Learn To Enhance Your Immunity With Simple, Powerful Tips


Would you like to know how to enhance your natural immunity?

We hear so much about cleansing the body but remember these things strip the body of minerals and nutrients too. If we seek immunity in our modern world we need to make some upgrades.

Fasting and cleansing is an important aspect to healing and repairing the body from years of living a less than optimal lifestyle but after a while you are now responsible for taking great care of your immune system and rebuilding your body.

How do you do that? And how do you create natural immunity?

Mental Health for Natural Immunity

For one we can start with our mental strength and acuity. We can begin our day with alternate nostril breathing, prayer and meditation. This sets the stage for a healthier immune system.

Worrying and fearful thoughts sets the stage for a susceptibly weak immune system. We can focus on learning how to clear our toxic thoughts and create new patterns. You might find my post on perceptions and the tree diagram helpful here.

Our mind and our thoughts are what set up our brain for good health or bad health. We need to take the driver’s seat in order to maintain a healthy mind.

Foods for Natural Immunity

Eating foods that promote brain optimization and gut health can be a key player as well.

One way to do this is to eat whole, unprocessed, organic foods. It will benefit the gut biome and brain but lowering inflammation and seeding good pre-biotics from fibrous veggies.

I share more about an optimized nutrition protocol in my health programs. You might be interested in my latest video recipe nutrition course here. 

Next, I want to share about what I consider the 6th food group.

If we are to enhance immunity the 5 food groups just won’t cut it. If we want an evolved, sophisticated operating system we need to feed that system upgraded substances.

In today’s world if we aren’t addressing this 6th food group we are at a major disadvantage.

Herbs and medicinal mushrooms build our immunity over time.

This is what protects us on a long flight, or from eating something that may not have been the best.

Where someone might get sick your body is able to handle it because you have been steadily building your immune system.

We invest in our bodies bank accounts. These adaptogenic substances and immune enhancing mushrooms give you an edge in life.

Just as a ketogenic lifestyle keeps the viral load down and clears infections that everyone has running in their body, the 6th food group builds you up so that you have an immunity to the attack of environmental toxins present today.

The solution is here to live a quality life in this modern world.

So, with that said you don’t have to live in fear, you are actually taking prophylactic steps to your super natural health.

On the subject of money and cost, would you rather prevent sickness and invest in your self each month with these foods or wait until your health suffers and pay the cost for it in medical bills?

Tonic herbs and medicinal mushrooms are health insurance at its finest, especially Reishi and Chaga.

My recommendation is to buy what you can in bulk from a reputable company or if in bottle/capsule format but wholesale quantities.

My top favorite herbs for re-building and immune enhancing function are:

Chaga – Adrenal support, Disease Resistance

Cordyceps cs-4 -build resiliance and jing

16:1 He Shou Wu extract – build jing

Reishi Ganoderma 161 – a real flu shot!

Shu Di Huang (Prepared Rehmmania) – build jing


If one has infections you need to clear these first but once you are living a lifestyle where you have cleared most of these infections you need to rebuild and even if you are still cleaning house these herbs assist you in staying strong as well as alkaline.

Cleansing without a stable 6.4-7.0 ph is grounds for disaster. I talk more about this in my programs from my own experience.

Parasite cleansing and any cleanse is stripping you down. Consider the re-building component and live a lifestyle where you don’t have to be constantly cleansing. I have learned this after years of hard core cleansing.

I truly believe in cleanses and I have become very masterful at it and am hear to guide you with them but I also value the importance of re-mineralizing and making sure the body is in a state of being able to handle such cleansing and thrive in the modern world.

I have done 30 day fasts on cultured coconut water and organic vegetable juice only in the desert, I have done countless liver flushes, parasite cleanses w/ colonics, heavy metal cleansing, colon cleansing and kidney cleansing.

It is all helpful but just remember to upgrade your program if you want to live a super natural life well past 100.

To learn more about medicinal mushrooms check out my post The benefits of shitake mushrooms and see what they can do for your immunity.

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