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No matter who we are or what our status is in the matrix world we are each called with “the Power to Face,” the obstacles and the situations that impact our life experience.

We all face things to some degree but how do we face them?

Do we face from weakness or strength? Although one that yells or gets angry looks like they are strong, this is the prime example of a weak soul that ultimately is coming from fear.

This type of response leads to personal suffering in some way. Maybe we face things with agitation, frustration, overthinking, jealousy or some other vice.

The power to face is only one piece of the pie.

The Power to Face life’s challenges with grace is where the rubber meets the road, where the real spiritual wisdom comes in.

The Power to FaceGrace comes from a surrendered flow of energy we allow into our life experience.

Grace is a subtle way of coming from the heart in our interactions instead of the ego’s attachments or addictions that stem from our cultural programming.

What about those that don’t face at all?

Running or hiding only prolongs the challenge or adversity because although it looks as if we can run or hide until we go through the challenge it will continue to appear in our life for a reason.

As Bob Marley says, “Your running and your running and you’re running away, but you can’t run away from yourself.”

We each came here to experience specific Spiritual lessons as Soul’s on the hero’s journey.

The purpose of life is to graduate from our own Spiritual Soul School, it’s called your life.

The Power to face is the ability confront and resolve internal and external situations.

This power requires faith in who you really are, an observer behind the body and practice in asserting your worth as a Soul as well as strengthening your connection to the Great One Beyond.

The 5 Vices & A Process in the Power to Face

Fear, Lust, Greed, Anger, Ego, Attachment these are signals we need to take a deep breath, and a step back to check, churn and change.

  • Check where am I coming from? What in The Soul has triggered this reaction? What did I come here to learn in this instance?
  • Churn and contemplate spiritual knowledge and turn it into wisdom. Recognize I am an Immortal Soul on a Long Journey with non attachment. From this awareness I the Soul become empowered and take nourishment from the Supreme Soul.
  • Change or Transform, Surrender the Five vices. Welcome the gift in the situation, a seed of benefit and an opportunity for spiritual growth to advance in the school of life.

A Self Creation

We are all on a journey, the hero’s journey as written by Joseph Campbell.

There is no escape of the things that are in our destiny so with this truth in mind it is important that one takes the time to hone the Power to Face with grace.

This means facing a situation from a stable, steady inner presence in order to see through the artificial narrative and realize you are a Soul going through an exam of sorts.

When we recognize each character in our personal movie, each scene is a self creation somehow the fear subsides or maybe it doesn’t for some.

When we practice non attachment with a loving heart we recognize the power it holds to stabilize us.

We recognize this Soul or Situation in front of me is my brother and is a self created situation.

Now let me sit in my seat of self respect and pass with flying colors.

The fear of taking responsibility for this truth can be eye opening. But once we do embrace it it can indeed be empowering.

If we are the creators of this experience this means we have the internal power to face our shadows and create a more harmonious experience through the journey.

No matter our age or race in the body we are confronted with deep lessons on the spiritual journey from the moment we enter the corporeal world.

And even if we try to live off grid, distance ourselves from the outside world our karma and our destiny will play out no matter what. Running away from the seeming exterior world is a facade as the whole world is you, it is your stage and each person an actor in the movie that you call your life.

Your children, your life partner, your parents, your siblings and friends….

With this understanding we can move into greater Spiritual Awareness of how to face these situations not only with courage and stability but also with grace.

The grace is created once the Soul realizes in each interaction it is the one creating and moving through the world utilizing the body as the instrument for which to do things. To see, taste, hear, move through life’s experience.

Destiny & Karma

Knowing our destiny is programmed into our experience and that our karma will play out and be settled regardless of if we go kicking or screaming we have the opportunity then to allow it to play out with the least amount of drama or attachment as we become the observer to the unfolding that we know is programmed into this life.

With the awareness of our immortality as Soul’s this should lighten up our attachment and over all fear or anxiety about what happens through out our life.

Instead realizing life is about spiritual lessons for each Soul  and has nothing to do with the supporting actors but has everything to do with your state of consciousness and how you either master those interactions or fall prey to the predator of the ego and false self allowing an illusion to control your over all game here.

It has everything to do with recognizing and asking yourself: Who are you? An immortal soul on a long journey.

Then take time to stabilize from this awareness.

The more you focus outside of yourself the more you take your own power away.

But deep down this is about your evolution and your karmic accounts.

Allowing those karmic accounts to play out with the least amount of drama is the best way.

This means a light touch relationship and tools  to clear them which is for another blog post.

The road can be rocky and the road can be one of non attachment, a light heart touch and one of profound mastery.

It is up to us to take the time to see life from that of the witness and grasp that each lesson we are being presented is an opportunity for great assignments we agreed to go through.

The Power to Face comes from a deeper sense of self that only you and the Supreme Soul experience through intimate connection and dialogue.

Discerning Behaviors

Let’s take this example to demonstrate the Power to Face w/ Grace.

When someone is aggressive or even manipulative in your life experience what can you do to face it with poise and self respect as well as love and honor for them?

The energy of aggression is much different than assertion with love.

Slowing down in our interactions taking a deep breath before responding is a way to not react in the same way but to come from stability.

And practicing in our daily life is a great start because the more we do the more it is a fluid graceful experience and not choppy.

The cave you fear to enter holds the treasure you seek.

We are not facing others we are facing our own self or our own inner demons.

Learn to see past the messenger into the message

The mentor in our lives is the Supreme Soul and truly is the only one that can help purify us to the original virtues we as Souls hold inside us.

Remember we each have a unique essence to bring into this world.

Practice loving, detachment with these relations whether a person, place or thing.

Love everyone and watch the fear melt away.

Fill yourself with the love from beyond so you never crave it here. Get your sense of self worth and self respect from the Great Purifier.

When you answer the call to the test in front of you there will be a transformation and it will ripple out into the external world.

It causes more awakening in the global family.

What prevents us from progressing on the journey? One thing is being stuck in the dead past instead of here now ready to face.

You as a Warrior

The hero’s journey is all about becoming a mahavir, a warrior incognito.  A warrior is not just for Hollywood movies it is you when you face your own challenges throughout this cosmic play.

Your responsibility is to follow the guidance you are given, practice, churn the knowledge and recognize your spiritual worth and power with humility.

The situation presenting itself is an opportunity to progress.  Send pure wishes and feelings out and then give yourself pure wishes and good feelings.

When our inner strength is restored by knowledge we can overcome our insecurities.

Acquiring the profound power to face with grace takes spiritual knowledge and spiritual power no human can give that power, it’s from the beyond.

Meditation is key to charge us with that power and the spiritual knowledge helps us have greater stillness in meditation to receive the power.

Faith is not in body, have faith in the intellect that you will remember and bring that into your life, have faith in spirit and faith in supreme.

People come and go but I am the hero of my journey.

When you love everyone including yourself you become fearless then there are no problems.

Spiritual discipline is key otherwise Maya and the predator comes to sabotage our great efforts.

For inspiration check out my Guided Meditation or contact me for personal coaching.

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