vital nutrients, like the B Vitamins, Zinc, and selenium, that need to be replenished during detox.

Remember to include an organic steamed cruciferous veggie with your main meal to give you the fiber-binding power as well.

Healthy eating and herbal medicine concept, flat lay, top view

DMSA Chelation Protocol

Let’s assume your lab tests look good regarding your detox pathways.

It would help if you still aimed to support your liver and kidneys during this time.

They will need lots of help and no junk like alcohol, processed foods, or sugary foods.

This should go without saying, but you must stay hydrated with purified water.

This will help remove toxins and allow your body to work at its best.

You will want to ensure your antioxidant levels are topped off, and now that you have your lab tests, you can gauge what essential minerals you need to take. 

DMSA will chelate out some zinc, copper, and manganese, so you must take them as a supplement.

Keeping a healthy electrolyte balance is paramount to a successful detox so your kidneys stay strong.  

But the stellar news is DMSA chelation therapy pulls these toxic metals out:

  • Tungsten
  • Thallium
  • Mercury
  • Lead
  • Tin
  • Bismuth

Whether you choose oral or rectal DMSA is up to you and your Doctor, but I prefer rectal suppositories.

This bypasses the gut and digestive tract to absorb more, especially if you have a compromised gut.

In the daytime, you should focus on the healthy foods discussed above to help remove metal from your body.

Utilize chlorella tablets and fiber-rich meals to assist in this.

On an empty stomach, you can take pecta sol c so the binder is ready in the gut when the metals mobilize.

Keep your body strong with good-quality protein and essential minerals from

  • shilajit
  • spirulina
  • marine phytoplankton
  • and supporting foods like broccoli sprouts and extracts. 

You will want to take your mineral supplementation around the time you eat so that it absorbs best.

I also like to take mineral vitamin supplements during the day.

Nourish your brain with high-quality fats at this time.

The brain should be the last part of the body that you detox and should be done with things like alpha lipoic aid.

After months of heavy metal cleansing, you can focus on a healthy brain detox featuring alpha lipoic acid. 

But that is for another post.

Doing things in the correct order is the way to a safe heavy metal detox.

In the evening, it is time to get a nice dose of glutathione into your system. 

Glutathione initiates phase 2 detox in your liver.

You can read more about glutathione in this post here. 

This will help the body signal that it has plenty of antioxidants to release the metals from hiding.

It will help your body scavenge the free radicals that cause damage from these heavy metals.

You will want to ensure you get your dose of around 500 mg via a liquid source on an empty stomach at night.

The body needs glutathione to repair and handle the metal load being moved out via the urine.

Taking your DMSA at night and ensuring you have a good-quality binder in your system through the night will support the elimination of toxins in the morning.

Optimize Sleep During Heavy Metal Cleanse

You may require melatonin supplementation; this is your master antioxidant.

If you prefer to boost your production, consider red light therapy and tart cherry juice to boost melatonin production.

Sleep in a pitch-black room and tape off any little lights with black electrical tape.

You know, the ones from electrical plugs or air filters.

These little lights will mess up your sleep and melatonin levels.

Also, try to sleep within nature’s natural cycles, get outside, and discharge the electrical static and EMF toxicity by grounding.

Turn off the Wi-Fi at night so you can get a deep sleep.

Practice WIFI hygiene at your best because it can impair detox pathways, poke holes in the gut, and lessen your ability to release metals.

Your body needs to be in deep sleep to heal and rejuvenate.

Next, I take a DMSA suppository at night before bed.

Holistic medicine approach. Healthy food eating, dietary supplements, healing herbs and flowers

30 Day Plan DMSA Chelation

Twenty days of DMSA chelation, supported with essential minerals and critical antioxidants, can help lessen the heavy metal burden.

The last ten days are without DMSA chelation therapy but with mineral and antioxidant supplementation.

This ensures adequate time to replenish your body’s reserves.

As mentioned earlier, a healthy ketogenic diet with plenty of fiber will help sweep toxins out of the colon and stabilize blood sugar.

Again, my chia porridge recipe is here, and it is an excellent choice for fats, fiber, and antioxidants.

It would be a good idea to return to your routine and healthy lifestyle and retest in a few months to check your BUN and CBC levels.

You will also want to check your Hair Mineral analysis in several months to see how you are doing.

Your qualified health practitioner can then tell you the next step in your heavy metal cleanse protocol.

Self Care Ideas

Heavy metal detox bath

Baking soda and Magnesium flakes can be a great adjunct to your DMSA chelation protocol. 

Magnesium will help relax your nervous system and help your adrenals make ATP by increasing DHEA levels. 

Detox Bath Recipe

Take 3 cups of pure baking soda and

Three cups of magnesium flakes into a hot filtered bath.

Soak for 45-60 minutes.

This bath can also be part of your remineralization phase, and I highly suggest making it a weekly ritual.

You can also try another heavy metal detox bath using magnetic clay. You can check it out here.

Clay helps to pull out the metals and safely eliminate them while you soak.

Heavy Metal Cleanse Tips

Heavy metal detox and cleansing is not a quick sprint.

It will take years to get lead out of your body, and it will also take time to release other metals safely. 

What’s more, the half-life of lead is 70 years if you do not deploy a heavy metal detox regime.

Mercury’s half-life is 15-30 without detox.

Doing things slowly, like a tortoise, is the best way with heavy metals.

It should be done thoughtfully, carefully, and handled when the body is solid and healthy.

If you are highly toxic with metals, it is essential to talk to a qualified professional to see how you can lessen the burden quickly because these metals can cause a lot of stress on your system.

For some, IV chelation therapy may be suggested under the care of a Doctor.

But for most people, a slow, steady detox is the best way, with over-the-counter options from food sources.

I soon have a Heavy Metal Detox Program with beginner, intermediate, and advanced strategies on the course page.

It will also touch on the different ailments associated with these different poisons.

Now more than ever, we are bombarded with them, and we must make it a part of our daily detox regimen.

In the meantime, if you want to do a simple, safe heavy metal detox, you might try this.

The supplement link above is a good starting point if you want to take something containing high-quality minerals. 

It is like a two-for-one tincture that releases metals and remineralizes them simultaneously. 

It also comes with detox foot pads with crystals in them.

These help activate the detox pathway via the soles of your feet while you sleep.

You wake up with dark pads due to all the chemicals and heavy metals exiting your body.

Throw them out and wash your feet well.

Iodine is included to help displace the metals, so you nourish vital glands like the thyroid with the correct mineral.

Before any cleanse, be sure your elimination channels are fully functioning for proper drainage and that you have had some tests, like the BUN blood test.

It would help to have several formed bowel movements daily to keep things moving.

A heavy metal detox program can be done with gentle methods that don’t pull other valuable minerals. This is what my heavy metal cleanse course teaches.

Glutathione IV

Detox Side Effects | Symptoms

If your body’s elimination channels are open and you eat healthy, you will likely have few detox symptoms or side effects.

However, you may experience:

  • lethargy
  • upset stomach
  • skin rashes
  • bone pain as metals come out
  • anxiousness
  • headaches
  • chills
  • sweats
  • mood swings

And things like this if your body is going through a cleansing period.

Things to do in this case are to speak with your Doctor.

They may recommend a Myer’s cocktail IV or a Vitamin C drip.

Vitamin C is a great way to remove lead from the body, but you need high doses of whole-food vitamin C.

I like using the detox bath and coffee enemas to remove toxins and lessen the symptoms.

You may enjoy our post on detoxifying aluminum naturally in 3 steps.


Speak to your primary care physician before cleansing or detoxing.

The information in this post is based on my own experience. It is not meant to diagnose, prevent, or treat any illness.

The FDA does not support buying over-the-counter DMSA, and it should only be given as a prescription from your Doctor.

This post was all about DMSA chelation therapy and a safe heavy metal detox approach.

Please let me know if I can assist you in the comments below. 

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