Organic, Raw, Vegan, Brazil Nut, Coconut Yogurt

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Brazil Nut Coconut Yogurt

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Organic, Raw, Vegan, Brazil Nut, Coconut Yogurt

Today in the Ital Kitchen I am making Coconut, Brazil Nut Yogurt:) Three Cheers for homemade, nutrient rich yogurt. This is completely vegan, yet as creamy as your favorite dairy yogurt. I will explain why I culture this yogurt and why I am using the ingredients I do for your health in mind/heart.
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BENEFITS of this yogurt:


    • It is cultured. This is one of the healthiest foods for the gut. When we eat this type of ferment we allow for the good bacteria in our gut to flourish. We feed the good guys and in return we get awesome digestion, glowing skin and nutrients get absorbed easier.


    • Brazil Nuts are the king of nuts. They have trace minerals like Selenium and Zinc. Do you know how many people are deficient in Selenium and Zinc? Alot! It also is rich in iron. Selenium has been known to help convert T4 to T3 hormone for healthy thyroid function. Zinc is a key player in hair health and so is iron. Iron also keeps us free of anemia, especially important for women and gives us energy/strength. Brazil nuts give us protein and because we soak them, we remove the enzyme inhibitors for easier digestion.


    • But we take it even further by culturing the nuts and coconut we now have an even easier time digesting and all nutrients are easily absorbed even in those with gut issues. The probiotics break down the fats into fatty acids for healthy skin and lubricated joints, the proteins into amino acids to rebuild you and keep you fit and the carbohydrates into energy. Wow! Now we are talking about a super food to write home about.


    • Cleansing & Rebuilding Foods. This is b/c of the probiotics and fermentation that this makes the nutrients bio-available to re-build the body and provide immune support. Beyond that it tastes phenomenal! And who doesn’t want healthy food that tastes amazing too?:)
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    Intro Coconut Yogurt

    I first learned how to make coconut yogurt many years ago while living in Southern California.

    I was surrounded by great teachers, health events and with a real desire to learn the deeper secrets of health. 

    Donna Gates was one of the first people I learned coconut yogurt recipes from.

    Keep in mind store bought coconut yogurt will not have much on your own homemade coconut yogurt.

    You can do so much more to make it a medicinal superfood when you control the culture.

    Healthy yogurt with belly and nuts

    Coconut Yogurt Benefits

    Making your own brazil nut coconut yogurt takes a little bit of prep but in the result is a yogurt you can use in many ways and give your body health and a tasty treat too.

    • Brazil Nuts are the king of the nuts.
      They have trace minerals like Selenium, Iron and Zinc.
      Do you know how many people are deficient in Selenium and Zinc?

      Many people do not get these minerals and just a few brazil nuts a day can give you all the selenium you require to make sure your thyroid is working well.

      Selenium has been known to help convert T4 to T3 hormone for healthy thyroid function.

       Zinc is a key player in hair health and so is iron. Zinc is important to regulate our immune system to fight off viruses.

      Iron also keeps us free of anemia, especially important for women and gives us energy/strength. It can also play a role in keeping the hair on your head.

      Brazil nuts give us protein when they are prepared properly. Which we will get to later in this post.
    • Brazil nut Coconut yogurt is brimming with healthy microbes to keep your gut happy and immune system strong.

    • It can aid in digesting your food

    • It can help you better absorb nutrients from your food

    • It is a cleansing and rebuilding food – because of the way we prepare it it will be rich in enzymes to clean up our system while building since our body will easily be able to absorb its nutrients.

    Tools To make Brazil Nut Coconut Yogurt

    • 2 organic young thai coconuts with the water
    • 2 tsp probiotic powder
    • 1 cup organic raw brazil nuts
    • 4 Tablespoons Tocotreniols
    • Medium size Kitchen Net Strainer
    • Clean Glass Mason Jars with Screen lid
    • Optional: An Instant Pot to make coconut yogurt to control the temperature perfectly for the friendly microbes to be more precise and powerful.
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    Brazil Nut Coconut Yogurt Recipe

    Soak your Brazil nuts for 8 hours to remove enzyme inhibitors. You can rinse the nuts every few hours and add in fresh water. This is an extra step that will make the yogurt more bio-available. 

    If you are short on time or forget this step the culturing of the yogurt will help to break down the anti-nutrients. Get in a habit of soaking your nuts though.

    When they are ready proceed to crack open your Thai coconuts with a cleaver knife and strain out the water into a mason jar.

    If you are using frozen coconut meat then you can use bottled coconut water. We use the sweet water in order to feed the healthy microbes. 

    Place the coconut meat into a vitamix blender

    Without a vitamix it is pretty hard to get it rich and creamy. 

    Add in the soaked brazil nuts, probiotic powder, tocotrienols and just enough coconut water for the mixture to catch and create a creamy smooth yogurt. Add more water as needed.

    The tocotrienols add nutrition and a creamy texture you will not find in the regular grocery store. This one actually has plant amino acids that are going to help build hair, skin and bones.

    Next you will strain it through a mesh strainer with a spatula to get it extra creamy. Don’t skip this step if you want your yogurt to be super smooth.

    Then put in a clean, glass container with a lid on it with a little air coming through and allow it to culture over night.

    If it is really hot out it will only take a few hours. It will start to bubble and needs to then be sealed in put in the refrigerator.

    For a precise and perfect yogurt get an instant pot and use the Sous Vide setting. Set it to about 104 and allow to culture for up to 36 hours. You will take it next level to a more medicinal yogurt with a precise incubation like this.



    coconut yogurt

    Recap Brazil Coconut Yogurt

    Add more medicinal value to your home made coconut yogurt with brazil nuts. Add in selenium and zinc to help support your thyroid and immune system.

    Home made yogurt will create a more potent and healing yogurt than a store bought yogurt. It will be brimming with the healthy bacteria your gut needs to thrive.

    Adding in the special tocotrienols mentioned in this post will take the yogurt to an upgraded level to add life force, flavor and an creaminess you will love.

    Learn more about eating this way in my recipe nutrition video course and make amazing coconut yogurt recipes and much much more.

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