Sprouted Pumpkin Seed Soup


Sprouted Pumpkin Seed BUtter

Dulse Pieces


Spring Water


Red Bell Pepper

Red Onion

Premier Pink Salt or Icelandic Salt

Red Jalapeno Pepper

Fresh Piece of Cayenne Pepper

PRL Tomato Concentrate (Available on the Shop)

Homemade Cultured Veggies

Dandelion Greens



In Vitamix Blender:  2 Heaping TBS Sprouted Pumpkin Seed Butter Handful Dulse Pieces 1 squeeze fresh og lemon juice 2 cups spring water 3 stalks of og celery 1 really ripe og red bell pepper 1/4 cup og red onion Pinch Pink Salt 1/2 a red og jalapeno pepper or fresh cayenne pepper . to make Super Nutrient Rich add 1 tbs. Premier Tomato Concentrate. Blend, top w/ cultured veggies and sprigs of wild foraged dandelion greens. Enjoy with Great Company!