How to Fly Like a Jedi.

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Okay so you are headed on a flight and you are wondering how to best protect yourself from the stressor’s of flying.

A high vibrational cellular environment is crucial to maintaining harmony in our human biofield at all times.

As most of us know flying comes with its cellular challenges and this post is here to provide practical solutions. This post is intended for you to look and feel your best  before, during and after travel.

When we fly we are literally exposing ourselves to radiation not only from the flight but also from the airport scanners, thousands of cellphones, computers and the like in and around our bio field.

Our body also becomes more easily dehydrated when flying as well as not being in a grounded state near the earth’s field. Without fresh air on the plane and being surrounded by lots of people we are exposed to more bacteria and germs.

So what is a super hero flying genius to do?

For starters we want to start preparing for our flight well in advance. Let’s make a list 1 week ahead of time of all the things we will bring on our trip.

Let’s also figure out if we will be checking luggage or not.

If we are checking our luggage it makes it easier to handle all the restrictions with what is aloud in our bags.

I like to opt for checking a bag  even though it costs a bit it cuts down on the stress!

Next we want to prepare our bodies at least a week in advance for the extra radiation we will be exposed to via the airport scanners and airplane.

We can do this by taking in high doses of sea vegetables, green tea extract, and broken cell wall chlorella.

These three things will be foundational to support our thyroid and organ/gland system.

With the body thoroughly saturated in live source iodine & other key nutrients the radiation can reflect off of us.

Another key is to maintain proper hydration before, during and after the flight.

I believe you can take prepared shakes and juices on the plane, especially if you have small children.

I suggest before the flight making sure you are well hydrated with quality water and green vegetable juices.

This will keep us alkaline and give us an edge while flying. Airplane food is other than the best ever.

Sometimes just fasting for the duration of the flight is the best thing to do.

You can even pack a green juice for the flight and my suggestion is to put a bottle or two of spring water in your checked suit case so you have quality water upon landing.

Get on the earth as soon as you can after landing to reconnect to the earth and harmonize the biofield.

If you have a challenge sleeping on planes, do your best to take adaptogenic herbs and those that calm the nervous system like chamomile or valerian root.

You might try a high quality melatonin supplement so that you can get some quality sleep.

Using an organic eye covering during flight will also help your body produce healthy levels of melatonin naturally.

Next we want to talk about the airport scanners.

What are other ways we can create solutions to the exposure of radiation?  For starters we can carry a piece of tektite in our pocket.

This particular rock will absorb the negative energy from the surroundings and leave our biofield strong and healthy.

We can also opt for the pat down instead of putting the body through another scanner.

Often these scanners can embed into different organs in the body. This causes the organ or gland to go weak.

You can remove the embedment with a low level laser if this happens.

As far as your luggage is concerned a great idea is to put a small pyramid like a pyramidian in with your luggage.

Another idea is to use hemapro nuggets and place them in the four corners of the suitcase.

Another solution is to get yourself a AAA battery and cut a line on the top and bottom of the battery.

All of these objects create a protective field. I like to protect my belongings with one or more of these methods  b/c often I bring my mudpacking kit, supplements and superfoods with me wherever I go.

This ensures they are protected.

You can always take a laser upon arriving at your destination and point it at each object in the suitcase.

So, with this said, I trust this will give you a super hero edge at going through the airports with ease & grace. I look forward to hearing about your experience flying and please do comment below. Share with a friend if you feel inspired.

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