How to Overcome Triggers


It is likely you’ve been triggered, but how do you overcome triggers in life?

Life is full of people, places, things and scenarios that trigger us in different ways.

Sometimes we are reminded of a past event just by the smell in the air or a familiar sound, or a person who looks like someone we know or knew.

What about being triggered in a seemingly negative way?

Someone neglects to ask you how you are doing, or how your family is but yet they talk or share things only about their life and their needs.

This could trigger you into a slew of negative emotions and thoughts about yourself and others.

Instead of getting angry (although each emotion is valid… and we have a right to feel emotions), what could we do to learn, grow and evolve in the situation?

Is a negative spiral going to serve you best to create health, abundance and happiness in your life? YOU must make that decision.

The key is each person has a free will choice.

With so much judgement in the world I find it interesting how people feel they have it “all figured out” and especially for others!

The truth is we don’t have it all figured out and no one knows each person’s individual experience.

How could you really know what someone is going through unless you lived their life?

Stop trying to figure out someone else’s life and focus on your own. Support other people, and have compassion if they share something with you about their life. We are each doing the very best we can with our current state of consciousness.

One thing we might do is to start cultivating an attitude and awareness of compassion and self-love.

The more we cultivate this the more we can offer it to others from a sincere place.

Each person, place or thing is actually there to help you, to serve you. The mantra of this universe is “Everything Always Works Out.’

Our universe is a benevolent one.

So even though someone’s actions feel greedy, needy or self-fulfilling, can you say this to them verbally or silently in your heart of hearts?…

“Thank You For Helping Me.”

Can you say this with full faith and trust that the Source has your back, that they are indeed helping you in some way?

That this happened for a reason to make you better, stronger or wiser because of it?

Let people be who they are. You don’t need to change anyone but your own perception to cultivate peace and harmony and abundance in your own life.

Maybe you do not understand exactly how they are helping you but let me give you some ideas.

If someone only seems to care about themselves or their own experiences never asking you about you, you could be thankful they helped you to see how painful it is to not be acknowledged or seen.

You could then make sure to always ask others how they are, how their loved ones are; you could start to do the opposite of what others may have done to you that hurt you.

To not do unto others the painful things that have been done to you is a sign of profound growth, wisdom and evolution.

The universe sees you and knows what you are up to, you will be given support.

Be aware. Be the highest version of yourself so you can graduate this life-time.

Let others be free to be themselves.

Love yourself more, not less.

Love is the only way to clear the energy.

Let others feel or say what they want, give yourself love and acceptance just as your Source does.

Invest more time with the Source than others until you make clear boundaries and decisions of who you want in your life.

We all make mistakes but at some point we have to take responsibility for our actions and start trusting more in the innate grace of the universe, that it truly holds us and cares for us.

“Thank You for Helping Me” to know how much pain I can handle, Thank you for helping me feel what it feels like to be judged, criticized and condemned so that I may know compassion on a deeper level.

Thank you for helping me to see the type of people I really want in my life. Thank you for being selfish so I may learn selflessness.

Share some examples in the comments and start to meditate on forgiveness, compassion and love more.

When you forgive someone else you cultivate more self-love; you do yourself a favor by not pouring acid onto your own heart and soul. No one is perfect, but many are great judgers of others.

“Judge not before you judge yourself.” – Robert Nesta Marley

If it’s challenging to forgive and let go just first start by feeling that you live in a benevolent universe, that the universe truly has your back and start to see the clues and signs.

Your perception of the world changes all things. For perspective is the only thing that changes.

These deep wounds and hurts help us to cultivate more sensitivity, humility and love.

Ultimately, that which is not supporting your highest good will fall away. If people exit your life it’s for a divine reason.

Let it go. Allow grace to flow. Let newness come forth.

Clean your body out, the liver is  a place that can store anger, resentment and judgement.

Clean out your liver with bitter herbs and give your body the respect it deserves. So be that.

Overcoming your triggers comes down to overcoming yourself…the ego construct that tries to protect itself. Look at the word “Overcome”….Over Come Me.  Live in faith instead of fear. Cultivate compassion on a daily basis.

Wake up each morning and thank the universe and all around you for helping you. What will you give back to the world in return?

Thank you for helping me.

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