How Does Kundalini Yoga Empower Your MultiDimensional Self?

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Kundalini Yoga was created to assist souls on the path through life.

When I think about what exercise program really gives me that lift or edge to face the day it would have to be the Kundalini Yoga Set: Awakening The Ten Bodies.kundalini yoga

Through this amazing set I have found I feel more whole and complete on many levels.

Not only does it cleanse, strengthen and open us up but it also soothes the nervous system.

A key to owning your multi-dimensional reality.

This is due to the fact it acknowledges your Ten Bodies, not just the physical body.

What then happens is you have more access to the multi-dimensional reality that was here waiting for you and it becomes a more familiar way of being.

It is like life takes on a new consciousness, because it does!

You begin to wake up to see more than the 3D ego driven world.

Being your authentic self feels more comfortable.

I have mentioned this set in past posts, but like I said it really is the staple or foundational piece to a great exercise program.

This set tires out the ego. Our ego’s are very important to our existence but at times they try to protect us when there is nothing to fear.

Especially if they are operating from past programs or traumas.

Kundalini Yoga Can Exhaust Your Ego in a Very Good Way

What happens in some of the exercises within the Awaken the Ten Bodies set is it wears out the ego and puts you in a space of natural surrender.

The exercises also strengthen, open and lift the heart.

This is huge because it opens up the higher centers in us instead of operating only from the lower centers.

Here is a link to one of my posts that shares more about the Ten Bodies.

On a physical level you are indeed getting a physical work out and a lymphatic cleanse but combined with that you are tuning your other bodies so that you live and speak from your heart.

It is truly miraculous!

But you actually have to do it and it is not easy for a beginner, it really challenges your nervous system but it is well worth it!

It is not like typical exercise so those that think they are buff from weight lifting may even be challenged.

This is working subtle levels of your being.

The first exercise is called stretch pose. Stretch pose will help to strengthen your navel center.

This center is a power point. It can work for or against you in life depending on how integrated it is.

If you don’t set it each day it is likely someone else will set it for you! Meaning if you are not centered in yourself someone could easily trigger you.

Stretch pose is a challenge as it really works your physical body, but it is tuning your nervous system which is the key to your multi-dimensional reality. When the nervous system knows how to chill and relax you can see into new realities.

If you have a strong nervous system and opened heart you are not as easily triggered, you can live and see beyond the pain. You operate more from compassion.

The main stream world is living on hyper mode. Videos, programs, billboards and television and news you may watch, may not be helping to support your nervous system.

It’s good to check in and ask yourself, “is this ultimately soothing my nervous system?” If not you might consider leaving it behind and focusing on content that soothes and strengthen it.

Once we have watched enough self help videos or read books about the subject it’s time to take some action and find a practice that helps put things into action. You might find this set really helpful. Or you might find a guided meditation can help as well.

The relaxation parts in the set are just as important as the physical work you do because in deep relaxation you are strengthening the parasympathetic nervous system which is fried in most people.

The anxiety levels today and the stress of life has gotten out of hand for many and their nervous system is on speed mode. The breath is not a slow, deep pace but instead shallow and short.

What I also love about this set is you practice breath of fire which helps to bring oxygen to your brain and extremities.

When you do this right and then meditate it really puts you in the neutral mind and you can just sit in the conch of your third eye and be in the middle of it all.

So here is the link for the Awaken The Ten Bodies Series.

In time I hope to record my own video of this to help you through the set. Start with 1 minute for each exercise, then work up to 3 minutes each.

To me this is the key exercise program as we move into 2020.

To really up level ourselves and move into a multi-dimensional state of being there has to be awareness of all our bodies. Each person has to find what resonates with them, for some it is the 5 Tibetan Rites, for some it is rock climbing.

Whatever gets you there, go for it! “Just send it,” as my nephew likes to say… which means – Just go for it!

Thank God for a niece and nephew that keep me up to date on lingo lol.

Feel free to let me know how this works out for you in the comments below or if you’d like to share what exercise really assists you in your Awakening share it as well.

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