#1 Hack: Radiation Shield


In the heart of Earth’s ancient embrace lies a hidden guardian, a remarkable mineral rock that is a powerful radiation shield for you and your family. 

This extraordinary gem, a radiation shield forged by nature’s hand, possesses mystical properties that have intrigued humanity for ages. 

As we venture into the realms of science and spirituality, we unveil the secrets of this mineral marvel, a beacon of hope and protection against the invisible forces that surround us. 

I’m excited to embark on this enlightening journey, where the mystical allure of this mineral rock becomes a powerful shield, safeguarding us from the enigmatic energies that define our modern existence.

At the forefront of modern living, the invisible threads of radiation traverse through the air, affecting every aspect of our lives to some degree

From our

  • hormones
  • to sleep quality
  • bone health
  • and brain health 

…radiation frequencies may do more harm than good.

In this era of unprecedented technological advancement, the need for a radiation shield has become not just a concern but a necessity, especially for vibrant, forward-thinking women in their prime, and the families they hold dear. 

Let us delve into the intricate tapestry of radiation shielding, uncovering the secrets to fortifying our homes and lifestyles against the pervasive influence of electromagnetic frequencies. 

In this journey, I am here to empower countless women, guiding them toward a life where health, vitality, and peace of mind prevail. 

Together, we navigate the labyrinth of modernity, armed with knowledge, understanding, and a range of innovative solutions tailored to the dynamic needs of the modern family. 

As seekers of health and harmony, it is our privilege and responsibility to explore, respect, and harness the gifts that nature bestows upon us

Within the leaves of a plant, the depths of the ocean, or the essence of a mineral, lies the potential to heal, restore, and rejuvenate. 

Embracing this ancient wisdom, we unlock the door to a world where every sickness indeed finds its solace, reminding us that in the embrace of nature, there exists a cure for every affliction, a balm for every wound, and a path to holistic well-being.

Shungite: Radiation Protection

Shungite is a unique and rare mineral found in Russia.

I will share the components that give it radiation protection qualities as well as scientific studies to back the claims of how it can protect against various forms of radiation, electromagnetic fields (EMFs), and the emerging technology of 5G WiFi.

Shungite is the premier EMF protection crystal of our time.

It is my #1 hack for radiation shielding.  For those looking for EMF protection crystals look no further than shungite.

Key Properties of Shungite as a Radiation Shield

Fullerenes: Shungite contains high concentrations of fullerenes, which are hollow, cage-like molecules made of carbon atoms.

These fullerenes are attributed to the properties that help neutralize harmful substances and electromagnetic radiation.

Natural Carbon Content: Shungite is composed of a significant amount of natural carbon, making it an excellent conductor of electricity and an absorber of electromagnetic radiation.

Antioxidant Properties: Shungite is known for its antioxidant properties, which may help combat oxidative stress caused by exposure to radiation and EMFs.

Protection Against Radiation:

Absorption and Neutralization: Shungite has been shown to absorb and neutralize radioactive particles, making it useful in areas with high radiation levels.

Water Purification: Shungite is often used in water filtration systems due to its ability to purify water by absorbing harmful substances, including heavy metals and radioactive elements.

Use the shungite nuggets in your drinking water or bath water to detox from radiation and heavy metals.

Shielding from EMFs and 5G WiFi:

EMF Absorption: Shungite absorbs and shields against electromagnetic frequencies emitted by electronic devices, such as smartphones, laptops, and Wi-Fi routers.

5G Protection: Various studies report shungite can mitigate the effects of 5G technology by absorbing and transforming the high-frequency electromagnetic waves associated with 5G networks.


Scientific Studies & Research

Shungite Radiation protection has been studied for its ability to work as a radiation shield.

See here in this study how it blocked radiation from harming rats.

The experiment was done to understand how non thermal 37-GHz radiation impacts the blood cell formation process (hemopoiesis) in Wistar rats protected by shungite shielding.

The radiation used had either right-handed or left-handed rotation of the polarization plane of the electromagnetic wave.

The findings revealed that shungite shielding significantly reduced the harmful effects caused by high-frequency electromagnetic radiation, indicating a potential protective role of shungite against this type of radiation-induced damage.

More studies & research:

Radiation Shield Properties of Shungite

This study denotes that the radiation shield performance of shungite is attributed to its unique composition: it’s a natural composite with a conductive carbon matrix and micro-sized dielectric mineral inclusions. 

The study suggests that shungite could serve as a valuable raw material for manufacturing shielding materials and be a model for enhancing our understanding of how radiation interacts with graphene-containing conducting solids, thus leading to improved shielding performances.

Another study here shows the radiation shield effects of shungite on biological forms. 

In essence, the passage explains that adjusting the magnetic components makes it more effective in shielding electromagnetic radiation.

Introducing water-based components enhances this effect by increasing absorption.

By studying the properties of shungite-based powder components, scientists can design shields with specific attenuation and reflection values.

This research helps create electromagnetic shields tailored to different conditions.

I could go on further with research studies but I think these are valid and good indicators of how you can see the power of the natural remedy of shungite as a potent radiation shield.


Radiation Shield & Shungite Grades

Quality & Sourcing Matters

Unless you live in Russia it will be quite expensive to get it direct from the source.

I went to buy a pyramid and they wanted $500 just to ship to my location in the USA.

But I am grateful to live near a top-notch mineral and crystal shop.

But you can find reputable sellers in the USA online and I will give you some pointers on how to vet them, as well as what to look for.

You can also consider attending the Tucson Arizona gem show which will likely have tons of Shungite!

Maybe I will see you there. This is where the real deals will be.

Elite Shungite is the top-tier shungite out there.

This has the most carbon in it however it is extremely brittle.

With brittle high-grade shungite it is not possible to create pyramids and blocks.

So when you see a pyramid, cube, or block of shungite it is likely about 60-70% carbon.

But always ask the seller and do some due diligence.

I have pyramids because pyramids are powerful and amplify the shielding energy.

If this interests you I highly suggest reading Pyramid Power by Dr Patrick Flannagan.

Oh, how I miss his enlightened Soul in our world. 

Shungite is typically categorized into different grades based on its carbon content, appearance, and purity.

The two primary grades of shungite are:

**1. ** Elite or Noble Shungite:

This is the highest quality and rarest form of shungite, accounting for only about 1% of all shungite found.

It is almost pure carbon and has a shiny, silvery surface.

Noble shungite contains a high concentration of fullerenes, making it highly valued for its healing and purifying properties. 

It is primarily used for making jewelry, ornaments, and other decorative items.

2. Regular or Petrovsky Shungite:

This is the most common and widely available form of shungite. 

It has a lower carbon content than noble shungite and appears matte black in color. 

Petrovsky shungite is used for a variety of purposes, including water purification, EMF protection, and gardening, due to its relatively lower cost compared to noble shungite.

Apart from these primary grades, shungite can also be further classified based on its carbon content into Type I, Type II, and Type III:

Type I Shungite: Also known as elite or noble shungite, it contains the highest carbon content, often above 98%. It is lustrous, has a silvery appearance, and is prized for its healing properties.

Type II Shungite: This grade contains a lower carbon content, usually between 35% to 80%. It is the most commonly found form of shungite and is used for water purification and EMF protection.

Type III Shungite: Also called black shungite, this grade has the lowest carbon content, ranging from 20% to 35%. 

It is mainly used for industrial purposes and construction due to its lower carbon concentration.

Each grade of shungite has its unique properties and applications, making it a versatile mineral with a wide range of uses.

Radiation Shield Protection

We have gone over shungite as a powerful radiation shield to absorb emf, wifi, 5 G and smart meters in your surrounding area.

Placing shungite pyramids, cubes, or bars in your home office, bedroom or anywhere that you see as important to negate emf’s will be a helpful natural remedy to the radiation we are being bombarded with.

You can also get shungite cubes to place in your drinking water to clean it up.

Even if you do things to negate the radiation in your home like hard wiring in your computers instead of using wifi or limiting use of smart phones you may have a lot of wifi from neighbors that you can’t stop.

What’s more,  smart meters surround us in the form of networks as each smart meter talks to the next.

Unless your neighborhood opts out which is highly unlikely you are in a sea of that radiation.

Here are more tools that work for radiation protection you may want to consider.

EMF Shielding For Home Environment

Creating an environment that shields you from the Smart Meters, RF & EMF being emitted from the Cell Towers can be done with high-quality radiation shield paint.

It is low VOC and once you add this black paint then you can paint over it whatever color you like.

The next option is getting EMF curtains for your windows or window film.

There is also wallpaper you can use instead of the paint as EMF protection.

Radiation Shield For Best Sleep Environment

Deep-quality sleep is crucial to our health and well-being. 

If we are sleeping in a sea of radiation and 5G emitting frequencies via cell towers, wifi, and smart meters our health will no doubt suffer.

This is why I highly recommend a bed canopy that works like a Faraday cage to sleep deeply so your body can heal. 

A high-quality bed canopy that shields 5G radiation is one of the very best ways to improve your overall health and well-being.

My favorite is this 4 door 100% silver spun faraday canopy here. 

Want a discount? Use code radshield at check out on any item on the RedemptionShield Site.

Radiation Shield For Work Environment

You may also want to consider a shielding fabric to put over your router in the house.

If the router is in proximity to your living environment this is of paramount importance.

You can check out the router covers here.

Best practices are to hard wire in your computers and to not use WIFI.

I understand for most people this is not going to be an option however it can be done.

You can get long ethernet cables that work great.

If the wifi must be left on be sure to enclose the router in a faraday type bag.

It will still emit a signal but you will not have as much exposure.

The other thing is to at least turn the wifi off before you sleep to lessen the load on your cells and body.

Wi-Fi, EMF, and 5G is like the smoking of our era.

Get out and ground out side daily.

Radiation Shielding in The Kitchen

If we spend alot of time in the kitchen around high powered blenders and electrical appliances we can take steps to mitigate the effects.

It may seem trivial at first.

What is the big deal when you use a blender for a few minutes?

The time adds up so why not be safe and take preventative measures?

I like to use this tachyon belt while blending. Tachyon particles in the quantum world have unknown limits.

You can learn more about tachyon particles here.

If you are looking for EMF protection clothing or EMF protective aprons then this 100% silver spun apron is outstanding.

I love the quality and feel of this. It is super comfy too. Grab one here and get 10% off with code radshield.

Common Radiation Questions

What are three 3 basic radiation protection control methods?

Ensuring adequate minerals such as Iodine.

Shielding with a faraday cage.

Utilizing shielding paint, wall paper, window film, or other silver spun fibers to create research-based protection.

What Can Protect Me From Radiation?

Protect yourself from radiation by ensuring you are getting minerals in your diet, specifically iodine.

Iodine is a key mineral that will help shield you from radiation.

What are the 3 types of shielding?
How Do You Keep Radiation Out of Your House?

You can keep radiation out of your house by implementing strategies such as:

  • Shielding Paint
  • Radiation Protective Wall Paper
  • Window Film
  • You can create a Faraday cage and sleep inside it by using silver spun fibers.
What Blocks Radiation From Cell Phones?

By using a kill box or a full metal shielding box you can block the radiation and signal from your cell phone. 

How can I Reduce Radiation During a Flight?

Store tektites or shungite in your luggage to protect supplements. Or store them in a faraday bag.

To prepare yourself take broken cell wall chlorella and/or green tea extract.  Eat sea vegetables or supplement with iodine.

If the body has plenty of this nutrition it will help shield the vital organs from radiation.

Another way to protect yourself from radiation at an airport is to opt for the pat down and not go through the scanners.

You might enjoy my post How To Fly Like a Jedi here.

Should I put my phone on airplane mode while sleeping?

You should not sleep near your phone at all.

Airplane Mode is not enough to stop radiation exposure.

If you need an alarm consider getting one exclusively for that reason and keep it away from your bed.

How can I reduce my EMF in my bedroom?

Move your bed away from the walls by at least a foot. Check the outlets with a Stetzer Meter and to reduce dirty electricity buy stetzer filters and place in each outlet. 

Do not sleep with a cell phone in your room.

Consider building a faraday cage like canopy around your bed or buying one here.

Radiation Protection Recap

In the pursuit of a healthier, more harmonious existence amidst our technologically advancing world, the synergy between nature’s remedies and modern science becomes strikingly evident.

Shungite, with its ancient origins and powerful properties, stands as a testament to nature’s ability to provide us with tools for radiation protection.

Coupled with the ingenuity of Faraday canopies, protective fibers and low VOC shielding paint we have the means to create sanctuaries within our homes, shielding ourselves and our loved ones from the invisible forces that pervade our lives.

As we’ve explored the depths of radiation shielding, we’ve not only delved into the science but also embraced the art of mindful living.

Implementing these shields and following the practical tips provided, we embark on a journey of empowerment.

By making informed choices and integrating these protective measures into our daily routines, we foster an environment where our well-being is nurtured and safeguarded.

Let us carry this knowledge forward, sharing it with our communities and future generations, ensuring a world where the balance between technology and health is maintained, allowing us all to thrive, protected and resilient, in the embrace of our radiant, shielded homes.

Lastly, I have put together a radiation remedy protocol that you can take a look at below.

This will give you a program to follow if you have been exposed to high amounts of radiation via x-rays, scanners, or fall out.

The Radiation Remedy

Do You Need A Detox From Radiation Poisoning?

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