Top Ten Favorite Things To Do In Dodhisattva’s Sacred Backyard

  1. Gratitude for the Miracle of LIFE.

    Sacred Backyard ART
    Sacred Backyard ART
  2. Affirm each morning our love and approval of thy self. ~ This allows us the opportunity to create internal abundance which then brings external abundance. It also attracts love in our external world. When we love ourselves and create self worth we can then receive respect from others.  Let go and FORGIVE yourself and others. Smile and Laugh often.
  3. Meditate ~ We like to meditate in different ways in order to experience the ever present stillness of our true identity. This then flows into our day to day experience and it feels really good.
  4. Yoga ~ All different forms of yoga especially Kundalini and Vinyasa. The Kundalini really allows us to feel the radiance of our true essence and the Vinyasa brings strength and power to our bodies while aligning our spines and strengthening our muscles and skeletal system.
  5. Drink 32 ounces of Pristine Water first thing in the morning and/or make a fresh pressed Green juice with plenty of Habanero and wild Dark Greens to build new blood and clean the blood from viruses, fungus, yeast and bacteria. Parasites do not enjoy spice! Besides juicing is a form of enzyme therapy baby. Get JUICY.
  6. Rebound and Get Moving. Whether it be walking, running, rebounding, dancing or some form of strength training it is essential to stimulate the lymphatic system and get the fluid moving.
  7. Take a hot/cold shower in either spring water or filtered water. The tap water today is extremely radioactive, toxic and NOT acceptable. Hot/Cold therapy is key to improving the adrenal glands, the youthful tone of one’s skin and is an overall health strategy.

  8. Massage and/or Body work~ at our best we either give self massages with a tool called a rumble roller which breaks up fibrotic tissue and restores the soft tissue or we go get a thai massage. Body work is a fundamental tool to releasing stored blockages, emotional challenges and other traumas.
  9. Stretch ~ Our bodies are living, breathing organisms that require stretch daily. Acquire a yoga swing or just learn to stretch without tools. It allows us to become more flexible in our minds.
  10. Ground on the earth barefoot or get out in nature.