5 Ways to Improve Your Perception of Reality

We each live in our own reality. Do you believe you create your reality? In this post I share a drawing that will help you navigate your reality with a clearer lense. From there you might choose to make some changes so as to start to change your physical reality.


The Roots of Your Reality

Let us start with the roots of our current reality. These roots are past actions that become engrained in the psyche and in our life so that they often run on autopilot which become strong and rooted patterns.

In Indian religions there is a word called Samskaras.

Samskara’s are the subtle imprints of our past actions.

The prefix sam means well planned, well thought out, and kara means “the action under-taken.” Thus, “samskara” means “the impression of, the impact of, the action we perform with full awareness of its goals.”

Each time it is repeated it grows stronger like the roots of a tree.

When our habit patterns become so ingrained that they alter our body chemistry, it is called an “addiction.” When they become strong enough to alter our thinking process, it is called a “Samskara.”

How Samskara’s Train Your Brain to Run on Auto-Pilot

At this stage it is running on auto pilot. We no longer remember how this process started. Without introspection or presence we fail to discover the beginnings of it or where these samskaras originate.

When our mental world is immersed in the influence of these powerful impressions they become the determining factors of our personality, and due to these samskaras we perceive the world in a much different way than the person next to us.

We each have Samskara’s we may want to change. I hope this tree diagram helps you to see how they are the roots deeply ingrained. From these past experiences we will be triggered in this world.

Triggers Reenforce Our Reality

Without any kind of pause it is like we become triggered and go down a spiral engaged and negative loops.

It might be the neighbor next door that does something to their lawn we don’t particular like or maybe it is something much larger than this. Perhaps it is someone or something much closer to you that triggers you.

The trigger can often cause lots of pain and suffering because we let our minds think about it but it is hard to change because the auto pilot of the Samskara is running.

Thinking does not really solve much of anything. It only creates more struggle or pain.

Inspired thought would be a much better place to begin to shift the perceptions created by the trigger. Inspired thought comes from the depth of your soul, it comes from the wisdom of our being. 

Maybe this all seems a bit complex. This is why I created the diagram.

You can see there is a butterfly on the tip of the tree. There is a transformational process we can experience if we can dive into release old hurts and traumas to see things with a clearer lense.

Want to Learn How To Reprogram These Past Experiences?

Sadhana– the ambrosial or early morning hours is a great time for self reflection as often golden nuggets of wisdom are bestowed upon the soul.

Meditation– helps us have more space to be the witness of our actions and see what is really causing us pain. Is it really just our own thoughts and our old past playing out?

A group practice of self reflection/study- studying with a group helps to anchor in new habits and create new and healthy ways to connect with the world. It has been said that 70% of what we discuss we retain.

Karma yoga– is us helping others and when we realize our karma is real we can help dissolve negative karma with our present actions.

EFTEmotional Freedom Technique is where I got the inspiration to create the diagram. There is a similar diagram in The Tapping Solution by Nick Ortner.

EFT is a fantastic way to delete old and outdated programs running in your mind. It is a way to release unhealthy energy that might be holding you back from a new reality.

You might speak with a therapist to help you heal old past programs. You can also look into guided meditations with binaural beats.

Our Life is a Culmination of Events

Our life is a series of experiences that we can grow and evolve from. Sometimes instead they get stuck in us and create patterning that hinders the way we see people, places and things. If we live stuck in the dead past we may feel like we are in quick sand or mud.

Someone could think the world is their oyster and feel safe and loved here. While another might feel extremely scared and frightened with the reality of things.

It comes down to our rooted beliefs, then our triggers and then our perceptions play out.

You are a radiant being that is formless. This character you play out can change at any time. So what do you say, can you let go of the past? Can you forgive yourself and others?

Breathing compassion into your self is a great start. Then maybe we can breathe out into the world with love and deep compassion. It is likely those that have wounded you have similar work to do!

Create your best reality and be an example, a living prayer for others to feel guided by.

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