The Power of a Colon Cleanse

For those of you familiar with colon cleansing you know how wonderful it really feels and I appreciate your dedication.

For those that are new to this idea you might learn something from this post.

The colon is about 25 feet of tubing that runs from the mouth to the anus.

Over time the digestive tract can become sluggish if we do not give it a break.

Just as we get to sleep each night our digestive tract can use a break every now and again to repair itself .

Three times a year for 1 week or longer  is great for maintenance but if you have a serious condition going on you might go for longer.

Once or twice a week it is good to fast or cleanse the colon with an oxygen based cleanser due to the toxic overload of modern living.

Over time our colon stores waste in the form of impacted fecal matter which resides on the sides of the small intestine and colon.

Eating the wrong foods or improper food combination causes leaky gut which create holes in the intestinal walls.

These holes allow toxins to enter the blood stream and cause dis-ease in the body.

A lot of times the colon walls are so hardened with fecal matter that hardly any nutrients get absorbed by our body.

We could take all the supplements we wanted but if the body can not absorb them then what is the use?

Today marks the 5th day of my spring colon cleanse. I use an oxygen based cleanser in the evenings to actually help the process along.

The ozonated oxygen turns any hardened impaction into liquid or gas.

If you click on the link you can learn more about this product. I feel it is the best out there and highly respect Dr. Group the creator of the product.

I also take probiotics to balance the bodies hormones and immune system.

During this time we can fast on liquid fresh pressed juice, soup broths, teas, or water.

Many different types of fasts exist, choose the right one for you.  I am doing a mono-fruit fast right now because there is a plethora of gorgeous fruit at my local farmers market.

This consists of eating 1 type of fruit for each meal. You can eat as much of that fruit as you choose.

Then the next meal try a new fruit. This allows for easy digestion and fruits contain so much fiber and water it actually assists the colon in cleansing.

If you choose to do this I would suggest only organic and local if possible. If you eat commercial fruits you risk more toxins flooding the body.  Some people actually choose to be fruitarian, only eating fruits all their life.

As the colon gets a thorough washing the body becomes lighter and brighter.

You may notice the following:

  • Breathing more deeply and fully
  • Brain is clear
  • More Vitality
  • Weight loss
  • Creates better dietary habits

This is because as we remove toxins from the body it wakes up and remembers its’ true nature.

By design the body enjoys being healthy, happy and whole.   The skin “needs” to breathe.

When it gets plugged up from environmental toxins, synthetic products, xeno estrogens, fungicides and all kinds of other junk our body can not function properly.

This is really the root of dis-ease. No pill or super powder will cure it.

It is what we eliminate and let go of in our bodies, minds and spirits which create the health, wealth and abundance. Try it and see for yourself. Empower yourself with the truth of who you really are.

Colon cleansing is really a maintenance activity that I feel should be done on a regular basis through out the year.

Even if someone’s diet is “perfect” they are still susceptible to stress, environmental toxins, water pollution and so much more.

We are living in a  toxic world so we can look at ways to create solutions and adapt to the environment. Colon cleansing is just one of these solutions.

If you have never done a colon cleanse start with the  beginner type of cleanse that Dr. Group suggests and work your way to the advanced level for a deep cleaning.

Find a good colon hydro therapist to jump start your cleansing.

To be honest I have fasted for extended amounts of time on coconut water kefir and green juices but when coupled with this oxygen based cleanser it makes a serious difference as far as results are concerned.

Ultimately, you want to then create a healthy lifestyle afterward by incorporating the most nutrient rich foods on the planet, the most loving thoughts on the planet and all things that support us as a whole. (This is much easier once the body is cleaned out and can remember its’ identity).

Once the colon is cleaned the lining of the gut can begin to repair with nourishing foods like cultured foods and liquids, bone broths (for those that choose) and blended soups, smoothies and so forth. Probiotics play a key role in nourishing the gut walls.

The colon cleanse can cause a healing crisis where you actually feel worse than when you started.

This is an accumulation of toxins and if you rest and let it pass by drinking lots of clean, structured, electrolyte filled water you will come out feeling better than ever.

Massage, Sunbathing, Infrared Saunas and Structural Alignment from a qualified body worker can be a great thing during a cleanse. As toxins are released from the skin, bowels, lungs, kidneys (urine) and liver blockages are being removed.

These blocks are not just physical but emotional too. When we are ready these emotional and psychological blocks are the greatest teachers. They actually allow for great transformation in our lives.

Personally, I feel that cleansing out the body is a way to create more compassion for ourselves and others.

As we take responsibility for our own health and learn the discipline of this practice we are sure to reap the rewards in our lives. I encourage everyone to do some sort of cleanse to begin to peel the onion towards our true self, our true identity.  After a colon cleanse a series of liver/gallbladder flushes is essential as well as the following:

Happy cleansing and let us enjoy great health!

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