The Miracle Morning Routine To Amplify Your Radiance Now

miracle morning routine

What is a Miracle Morning Routine and how do we cultivate one and stick with it to promote radiance, a life we love to look at and core energy?

The definition of a Miracle is an effect or extraordinary event in the physical world that surpasses all known human or natural powers and is ascribed to a supernatural cause. It is a wonder or a marvel.

Morning is the first period of the day. It can be a very special time if we are up during a certain window of time in the early hours before sunrise. 

You may know this as the ambrosial hours or Amrit Vela.

Amrit is the nectar and vela means moment. It is during this time window you can taste and feel the sweet nectar from the Land of all Souls.

These hours are between 4 AM – 6 AM. They are also called Brahmamuhurtha from the Yoga Sutras.

At this time the magic and miracles are more probable because it is at this time you are most connected to the powerful land from beyond from which you originated.

You will notice during these hours you feel more meditative because your brain waves are in Theta and Alpha wave patterns as you come back into this realm from deep sleep or delta waves.

This alone is a key part to any miracle morning routine because you are most suggestible in these wave states.

This means practicing subliminals, visualizations, meditations or automatic writing is powerful in this window.

And you have more connection to your higher self as the veil is thin. It is during this time you may get great insights about something you are wanting clarity on.

Who am I to tell you your perfect miracle morning routine?

Well truth be told no one is better than you to decide the very best morning routine.

However from my personal experience practicing a very different way of life with Grand Masters focused on self mastery I can impart wisdom of the Sages.

I have studied with true masters of their craft, I have harnessed my own connection and wisdom to share over years of practice and fine tuning my unique alchemical practice to produce what I would call miracle days, where it all lines up.

When things become effortless and right before your own eyes you are in a flow state creating something new and all the pieces are coming together perfectly.

Or perhaps financial prosperity comes forth or a health challenge dissipates.

These are all by products of being a conductor for the divine.

It will be up to you to follow your inner guidance on what miracle morning routine best suits you.

I believe our miracle morning routine also evolves over time and space. As different aspects of ourselves evolve so will your healthy morning routine. 

anxious thoughts guided meditation

Gratitude & Reverence Miracle Morning Routine

One of the most profound ways to have a miracle morning routine is to powerfully and humbly show appreciation and respect for your being here on this day.

You are conscious, alive and you are ready and willing to work with the heavens and the earth to be the conduit for your miracle mission by the power invested in you.

You can do this before you get out of bed and as you rise from your bed. 


  • Allow it to start being an automatic program or the first thoughts that enter your being in the morning. 
  • Arise early in the ambrosial hours without an alarm. Begin to program yourself to do this naturally. One way is to get yourself to bed early enough to imbibe and partake of the nectar of the ambrosial hours. These hours are quite profound and it is like you have more electric energy to mold and shape your reality at this time.
  • As you get out of bed sit at the edge of the bed and bow your head and take your right hand into a fist and close your left hand over it and bow to the heavens and the earth and the Great Creator who has made you.

With sincerity and reverence you invoke the energies to work through and for you.

Physical and Energetic Cleanse

Now is a time you may want to drink some pure water, rinse off your body to wake up and enjoy a hot/cold shower to strengthen your nervous system and stimulate your lymphatic system.

This is going to:

  • Pump the lymph fluid, reset the adrenal axis and recalibrate/build the nervous system.
  • Beyond that it is an energetic cleansing. For example if you had a bad dream this is a powerful way to let that go and move into a different state of being. It may change your perspective so you can learn from the dream.
  • Oral hygiene and brushing your hair and putting on some comfy clothing to start the next phase of your miracle morning routine is next in the flow.

Moving Chi | Miracle Morning Routine

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Next you can get some warm tea going and get ready for the next phase of your miracle morning routine. Our chi is our vital life force. 

In Traditional Chinese Medicine it is inherent in all things.

When you start to work with your chi you will feel off the days you don’t.

It is simply because as you recognize and remind yourself you are an energetic being first just like brushing your teeth your energy requires a cleansing and adjustment.

This is a top to bottom full body adjustment.

Your Dan Tien is like the sea of qui within your body, it is a very potent energy center. See the image in the picture to locate it. 

With experience and waking up to your subtle essence it will allow you to recognize it as extremely vital part of your well being, radiance and healing.

Recognize there are meridian points from your head to your feet and they are like the hospital in your body.

Then you have specific acupressure points that are your medicine points. This is the Daoist’s way of medicine.

You are your own medicine woman or man, your own Doctor or healer.

The power over the ages has been taken away from you, putting it outside of you instilling fear.

The truth is  the Grand medicine is within you.

You must activate it to create a miracle morning and energy towards your desired outcomes.

When we move energy in these key areas we pump chi through the channels or meridians so that life power flows evenly and steadily through our bodies.

We can build chi by practicing each and every morning.

The chi emanates from your dan tien illustrated in the photo and then emanates through the arm meridians into your hands. 

You can sense the chi from your hands and utilize it to cleanse and brush your scalp, hair, ears and body.

The head or top point is where all the Yang meridians meet.

With gentle energy we give this area an adjustment by sort of massaging the scalp/hair with our finger tips.

Recognize that each part of your body no matter how small is important to health.

With that said we look at our ears. And each body part corresponds with different internal organs.

For example the ears let us know the health status of our liver and kidneys.

If one has great hearing later in life there liver and kidneys are likely in great shape.

First we brush over our ears with the Chi emanating the hands and then lightly hold the top of the ears and pull them adjusting them.

You can put your finger in your ears and turn the finger to finish adjusting your ears.

A series of stretches working with the Chi is offered in my  magical morning routine video so that you have a visual.  

Take a few minutes in between each exercise to integrate the movement and rest your hands at the Dantien.

Next you want to stretch your eye muscles by looking all around from side to side, up and down and in soft circles. 

To strengthen your eyes you can close your eyes take a deep breath, open them breathe out and think of your eyes like to swords focusing on a point in the far distance. 

When we focus in this way our eyes being to strengthen and be able to see the fine details. All too often today we are staring at close up screens with artificial lights. 

Make time each day to practice looking far off into the distance gazing at the tree lines and so forth.

 In essence you are stretching your eyes and moving them in ways you don’t often experience on a day to day basis.

Wash your face each day with the Chi emanating from your hands.

The chi is full of your own essence of optimism as well as the heavenly and earthly chi. This will give you a radiance better than any facial your chemical or injection. 

It is a way to enhance your self worth and love.

Stretching and your Best Morning Routine

TaiJi and Tai Chi martial arts and self mastery

Next take your tongue and circle it around your mouth stretching the upper and lower lip area and swishing the chi in your mouth cleansing your teeth.

This can also help preserve the teeth as chi washes over them.

You can do some reps in a circular motion and then swallow the ball of chi and guide that chi ball to the area you feel you need more vital life force.

Our neck is a crucial area to our entire existence. It is the connector of our head and body. The channel is important so it must be clear and open. 

This is the area of the throat where our expression comes through.

We can work to open this area up with stretching our neck in safe and comfortable ways. 

You can give your neck a light massage as well. 

Medicine Points & A Healthy Morning Routine

As I mentioned earlier you have specific points along the body that are energy centers where chi is cultivated.

These medicinal points when activated help the body heal and thrive.

Take your hands and lightly tap the upper point on your back with both hands.

This is just below the neck in the center of the upper back and is known as the gaohugan point.

Gain a bit of momentum by bending the knees, swinging the arms down by your side and then come back up to the acu point.

Repeat several times integrating rhythmic breathing.

This point is vital to allowing the energy to flow upward and downward.

Do this tapping to the kidneys and shoulder points next by rotating to each side.

These point are known in traditional Chinese medicine as the jian jing and kidney points.

Simply tap the kidney point and shoulder point and swing from side to side.  Tapping on these energy centers each morning is cultivating life force energy and activating healing.

Video demonstration is available here in my Magical Morning Routine Series.

You now can activate the ming men and shi en que points that are at the back of your lower back and the front  elixir field area.

Swinging and tapping these areas lightly several rounds.

Plow The Field

It is time to plow the field in the area of your dantien. Just like you plow a field before you plant seeds you want to rotate your hips in circles to move the energy here. 

As you circle from left to right and then right to left you are clearing and tilling the soil of your inner sea of qi.

Heaven & earthly Chi for a Miracle Morning

Next take your hands and stretch back like you are opening up to receive from the heavens. Allow your back to stretch and open up wide to receive. 

Then as you come back down straighten your legs and grasp the earthly chi and scoop it up into your field. 

Hold steady and stretch the legs while imagining this transfer of energy. 

Do this several times as you allow the heavens and the earth to harmonize with your body for a miracle morning routine unlike any other. 

It is very good to practice this outside so that you are energetically connecting with the heavens and earth.

hair health natural remedies

Stabile, steady, Flexible energy for radiance

Shake out your legs and now let us stretch and ground our legs for stable energy from the earth.

Use a table or chair to place your hand then start to stretch one leg back and forth several times. Do this with both legs. Take each leg one at a time and place onto a steady surface parallel to you and hold the stretch a while. 

Do this to the side and also from the back by placing the foot on a stable surface about waste height. Then put your hands on your head and stretch back.

All of these stretches help to heal and elongate your spine. They move energy and ground you.

Awaken the Ten Bodies set

Ten Bodies p1 2284168665
Awaken 10 bodies part 2

Another crucial practice that you can incorporate in a miracle morning routine is the Awaken the Ten Bodies set from Kundalini Yoga.

Believe me, it is a challenging set. It adjusts  all your energy bodies and works to keep your body in top shape as well.

You can do a quick set of it in 30 minutes.

One of the key benefits is on the nervous system. How many exercises actually work on this area of your body?

Today peoples nerves are shot. We need to strengthen our nervous system and this set does just that.

We are energy beings. This set will activate the:

Soul Body

Negative Mind

Positive Mind

Neutral Mind

Physical Body

Arc Line

Auric Body

Pranic Body

Subtle Body

Radiant Body

 If you want to keep a flexible spine, oxygenate your blood and brain, keep your knees, neck, legs and back healthy this one is for you. 

See the exercises chart in this post or see the video demonstration in my magical morning routine here.

Heavily Meditated 1

Giving yourself some time each morning to sit in quiet and meditate can give you room to breathe and be. 

We are often human beings running around doing instead of humans being.

Whether it is just a few minutes of sitting quietly or something deeper like a self worth/image mediation it will be a crucial aspect of a miracle morning routine.

No matter who you are it is always good to work on feelings of self worth. Our self worth is key to optimizing our experience on earth, so that we can operate from a place of humble power.

Do you feel your presence here on earth? What do you think of your presence? Is it the kind of energy you want to put out to the world?

Self worth meditations enhance your ability to create a life you desire. Sometimes without any other change just increasing self worth allows all the good things to start flowing.

 I alternate between self worth meditations and inner child nurturing meditations.

These two meditations are key for integrating toward wholeness and a powerful presence so that you are aligned with the grace and miracles of life.

Self worth allows us to allow in all the miracles we may have been holding from ourselves due to not believing in our own selves. 

Our inner child can not be ignored. It must be acknowledged, seen and heard in order for our whole self to move forward from a place of harmony.

If we have parts of the self that have fragmented off it will be challenging to have a miracle morning. 

Our mind will pull us into self sabotaging experiences until we learn this fundamental truth.

We must look at our self worth, self image and our inner child energy to fully show up in wholeness.

Other meditation ideas are simply remember the truth of who you really are, sitting in the stillness and allowing your thoughts to come and go focused on awareness.

Things that trigger us can also be reflected on during quiet meditation. I love to use chakra sound healing and soul songs which you can learn more about in my Emotional Freedom Course here.

Visualization & Feeling States

In both of the sets I shared above there is time at the beginning and end for some meditation time. But another key aspect to utilize in these Amrit Vela hours is to really feel and visualize your desired outcome.

Playing subliminals and writing while feeling deeply the desire is here will help anchor things into this plane of existence or move you into that timeline.

Once you clear your energy and perform adjustments it is much easier to write out goals in the present tense like you already achieved it.

Add in music that invokes feeling.

Fasting for a Miracle Morning Routine

First thing in the morning you are in a fasted state from whenever you stopped eating the day before. Intermittent fasting helps repair our cells, improve insulin resistance and build resistance to disease and rapid aging. 

If you can continue to go several more hours without eating perhaps sticking with a keto tea or elixir you will delay a spike in glucose which will help your brain power and the health of your cells.

Tech Devices & Your Best Morning Routine

A miracle morning has everything to do with Soul power, Consciousness expansion and your own innate wisdom connection with the heavens and the earth. 

Interrupting this energy flow with endless scrolling or doom and gloom media is not going to sharpen your skills to become a super conductor of the divine.

If you want to develop your super powers and have a miracle morning my suggestion is to wait to turn on your phone for several hours after you have done the activities above. 

You will have much more power and peace and will not be easily swayed into feelings and emotions that come from triggers. 

If you have meditations or music you like to use on one of your devices download it to your cloud so that you can use it offline.


Heaven & Earth Morning Mission

One key piece of advice is to do as much of your miracle morning routine outdoors. Spending time outdoors while harnessing the heaven and earth energy is key. 

Grounding your body to the earth in a garden and opening up to the heavens, building the chi from these natural energies will create magic and miracle within your being. 

Perhaps the above practices don’t interest you. We are energy beings first and foremost so I believe we must cultivate that energy to keep it clean, clear and strong if we want to live with Radiance and Purpose.

I know these practices to be incredibly powerful to achieve very specific benefits like 

Enhanced Inner Power

Cultivate Human Potential

Radiant Body

Increased Soul Power

Connection to that which created you

Better Health

Purposeful Life

However simply walking early in the morning as the sun rises in appreciation connecting with the heavens and the earth is powerful in and of itself.

Do what works for your unique blue print.

Recap Miracle Morning Routine

Deep down you know your own miracle morning routine.

This is a template for what has worked for me.

Yours may include more writing, study or some other form of movement. The key factors are:

  • Reverence/Prayer
  • Gratitude
  • Movement
  • Meditation
  • Hydration
  • Physical & Energetic Cleansing
  • Fasting
  • Chi flow 
  • Energetic and Physical Adjustment

May this inspire you to create your best morning routine so that you can build your radiance and be a super conductor of the divine.

Awakening early to imbibe the rich nectar of this time in a calm and patient pace creates more of that in your life.

So go and create a miracle morning and if you are interested to get the whole protocol with video illustration you can grab it here.

Let me know in the comments how you get on!

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