Best Heavy Metal Detox For Kids


heavy metal detox for kids requires looking at multiple factors.

Amidst the efforts to provide children with the very best, there exists a silent threat – heavy metal exposure.

These heavy metals can weaken the immune system and deplete essential mineral reserves.

These metals contribute to oxidative stress in the tissues.

From the water children drink and their cell environment to the food they consume and the devices they use, children today are increasingly susceptible to the harmful effects of heavy metals like lead, mercury, and arsenic.

The level of lead in dust, air, soil, and drinking water is on the rise.

These toxic substances, lurking in unexpected places, can wreak havoc on their developing bodies and minds, potentially leading to a myriad of health issues.

Metals in the body are a serious concern if we seek to achieve our very best health.

Our bodies are exposed to heavy metals via air, water, and soil, but also from devices like cellphones and computers, which are commonly full of tungsten, a heavy metal that is of growing concern today.

As concerned parents and caregivers, it’s natural to seek solutions that safeguard our little ones from these unseen dangers. 

That’s why we’ve delved into the realm of natural heavy metal detoxification explicitly tailored for children. 

This guide aims to assist you in making a plant or an intelligent strategy focusing on your day-to-day habits and whole foods that can help clean up your body naturally. 

Knowledge that can help you make informed decisions and take proactive steps toward ensuring your child’s health and vitality.

A heavy metal detox for kids requires an intelligent strategy that only you and your trusted healthcare practitioner should implement.

This post is not intended to diagnose, treat, or cure and should not be construed as medical advice.

Let’s explore safe and natural strategies to make a difference.

Foundational to Any Detox Strategy

Make sure your child has healthy bowel movements and that their kidneys are vital before you intend to do a detox of any sort.

Without healthy and open elimination channels, detoxification will not be pleasant and can be counterproductive.

Fiber-rich fruits, vegetables, and ground flax seeds help with fiber intake and bowel movements.

Ensure 2-3 healthy bowel movements per day.

As mentioned, your child’s kidneys should be healthy and robust to detox. 

It is better to use heavy metal binders that help excrete via the bowels to avoid overburdening the kidneys, which we will discuss later.

You can have your Doctor run blood tests to check how well your child’s kidneys are doing before any heavy metal detox.  

Tests such as BUN or Complete Blood Count will help check kidney function.

The other component is ensuring that their diet provides them with the building blocks to build a strong and healthy body. 

Choose a quality, clean protein that you feel is appropriate, and be sure your diet is full of organic, vibrant colors like whole foods.

Eliminate grains, wheat, and cow dairy unless fermented or from A/2 milk.

It is essential to support the body with ample B Vitamins, especially folate, which is essential for brain health and development.

Lastly, if a child has amalgam fillings, it is essential to speak with a Biological Dentist about their removal before any heavy metal detox for kids.

Amalgam fillings emit dangerous vapors, and if you try to detox while fillings like these are still in, you risk more mercury exposure.

#1 Tip | Heavy Metal Detox For Kids

If there were a critical piece to a heavy metal detox for kids, it would be to ensure they are getting adequate minerals in their diet.

It is a safe and extremely helpful way to encourage the body to dump heavy metals so that minerals can replace them.

Due to the reduction of nutrients in our soil over recent decades, we can only partially rely on mineral-rich foods from grocery stores.

Certified Organic produce, while a definite step up from conventional produce, fails to ensure it is mineral-rich.

These factors have all played a role in mineral-deficient soil across the board:

  • Loss of Biodiversity
  • Monoculture Farming
  • Chemical Fertilizers
  • Industrial Farming Practices

When your child’s body has plenty of minerals, it helps to push out toxic heavy metals. When your body has adequate minerals, it can function how it is designed.

It will naturally begin to eliminate that, not serving it like heavy metals.

So, the #1 tip to a heavy metal detox for kids is to get minerals into their diet.

How can we do this if the food is void of crucial minerals?

You can look to quality sources like Vital Earth Humic Minerals

Vitamins and minerals are vital to any heavy metal chelation protocol.

Humic Minerals have multiple health benefits.

They work as a prebiotic, help with digestion, and allow the innate immune system to work correctly.

Humic minerals help the body to detoxify and support its natural healing abilities.

These specific humic minerals are extracted from ancient freshwater plant matter.

The other type of minerals to consider are sea minerals like Quinton.

You can find them on Amazon here.

 These are purified sea minerals that mimic our blood plasma.

It is cold sterilized to maintain its nutrient depth.

 It contains  78 essential minerals and trace elements crucial for cellular health. It is a bioavailable solution to the cell wall that rejuvenates the body by providing the same mineral-rich essence that has nurtured life on Earth for countless millennia.

You could add this to your child’s smoothie, or they could try it if they don’t mind a salty taste.

Another option is to get a highly purified alkaline salt such as Creatrix Solution. 

This is not ordinary table salt but a highly purified, mineral-rich, alkaline salt that helps replenish minerals and gently removes heavy metals.

If you go to the website and look at the lab data, you can see on this page how the person excreted metals more easily when utilizing this purified and alkaline salt. 

They also offer it on Amazon here.

You can sprinkle some over food like you would typically salt.

natural heavy metal detox for kids

Detox Your Little Sprout with Sprouts

A heavy metal detox for kids requires quality nutritional approaches

Here, we can look at something you can quickly grow in your kitchen and make it a fun project for your children.

Many children who have heavy metal toxicity exude signs of autism.

Sulphorophane is a safe and effective treatment for Autism Spectrum Disorders. You can learn more in this medical article here.

Broccoli sprouts are very high in the natural compound known as sulforaphane.

Detoxify and Support the Liver

Sulforaphane is a gentle but powerful way to help the body detox.

What’s so interesting about sulforaphane is it supports both phase 1 and phase 2 detox pathways in the liver.

In phase 1, the body expels the toxins

In phase 2, they are pulled out to be removed from the body.

Moreover, many parents and caregivers have seen autism improve by giving their children broccoli sprouts.

You can check out all the reviews on this broccoli sprout supplement on Amazon.

But how do broccoli sprouts contribute to a heavy metal detox for kids specifically?

Because sulforaphane boosts the body’s glutathione levels, it helps clean up our cells from free radicals and excrete toxins like heavy metals.

Want to grow broccoli sprouts with your children at home

You can get organic broccoli sprout seeds here.

One way of growing them is with a sprouting jar kit. 

In a few days, you have healthy, nutritious sprouts.

You can add them to your child’s smoothie or salad.

Heavy Metal Detox For Kids With Broccoli Sprouts

Sulforaphane plays a significant role in our body’s natural detoxification process:

Boosts Enzymes: Sulforaphane prompts the production of detoxification enzymes (Phase II enzymes) crucial for eliminating toxins, including heavy metals.

By increasing their activity, it aids our body’s innate detox pathways.

Metal Binding: Sulforaphane binds to heavy metals such as lead, enhancing their elimination via urine.

This chelation process reduces the overall burden of heavy metals in the body.

Fights Oxidative Stress:

Heavy metal exposure heightens oxidative stress, damaging cells. Sulforaphane’s antioxidants counteract this stress, shielding cells from harm caused by heavy metals.

Enhances Glutathione: Sulforaphane promotes glutathione production, a potent antioxidant aiding heavy metal neutralization.

This boost strengthens our body’s ability to counteract and expel heavy metals.

Supports Liver:

The liver, central to detoxification, benefits from sulforaphane.

By providing liver support, it aids in efficiently processing and eliminating heavy metals.

Reduces Inflammation:

Chronic heavy metal exposure triggers inflammation in organs.

Sulforaphane’s anti-inflammatory properties alleviate this, benefiting overall health and aiding detox efforts.

Here are more medical journals and research on the power of sulforaphane as a safe heavy metal detoxifier.


heavy metal detox smoothie for kids

Nature's Heavy Metal Detoxifiers

Chlorella the

When it comes to heavy metal detox for kids, chlorella stands out as an exceptional food choice as a binder and remover of harmful heavy metals. 

It is not a supplement but a food source, as it was passed as a part of the 2019 farm bill.

Chlorella is an algae with about 1000 times the nutrient profile of standard vegetables

Even the United Nations deems it as a dense food source

However, when it comes to heavy metal detox for kids, one of the reasons chlorella stands out as a potent cleanser of heavy metals is the fact that it is saturated with chlorophyll.

I also love that it helps the body excrete the metals via the bowel and not the urine or via the kidneys. The kidneys are delicate organs, and the more we can remove the metal via the bowel, the safer the approach.

You can learn more about the benefits of chlorophyll in my post here. This is key to detoxifying heavy metals like aluminum, lead, arsenic, and mercury.

Again, this approach is gentler as chlorella is a food known as algae. But because it is so nutrient-dense, it can:

  • Clean the Cells
  • Chelates the metals and binds to them for removal
  • It helps the body’s natural detox pathways
  • Gets nutrients to the mitochondria
  • Enhances Immune Function
  • Cleans up the gut
  • It helps maintain proper cell PH
  • Reduces Oxidative Damage

Chlorella has peptides that precisely move mercury, lead, and other heavy metals out of the cells for excretion. You can learn more in this medical article here.

It alkalinizes the body and increases its glutathione levels to help remove toxins.

The Power of Cilantro in Heavy Metal Detox For Kids

Cilantro is another one of nature’s potent heavy metal chelators.

Adding cilantro into your child’s diet via salads and smoothies is an excellent way to mobilize:

  • Mercury
  • Cadmium
  • Aluminum
  • Lead

…from the nervous system and the bones.

I want to point out that you must take a binder when you use cilantro as a mobilizer

Making a smoothie with chlorella to mop up the mobilization of the metals from cilantro works beautifully.

Starting children with natural organic cilantro rather than tinctures is a gentle, whole-food approach.

If you choose to incorporate an alcohol-free cilantro tincture, be sure to start very slowly and always pair it with a quality binder. 

The other potent food source detoxifier of heavy metals is garlic with high amounts of allicin.

If your child likes garlic, this is a great way to help remove lead. 

Again, quality and potency matter.

Allicin helps bind to metals and supports the detox pathways.

The Heavy Metal Binder From Citrus

Pecta Sol C is one of the gentle chelating agents that serves to bind heavy metals and detoxify the body.

Chelate means to grab onto. Chelation therapy is a way to lower the load of heavy metals in the body.

And Pecta Sol C does this beautifully by cleaning up the blood and surrounding tissues.

Essentially, pecta sol c is a complex carbohydrate found in the cell wall of fruits. The molecular size is then modified to be more potent and bioavailable to the cells.

It does not bind to essential minerals like other harsh chelators such as DMSA or DMPS.

Moreover, Pecta Sol C blocks tumor growth and is a powerful tool in the fight against the rogue protein Galectin 3 in cancer cells that helps them clump and grow together.

You can see in this study how the use of Pecta Sol C in hospitalized children (5-12) for lead exposure had no adverse effects.

They were given large amounts, like 15 mg daily, which had no adverse effects in the control group.

What’s more, it helped them rid their bodies of lead. It is also effective with other metals like mercury, cadmium, and arsenic.

Here is another study where MCP was used to remove heavy metals safely from the body. 

How do you get your child to take something like this?

It comes in a lime flavor, which tastes like lime-aid.

You can take a look at the reviews on Amazon, or you can look at chewables here.

heavy metal detox for kids recipe

Heavy Metal Detox For Kids Smoothie Recipe

Creating a heavy metal detox for kids smoothie recipe means making it tastes good while gently utilizing the power of natural food sources to help their bodies reduce the heavy metal burden.
Here in this recipe we will be sure to include a fiber rich source to help move metals out like ground flax.
The ground flax will also help to keep the bowels moving naturally with out any dependency.
It also provides B vitamins for brain health.
We add a capful or tablespoon of minerals to help the gut and immune system while giving the organs minerals to dislodge metals from these receptors.
Chlorella acts as a chlorophyl source, binder and excellent metal mopper packed with nutrients. It is a rich source of B12 and Folate which is important for developing brains.
Fresh Cilantro is used as a mobilizer combined with the chlorella to move the metals out.
Berries provide a sweetness, serve as a thickener and fiber source.
Coconut cream works as a yummy rich base or home made kefir to give gut friendly probiotics.
Sweetener if needed of choice such as Stevia or Wild Honey.
Course Breakfast, Drinks, Snack
Cuisine healthy recipes



  • Clean cilantro and berries in pure water.
  • Add kefir or coconut milk to the base of the blender.
  • Add sweetener of choice such as stevia or wild honey
  • Add in the chopped cilantro, ground flax, berries and blend on high and serve
Keyword heavy metal detox smoothie
Tried this recipe?Let us know how it was!

Heavy Metal Detox Bath For Kids


Start by making sure your child is well-hydrated before a detox bath. 

Add to a warm bath:

1/4 cup of Baking Soda

1/2 cup Magnesium Flakes

1 TBS Vitamin C Powder

1 TBS Bentonite Clay 

Baking soda will help alkalinize the tissues while magnesium flakes help balance mood and nourish the bones and muscles with magnesium pushing out metals. It is calming to the nervous system.

Vitamin C helps boost the immune system and may help lead removal.

Bentonite clay will help detox metals from the body. You can read more about this study here. 

After a detox bath incorporate a hydrating organic green juice, purified water, or a lymph-moving fresh ginger tea.

Heavy Metal Detox For Kids Prevention

If you are reading this far, you are likely a very conscious parent, so you may not even require this section and already know this.

However, it is essential to mention what we have control over and how we can safely mitigate exposure to heavy metals in our homes.

Although we don’t have control over many environmental heavy metal exposures, we can do our best to overcome the ones in our immediate household.

  • Remove toxic paint and use eco-friendly paint
  • Keep the house dust-free as much as possible
  • Utilize an air filter in the home
  • Be sure the water source is purified that they drink from
  • Utilize a shower filter if needed
  • Utilize bath ball filters when they take baths
  • Grow your food where you control the water and mineral composition. Quickly start with broccoli sprouts in your kitchen.
heavy metal detox for children
How Do you Detox Heavy Metals From Kids?

You should consult with a trusted Health Care Professional.

Consuming minerals and foods rich in minerals and compounds like sulphoraphane can help detox heavy metals naturally from food sources.

You can incorporate bentonite clay into a bath and utilize foods like chlorella.

Chlorella is a food not a supplement as deemed by the FDA.

How Do I Detox My Child's Body?

Only you and a qualified health professional can decide if a detox is even necessary for your child.

Educate yourself on safe ways to use nutrient rich foods and minerals to allow the body to help itself to detoxify.

Make sure fiber rich foods help with bowel elimination.

Is Detoxing Safe For Kids?

In order to assess a child with heavy metals a qualified professional is required for best course of action.

Hair Mineral Analysis Tests can help decipher heavy metal toxicity.


How Do You Get Heavy Metals Out Of Your System?

From detox baths to foods that help the body get rid of toxins there are multiple ways to cleanse the body.

Speaking with a qualified professional will help you make the most educated choice and have a strategy before doing so.


What are the Side Effects?

If one is allergic to a substance they could have a reaction to it.

With any detox you may experience rashes, acne, digestive discomfort, fatigue or headaches.

Pregnant women and people on pharmaceutical drugs may have adverse reactions and should talk to their Doctor first.

Heavy Metal Detox For Kids Conclusion

heavy metal detox for kids requires an intelligent strategy and focus on the foundational basics.

Is your child’s body healthy and strong to start with

Are they receiving good quality minerals and supportive whole foods that have been shown to help with heavy metal detox?

What preventative tips are you taking to ensure the cell environment and lifestyle choices are helpful for reducing exposure?

We may not be able to control many environmental factors; however, we can incorporate nutrient-dense smoothies and super foods like chlorella to provide a safe and effective solution to heavy metal detox for kids.

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