How Karma Effects Your Life Outcomes for Better or Worse.


The other day I was visiting my favorite street called River Avenue reflecting on how karma effects your life outcomes.

In the summer time the road is full of deep green billowing trees creating a natural canopy from the sun’s heat allowing rays of light to shine through, while wild fennel plants and a wild rose bush enliven the road.

The horsetail grows along the river side and sometimes if I am super tuned or need some guidance the Great Blue Heron comes for a visit.

So what is Karma?

Karma is the law of cause and effect and it could be that past lives dictate our karma in this life.

We also see life through the lens of karmic filters from how we were raised, through our cultural upbringing and programming we each have accumulated.

Not all karma is necessarily bad but typically karma naturally feels like a block you need to override to get to your dharmic life.

What is Dharma?

Our dharma is “to live in the right way”. It is aligned with purpose and spiritual order where our actions are aligned with the Source and your Soul.

When our actions no longer create karma we are living in dharma.

It is basically your own hero’s journey through your life.

It helps you evolve as a Soul through initiations to emerge as the hero or heroine of your own life movie. Living by this code one can be liberated.

A Sovereign Soul on a Journey.

More on how Karma Effects Your Life and Spiritual Outcomes

I often talk about your Spiritual Glow Coat a term stemming back from the wise words of Carlos Castaneda.

If we are always cloaking our true identity with karmic patterns the glow coat of the soul will remain dusty and hidden.

Until we clean up the patterns, the beliefs, personal trauma, stories and perhaps physical and emotional layers of programming we can feel “stuck”.

On that day as I approached the river there was a man in a black truck whizzing by smoking a cigarette.

It is the early morning hours of summer that I like to go out before it gets to scorching hot.

At this time of day the air is rich with terpenes and the river babbles and whispers messages of insight, wisdom and flow.

karma effects your life outcome

Practical Example

When I saw the man do this I thought of the laws of karma and the things we do that numb us in order to stay comfortable instead of growing.

This is a great example of how karma effects your life.

I was contemplating a liver gallbladder flush in my mind and getting ready mentally for that detoxification process.

The things I would have to get at the store, how to prepare myself physically and mentally etc.

This is an example of my karma leading to dharma in action.

When the intellect is strong from stillness and churning our right way to live we can make better decisions.

I like to spiritual fast a couple times of year, and do liver flushing and deeper targeted cleanses.

For me it feels as I am living in the “right way” when I do this kind of thing.

This is an indicator of my dharma.

We know inside ourselves through a deeper gut feeling.

When I saw him blow smoke out of his mouth it was as if his very spirit left his body.

I remember with the spiritual eye seeing apart of his Soul escape from his body.

It was as if the soul did not feel comfortable fully inhabiting the body for the person had let the addictions fully take over as he was numbing himself from his pain instead of owning his wounds and working through his karma and life lessons we are all presented.

Every man thinks his burden is the heaviest  ~ Robert Marley

My Personal Story of Karma and Dharma

I felt deep compassion for the man and he actually inspired me in that very moment to instead of contemplate anymore doing my liver flush, just go for it.

I had been putting it off this year as I really do not like drinking oil.

For those that are not aware most liver flushes involve drinking oil. Yuck.

I am not a big oil fan in general no matter how raw, ice pressed, cold pressed or artisan it might be.

Over time I have learned my body prefers whole food fats like avocado, whole cured olives or whole coconut.

Any how it led me to start working on my liver flush course to serve others and go through a week of cleansing my own body to remove accumulated waste from my liver.

I remember my first liver flush over a decade ago and the feeling of clarity I felt the day after the flush.

It was a feeling of radiant health as I sat in the backyard feeling solid and free.

I knew I wanted to feel that feeling and then help others achieve the same.

Deeper Spiritual Insight of Karma and Life Outcomes

This moment at the river led me to visualize the drawing you see in this post. 

The drawing symbolizes that aspect of myself that may want to go the easy route and numb out instead of fully embracing all aspects of the self and having the courage to go through the experience and come out the other side more whole and complete.  

After all this is merely a stage where we play out our part.

When we have a deep experience of this it is much easier to act.

We act as crystals charging one another or at times triggering one another.

But in that trigger is likely a lesson for your own spiritual growth. It is through deeper introspection that we can align with dharma.

When we learn to feel instead of numb ourselves and face ourselves in meditation we can move through karma into dharma.

One of the virtues of the Soul is that of courage.

It takes courage to over come or face certain aspects of our lives so we can live our highest truth.

But these are initiations at some point we must all face.

This is indeed a school of learning and we each have our karma to face.

To come into your True Self and embrace it all the seeming good and bad with Soul Remembrance is the real Self Mastery of this life.

We each have a role to play in this stage of life.

Each person in our movie can give us insights or clues, no matter who or what they are.

Whether someone seems like the villain in our movie or triggers us in some way they are here to play that role.

It doesn’t mean we sit back and take abuse but it helps to know they have a role to play in this life movie.

But it can be challenging to go through these moments without conscious awareness or powering ourselves up with the Supreme Soul’s energy.

This is how we truly make it through this world of illusion and harness a stable secure existence.

The security comes from a non physical space we have within ourselves.

It is then we can achieve our goals with mastery and come into our most highest visions of ourselves.

Check out my mini course on true security here: Overcome insecurity and lack of self worth a free mini course

In security, in stability and a deeper knowingness of who we really are we reclaim pure power, not the false sense of power that comes from this material world.

Points of Conscious, Points of light, Cosmic Travelers, Souls on a long journey.

We can witness ourselves going through transformation and truly be the detached observer.

It becomes an empowering place to be as we create more space to live from dharma and clean up any karma.

In Conclusion

Our thought, word or deed is aligned with our benevolent best instead of creating conflict that continually has to be amended which in turn creates more karma.

It will look unique for each Soul as we all have our own contracts and initiations.

It is an individual journey yet we can get insights from other Souls along the path.

So what is your Soul telling you to choose now in this moment?

Did this post help you open your spiritual eye to your own right way to live in service to the world?

What beliefs, habits or emotional belief are you willing to let go of to clear the path for your dharma to shine through?

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