How Fasting Benefits the Soul and Spirit

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Have you ever wondered how fasting benefits the soul? Most of us are familiar with fasting on some level.

Many people today are into intermittent fasting and certain types of specific fasts.

Whether it be water, green juice or some other version it has become known in the general health community as a way to cleanse.

Even social media fasts are now on the rise as we see so much addiction around technology.

But it is easier said than done because the addiction is so intense for so many.

We have become a society of robots as we sit with loved ones at a meal but instead reach for our phone to check the latest update or notification.

Fasting Benefits the Soul on a Deep Level

Spiritual fasting is an upgrade for Souls on a purpose driven life.

The word Dharma is a Sanskrit term for right order.

It can also be transcribed to mean purpose or mission.

When we are aligned with our True Self, grace moves us into alignment with our unique right order and time line that supports our Dharma.

A spiritual fast is where you are focused on your essence and you have a deeper interest in living out a purpose or mission in this lifetime.

You take time to thoughtfully prepare your juices, bless your juices, you take time to meditate, you take time to expand your consciousness and do the inner work.

Typically you are lead by someone that has been liberated or a Spiritual Elder on that trajectory to guide you and hold the energy.

You then have the opportunity to clear some of your karma during the fast.

Juice Fasting Concerns

Juice fasting has become some what mainstream in the health community but are we doing more harm than good?

What I mean is many hit the high sugar fruits and are concentrating these sugars when juiced.

It is suggested by masters that have done this for decades to consume only organic green vegetable juices diluted by 50% with clean water.

Other concerns are for those that have an underlying health condition. These individuals should consult with a health practitioner before embarking on a fast. Especially diabetics as they would need to be monitored.

Check out this resource on fasting and diabetes. And check out my top tools for fasting here.

How Long to Fast and Supplements

The other thing is the length of time we do this and what supplements/tools we use to help detoxify make a big difference in the safety of this type of cleanse.

For most of us a 7 day fast several times a year can be a great way to improve our health over a lifetime.

This truly helps the body heal itself and gives your pancreas a much needed rest from the highs and lows of blood sugar imbalances.

It becomes an opportunity to reset the body on every level and give all organs and your digestive system a break.

The body can scavenge for dead and dying cells and discard them.

We can also add in a homemade vegetable broth well strained for the evening meal.

Yes the spiritual fast does effect the physical body on a deep level.

In fact it is the opportune time to get a hold of the physical body and allow your Spirit to guide you instead of your Ego. 

The Ego is an important aspect of ourselves but we can not be solely lead in life by ego or our trajectory can lead to more karma.

The body houses the Soul and needs to be in a healthy state for our Spirit to truly shine in a peaceful and powerful way.

clear kharma

Spiritual Benefits to Fasting

In a spiritual fast with a real leader you have the opportunity to clean up and dissolve some of your karma.

This helps move you toward your soul powers and mission almost effortlessly.

Well almost, of course the effort it takes to do the 9 day spiritual fast from start to finish takes something. But if you are out of the mud enough this is something you willingly do because you can feel it deep in your being.

Life is not what we think it to be.

There is an invisible Super Natural world that is there for us to access but we must humble ourselves and allow grace into us and our lives.

Spiritual fasting allows this doorway to open to us and you may find yourself effortlessly moving towards the things you know are your true calling and help the whole.

Perhaps your creativity will be sparked and naturally you will feel compelled to do certain things.

This is what Grace looks and feels like.

Life moves fast and if we take the time bi-yearly to spiritual fast with our chosen community we upgrade our physical, spiritual, emotional bodies.

We move into more grace and gain more soul power.

Our glow coats as I mention throughout my site becomes stronger and we radiate that light into the world.

“So let your light so shine before men so they may see your great works and glorify your Father which is in Heaven”. (From Matthew 5:16).

For a free mini course on connecting to your True Self & Knowing Your Worth you can get it here: Free mini course on knowing your worth.

Self Healing

The only way out of this matrix is to go within.

The truth is to move through different stages of your life in a more wise way a spiritual fast can be a huge catalyst. The spiritual fast is not for the faint of heart and it takes courage to be a true warrior!

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