Tantric Numerology & The Ten Bodies of Consciousness

Tantric Numerology is an ancient science that was brought to the west by Yogi Bhajan. Yogi Bhajan was a master of Kundalini Yoga & White Tantric Yoga here in the United States.

My Kundalini Yoga teacher Ram Dass Bir Sing Khalsa was one of Yogi Bhajan’s students. He has been working with Tantric Numerology for around 28 years! Because of him I have access to this profound technology and am thankful for the opportunity to share it with you.

It is powerful information and I will give a brief innerstanding of what it represents.

Let’s first go over the Ten Bodies of Consciousness. These are the energy bodies that are a part of us. We are beyond just our physical body, science has proven this. In tantric Numerology 11 numbers are utilized, 11 being the command center. Each of these numbers has a significant meaning to you and your life. It will give you access to whom you were in a past life too, whether it was an entertainer, shaman, healer, king or queen etc.

To provide insight and guidance you can utilize this technology to gather information about your characteristics.

An Ancient Technology

We utilize our Birthday to mathematically solve each of our numbers and how they correspond to the Ten Bodies and the Command Center.

There are in essence 5 characteristics that describe who we are.

Soul- This represents our inward challenge. This number is the connection to inner peace. It is the chain link to the soul and is the soil or foundation in our lives.

Karma- This is our outward challenge and represents the outward conflict we may have with the world. This is important to master in this life in order to over come conlfict.

Gift- Our gift is just as it sounds! It is what the Creator has gifted us with in this lifetime. We must be able to accept in order to receive this gift. I like to think of this as a super power. Each of us is given one.

Destiny- Our Destiny is what we have been working on for many, many lifetimes. This is a strength we can utilize to overcome the other areas of our lives.

Path- For each of us to be fulfilled in this life time we must be living our path. This is where we experience great joy, inner peace and love for this life.

There is so much more information to share on this subject. Each of the Ten Bodies could be described in length but for this article I am just going to list them below.

The Soul Body

The Negative Mental Body

The Positive Mental Body

The Neutral Mental Body

The Physical Body

The ARC Body

The Aura

The Pranic Body

The Subtle Body

The RADIANT body

All Ten Bodies which is the number of 11.

For anyone whom is interested in having me decode their Tantric numbers and give a description of their characteristics I am happy to do so. Please go to products/services page.

I have assisted some of my closest friends and family by decoding their numbers. It has given them connection to whom they really are and insight into their strengths and what challenges they have an opportunity to over come.

In a nutshell Tantric Numerology Illuminates the Soul, the very essence of our being. When the soul is nourished the physical body will thrive!