Organic, Raw, Vegan, Brazil Nut, Coconut Yogurt

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A recipe for you!
Today in the Ital Kitchen I am making Coconut, Brazil Nut Yogurt:) Three Cheers for homemade, nutrient rich yogurt. This is completely vegan, yet as creamy as your favorite dairy yogurt. I will explain why I culture this yogurt and why I am using the ingredients I do for your health in mind/heart.

So what will we need:

2 organic young thai coconuts with the water
1 cup organic raw brazil nuts (soaked in clean water at least 3 hours)
4 Tablespoons of Tocotreniols (Optional but super nutrient rich for skin and hair health)
Medium size Kitchen Net Strainer
Clean Glass Mason Jars with Screen lid or other netting for the top when culturing
Cleaver Knife to open coconuts (inexpensive at Asian Markets)
Vitamix Blender or other high speed blender

First let’s open up the Thai Coconuts with the Cleaver. Strain the water into a clean, glass jar. Reserve for blending. Next, we want to get the meat out of the shell. I use a coconut buddy tool (it’s basically a flimsy cake icing spreader), you could use the back of a spoon if you don’t have one.

In the base of the clean blender add 1/2 cup of Brazil nuts and the meat of 1 coconut. Now add just enough coconut water to blend. Cream this well and then gently pour in the Tocotreniols. Next pour in half the Probiotics. Cream this on low speed to not disrupt the friendly microbes. Now you want to strain this mixture thru a net in case any coconut shell or gritty fibers from brazil nuts are present. Simply seive thru a strainer with the coconut buddy or spatula. Next do another round of this mixture in the blender with the remaining coconut meat, as much brazil nut as you like (i prefer it to be more “coconutty”) so I go for it with the coconuts. Also be sure you get the vortex effect with the blender, this ensures proper consistency of the yogurt..which is key.

Brazil, Coconut Yogurt Culturing on the Exaclibur Dehydrator @ 105Degrees
Brazil, Coconut Yogurt Culturing on the Exaclibur Dehydrator @ 105Degrees

Next turn the dehydrator on at 105 degrees. Pour into clean Mason Jars with screen lids or a lid that is not sealed on top of jars. Leave about 3 inches for the yogurt to expand. If you don’t have a dehydrator no worries, keep on a stove/heating pad at a super low temp or if it’s summer time and about 80 degrees your good! The whole thing is you want it to stay a consistent temp for 4-6 hours depending on the particular batch. You will know when it is done by the fact the yogurt will grow a bit in size/expands and/or there will be a slight tang to the yogurt.

Enjoy this by adding your favorite berries, making a homemade dressing by adding your favorite herbs and spices or create a smoothie and add this into it for texture and nutrition.

BENEFITS of this yogurt:

1. It is cultured. This is one of the healthiest foods for the gut. When we eat this type of ferment we allow for the good bacteria in our gut to flourish. We feed the good guys and in return we get awesome digestion, glowing skin and nutrients get absorbed easier. Fresh Brazil Nuts

2. Brazil Nuts are the king of nuts. They have trace minerals like Selenium and Zinc. Do you know how many people are deficient in Selenium and Zinc? Alot! It also is rich in iron. Selenium has been known to help convert T4 to T3 hormone for healthy thyroid function. Zinc is a key player in hair health and so is iron. Iron also keeps us free of anemia, especially important for women and gives us energy/strength. Brazil nuts give us protein and because we soak them, we remove the enzyme inhibitors for easier digestion.

3. But we take it even further by culturing the nuts and coconut we now have an even easier time digesting and all nutrients are easily absorbed even in those with gut issues. The probiotics break down the fats into fatty acids for healthy skin and lubricated joints, the proteins into amino acids to rebuild you and keep you fit and the carbohydrates into energy. Wow! Now we are talking about a super food to write home about.

4. Cleansing & Rebuilding Foods. This is b/c of the probiotics and fermentation that this makes the nutrients bio-available to re-build the body and provide immune support. Beyond that it tastes phenomenal! And who doesn’t want healthy food that tastes amazing too?:)

Now that we have this food readily available in our refrigerator we can use it for blended soups, smoothies, dressings and to eat with our favorite berries.

Enjoy and comment below or ask any questions. Thanks for stopping by the Ital Kitchen.

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