How To Detox Aluminum in 3 Easy Steps

How TO detox aluminum

To detox aluminum from the body we must think in terms of a long lifestyle plan rather than a one-time detox.

This is due to the amount of aluminum that now engulfs our environment.

What’s more is the quality of our foods have declined leaving us with food lacking in life-giving minerals and nutrients.

You can see in the charts and graphs below how there has been a steady increase of aluminum in the environment.

Because of this, we need to take action and a long-term approach to safely detox aluminum particles from the organs.

Why Detox Aluminum?

  • Destroys Spiritual Connection with God by shutting down the bio-field 
  • Harms Organs 
  • Contribute to Breast Cancer
  • Alzheimer’s more prominent in those with aluminum toxicity
  • Adversely impacts the function and survival of neurons.
  • Negatively impact gene expression
  • Disrupting intracellular calcium signaling, gradually weakening cellular defenses
  • Lowers Immune Function
Detox Aluminum air

Images courtesy of

International Journal of Engineering Research and General Science Volume 3, Issue 5, October 2015
ISSN 2091-2730
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How To Detox Aluminum

To detox aluminum we can implore several different natural remedies.

Because aluminum severely impacts the function of the brain and kidneys it is essential to properly detox aluminum so as not to recycle it back into the organs but bind it for removal.

We can do this with two important strategies:

  • Support Organs of Elimination
  • Utilize Binders

Organ Support


Ensuring your having healthy bowel movements each day is important before the detox of aluminum or other toxins.

Relying on herbal laxatives is not a solution.

The solution is getting to the root cause of the issue. 

Safe colon detoxifiers such as Oxy Powder is a great start in eliminating impacted fecal matter.

If constipation is due to a parasite which it may very well be then it is important to address this issue first.

Parasites are a larger issue than ever before and they restrict human intelligence and evolution.

The days of treating just parasites or just heavy metals are over since the parasites grow and get worse when the environment has:

  • Heavy metals
  • Wifi
  • Radiation 
  • Smart Meters

You must address both and work on the energetic pathway in your body that is allowing for this type of parasite to breed.

If you have constipation you may have had giardia.

At the first onset, giardia causes diarrhea but then thereafter it plugs you up.

Kidneys & Liver

The kidneys can be greatly assisted by eating whole organic unprocessed foods.

You can also take care to use quality binders like Chlorella that help to bind the toxins for safe removal through the bowels instead of via the urine or kidneys.

This will lessen harm on the kidney/urine channel.

The liver is your key filter of all the toxins so supporting it with an herbal supplement or liver detox drink will be key when you detox aluminum.

Natural and Gentle Binder to Detox Aluminum

Vitamin C is a natural and gentle way to detox aluminum from your body.

I would find a whole food source like this one and rely on it daily as a key supplement in these modern times.

Next, we will discuss binders to ensure we are not recycling toxins and stress on the kidneys and liver.

Detox Aluminum Protocol – 3 Steps

1. Mobilize
2. Bind

A good starter program is to take cilantro extract for 6 weeks with a high silica herbal extract such as biosil.

A more potent silica-rich extract that I favor to detox aluminum is Alu Tox which you can find here.

Cilantro extracts are going to be much more powerful than simply eating cilantro.

Alu tox will be much more potent than simply drinking horsetail tea which is high in silica.


Chlorella, Pecta Sol C, and/or Zeolites will be the best binders to use to mop up and clear the body of the aluminum.

Finding a pure source for chlorella and zeolite is of utmost importance so that you do not add in more heavy metals with low-quality binders.

Zeolite attracts metals so finding a source that tests for pollutants is of high importance.  Same with chlorella.

My top choices would be BioPure and ResultsRNA.

From what I understand none of these binders will rob you of your valuable minerals but instead only bind to the toxic metals.

This is especially true for pecta sol c and chlorella.

But also to some degree for zeolites.

It is things like activated charcoal that would not be a good idea long term since it is pulling important nutrients as well.

detox aluminum

Dosage to Detox Aluminum

Consulting with your trusted health care professional is key to determining your bodies ability to detox aluminum safely.

The items suggested above are fairly gentle.

However if one is fairly toxic in aluminum or other metals or biotoxins these supplements can cause a detoxification reaction.

It is best to start slow and see how your body does.

The key piece of instruction is to:

  • Mobilize
  • Bind
  • Remineralize

Utilize the suggestions listed on the bottle at first and work your way up.

Cilantro is a food as is Chlorella.

Taking lots of chlorella is required to really bind up toxins.

So if you take 1 or 2 droppers full of a cilantro extract and a silica supplement like biosil to mobilize or alu-tox you would still need to bind for removal.

30 minutes after you can take your binders like the zeolite spray following dosage suggestions on the bottle.

Chlorella is a food as I mentioned and sometimes I take well over 15 tablets with each binding dose.

After this implore mineral-rich whole organic foods and mineral supplements.

Detox Aluminum Tools

Other tools that can greatly enhance your detox or support your body in elimination are listed below.

Infrared Saunas

Investing in a Near or Far Infrared Sauna will be a potent and powerful tool to detox aluminum .

Because heavy metals contribute to many diseases, even cancer it can be helpful to periodically use a sauna to eliminate metals like aluminum regularly.

The skin is your body’s largest organ for elimination and so sweating it out can be a wonderful adjunct when you detox aluminum.

Just be sure to stay hydrated and remineralize your tissue before, during and after a sauna session.

Coffee Enemas

It is important to support your liver as I mentioned above. You can also use the power of a therapy that was popularized by the Gerson Institute.

They are well known for their program that helps reverse cancer naturally.

You can read all about Coffee Enemas and How to Perform a Therapy level one on my post here.

This will help to detox the liver.

For a deeper liver cleanse you can do a liver gall bladder flush periodically to help support your liver.

Detox Foot Bath

Another key  tool to detox aluminum is an ionic foot bath.

Here you want to be very particular on where you get your ionic foot bath as there are many out there that may not be truly effective.

You can check out the hydrogen detox footbath I recommend here.

This is a lifestyle tool that you will want to use ongoing in order to handle the amount of heavy metals like aluminum pervading the air we breathe.

The day before a detox foot bath is a great time to consume a good amount of chlorella. 

Then before the foot bath at least 30 minutes before I like to take the cilantro extract and more chlorella.

After take more chlorella to keep binding the mobilized metals.

Detox Foot Pads

If a detox foot bath is not in your budget you can also utilize these foot pads until you are ready to make the investment.

Be careful on the sourcing of these types of products to ensure they are the very best and truly help to detoxify the body.

The feet are a wonderful way to help your body detox aluminum as they are the gateway to all of the organs of the body.

Important Supplements





Amino Acid Support

would be top supplement recommendations when you detox aluminum.

You want to enhance your immune system and give it the antioxidant protection it needs to handle the aluminum and other metals with as much support as possible.

detox tools

Medical Research

Detox Aluminum From Your Home

In this section we will provide you some medical papers and information to help you understand why the above foods, supplements and tools help detox aluminum and other metals and biotoxins.

I mentioned that aluminum is a key reason for Alzheimer’s Disease and without aluminum there may not even be an issue with such a rampant amount of Alzheimers in our world.


Here is a study where the Alzheimer’s patients were given silica rich water and the helpful effects it had to displace the aluminum and instead allow silica to enter the receptor sites.

Here we can see another medical article teaching us how silica-rich substances help to lessen the amount of aluminum in the liver, kidneys and bone.


Mobilizing metals with cilantro extract specifically mercury and lead were found in this article here.

In this study, the cilantro decreased the cadmium and arsenic in the kidneys of mice.


Here is a study showing the efficacy of chlorella as a potent binder of heavy metals.

And here you can see that rats fed cadmium had a decrease in toxicity of this metal with chlorella.


See here the use cases for zeolites as a heavy metal binding agent.

Zeolite is one of my favorite all over detox tools due to its cost effective nature and well rounded ability to remove many types of environmental toxins from the body.

Pecta Sol C

Pecta Sol C has a plethora of studies on its efficacy as a gentle and effective binder for heavy metal contamination.

Explore the studies here.

I have been able to help several of my clients with different diseases using pecta sol c.

Take action to prevent further contamination where possible.

You are not going to be able to remove the sources from the outside air or soil but you can take steps to mitigate your exposure where possible.

Some of these would be making sure your pots and pans are not made from aluminum.

Antiperspirants, Makeup, Cigarette filters, and Clays are all potential sources of aluminum exposure.

Choose cups and glasses that do not expose you like ceramic mugs that may have lead or aluminum for example.

Look for non-toxic makeup solutions.

Toothpaste, tap water, flour products and milk products can all be sources of aluminum exposure.

Know your sources, use filters and create your own DIY methods when possible.

For example you may like my DIY toothpaste article here.

How do you detox your body from aluminum?

To detox aluminum you must look at several key factors.

There are things you can do to eliminate it from your environment.

See the above section on detoxing aluminum from your home.

But some sources of aluminum that pervade our environment are inevitable.

You will need to implore a protocol using a:

  • Support Organs
  • Mobilizer
  • Binder
  • Remineralization program
  • Adjunct Health Tools to enhance the protocol 

See the above article for a deep dive into this protocol.

Is there a way to flush heavy metals out of the body?

In order to flush heavy metals from the body it is best to follow a specific protocol to ensure a safe removal of toxins.

To do this you need to support your organs of elimination.

You must also use quality binders to not tax your kidneys and support your liver to detoxify effectively.

How long does it take to detox heavy metals from the body?

To detox aluminum it takes time and actually is an ongoing process since our environment is burden with lots of aluminum.

You can see in the graphs above how there has been a steady increase in aluminum through out our environment.

To detox aluminum it could take you 6 months to see results or even a couple of years.

It depends on how bad the exposure was.

It is best to get a HTMA test in order to check and gauge how well you are doing with your detox program.

What is interesting is that some people can have a test that comes back showing no heavy metals. 

This is typically a sign the body does not have the health or minerals to effectively push the metals out.

Most everyone today has heavy metal toxicity.

You should work with a qualified professional to help you.

A maintenance plan of aluminum detox is important as a normal part of a modern lifestyle.

What are signs of aluminum toxicity?

Memory Issues

Heart Burn




Muscular conditions

may all be signs of aluminum toxicity but these can be signs of other issues so it is important to test with DMPS challenge or HTMA testing.

Diseases or conditions that can be attributed to aluminum may be:


Dry Mouth







to name a few. Again there are many reasons for these conditions but aluminum may contribute to these issues.

What foods to avoid aluminum?

Antacids, Bleached Flours, Potentially some Baking Sodas and powders, Milk Products, and Vanilla Powder are all potential sources of aluminum in high amounts.

Again it is important to know your sources and choose high quality products.

Detox Aluminum Conclusion

In this article, we discussed how to detox aluminum.

We now understand this is an ongoing lifestyle program due to our modern world and the toxic amounts of aluminum and other metals in our air, water and soil.

It is important to implore:




in any program where you detox aluminum.

You also want to ensure you support the open pathways of your kidneys, liver, and colon.

Remember supporting these pathways is paramount before any type of cleanse.

We also mentioned checking your pots, pans, and other home goods to lessen the amount of aluminum exposure.

You can also choose to know your sources of food products to eliminate exposure.

Learn what products have the most aluminum for example commercial deodorants and look to a new toxin free source.

There are plenty of aluminum-free options out there.

The tools we spoke about were:

  • Saunas
  • Coffee Enemas
  • Supplements
  • Detox Foot Bath
  • Detox Foot Pads

as possible health tools to aid your efforts. These adjuncts can do wonders to detox aluminum as well as for other heavy metals and biotoxins.

One of the key points to remember is silica.  Silica-rich supplements, teas and herbs can help displace aluminum in the body.

Because our modern world has multiple factors at play like heavy metals, radiation and parasites we need to be working to reduce both simultaneously since parasites grow in these toxic rich environments.

Remember your spiritual connection is key as we evolve and this means limiting the use of cell phones and environments with heavy radiation and smart meters.

You might enjoy my post here on how to eliminate radiation at home here.

If you have any questions or comments let us know in the comments below.

To detox aluminum we need to look at a whole lifestyle approach because it does not look like aluminum toxicity in our environment is going away anytime soon.

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