How To Age Rapidly

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I am writing a post on how to age rapidly to get people’s attention.

As I am aware most people need to hear the negative or opposite side of the spectrum for things to hit home, so let us discuss the best way to age rapidly. Here goes!

First and foremost it all starts internally, get over the idea that its starts externally.

The root to aging skin is internal and what we are not doing to keep the organs healthy and happy.

First you want to eat as much non-organic food, processed food and highly heated cooked food as possible.

This will completely destroy the healthy cellular structure in the skin and cause rapid aging as quick as possible.

Consider improper food combining daily.

Eating breads with protein is a classic example to ensure the gut is taxed and creates major problems in digestion as well as a great feast for parasites. Furthermore, eat fast while stressed out or occupied by being on your phone/computer and absolutely forget to chew completely.

Basically this translates to, swallow huge gulps of food.

The refined/processed foods will really be a slam dunk on your quest to age.

Eat lots of fast food and remember to get in as much rancid oil as you can.

means all the oils you see at Costco, Grocery Stores and so called “health” food stores.

These oils on the shelf are often rancid just about all of the time and will greatly assist you in aging rapidly. Also, highly heating them is a great idea, especially vegetable oils. This will completely mutate their structure.

Don’t forget to order food from Whole Foods hot bar, that has plenty of cooked, rancid GMO canola oil in it to disrupt the hormones and cause advanced aging.

Stay away from Organic Raw Coconut Oil, Raw Grass Fed Butter and Ghee as those will keep your body and skin beautiful and will actually reverse aging. Same with things like organic, raw plants, herbs and low heat methods.

So the foods you ingest are the number one area you have a good hold on to ensure rapid aging.

Next, never detoxify your body. Never do fasts, intermittent fasts, colon cleanses, parasite cleanses, kidney cleanses or liver flushes. This would actually aid you in reversing aging.

To re-enforce your goal don’t live off the grid on pristine, wild spring water.

Get to a major city where the water is completely toxic full of all the amazing chemicals, pesticides, herbicides, pharmaceutical drugs as well as chlorine to kill all that good gut bacteria and the friendly microbes on your skin.

City water is also well laced with fluoride to shut down your ability to think for yourself and create a great life.

This chemical cocktail is going to be of paramount importance to produce rapid aging. Take long, hot showers in this water for maximum absorption.

Using conventional cleansers with long words in the ingredient list that you have never heard of will be your best bet.

Harsh, chemical laden products like this will surely kill the good bacteria on the skin, dry it out and stress out the liver and kidneys – your channels of detoxification.

Stay away from water filters and cold showers because actually these things will promote youthful, toned skin.

Beyond that, never exercise, stay sedentary so the lymphatic system can not move.

This way you swell up and your body will age quickly.

Lastly, make sure you live in an environment that is loaded with electromagnetic frequencies, especially in apartment complexes, any city high rises or anywhere basically that has tons of smart meters and little or no area to get on the earth.

This will surely get you more towards your goal and cause lots of hormone disruption.

It will likely cause you to stay up well past 10 pm, which is what you want so that your body can’t repair and rejuvenate.

Keep lights on at night so that the body can’t produce melatonin, your great anti-aging agent.  It will cause lots of stress on your body.

Keep up a stressful, unfulfilled life as well by thinking negative thoughts and being hard on yourself.

These are just a few great steps to achieve rapid aging.

If for some reason you change your mind and choose to promote a youthful radiant glow from within, check out my post on  This will get you started on achieving your true goals.

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