#1 Way To Heal From Within: Cord Cutting Ritual to Detox Your Mind

cord cutting ritual

A cord cutting ritual is a key piece to evolve as a spiritual being. 

Although we may appear as solid, dense matter, we are first energy beings.

If we have unhealthy energy attachments that go on and on without awareness, it may lead to a lack of peace and freedom.

This may keep us stuck in unhealthy patterns.

The practice of a cord cutting ritual may be the very thing that can release that unhealthy bond and reshape the relationship to its highest form or highest good.

Whether that means the relationship evolves or no longer appears in your reality is up to those who are co-creating.

What Is The Significance of A Cord Cutting Ritual?

A cord cutting ritual can clean up emotional, mental, or physical attachments to something that no longer serves you.

They are often presented as negative patterning that repeatedly plays out in one’s life.

Often, it is not the person in front of us but the deep-seated pattern within ourselves allowing or re-creating the experience.

When we do a cord-cutting ritual with this deeper awareness, we also let go of the old pattern and evolve into a more integrated version of ourselves.

A cord cutting ritual can help us grow, move on, and release the past.

Whether it is a person, an emotion, or an attachment we have, it can be a powerful visual and energetic remedy.

cord cutting

When To Do A Cord Cutting Ritual?

There can be many unique scenarios where a cord cutting ritual can help release the past so we can move on in life.

A cord cutting ritual can be particularly beneficial in specific scenarios.

Annually or Seasonally: Spring is a wonderful time to cleanse physically and energetically.

We can also do this to start a new year as we reflect on our current experience and what we want to create.

Negative Patterns: With enough self-awareness, we can notice negative patterns that cause us distress or emotional upset.

We can choose to do a cord cutting ritual to free ourselves from that path.

Unhealthy Relationships: If we experience an energy that we don’t like between ourselves and another, we can do a cord-cutting ritual to clean up the karma or old patterning we have with the person.

This can sometimes lead to a beautiful new way of connecting with the person, or they may no longer be present in your reality the way they once did.

Ending a relationship: If a relationship ends, you may want to do a cord cutting ritual to move forward healthily.

It can be beneficial to release the past with a ceremony and reflect on the good parts, the things you wish to change in yourself, and what you choose to allow into your experience into the future.

Past Trauma: In the case of abuse or neglect, it is important to seek professional guidance; however, they may be able to help you with a cord cutting ritual that can be a component of your healing and transformation.

Overcoming Addictions: This can help release the energetic connections and association with this behavior.

Starting a New Life Path: If we move to a new place or start a new path forward, cleaning up our energy field can be helpful before stepping into this new space.

During a Spiritual Awakening: If we are aware of a spiritual awakening experience, it may be helpful to cleanse our energy and release old paradigms of the past.

Emotional healing, personal growth, and even optimized physical health can be benefits of a cord cutting ritual.

If we no longer have energy drains, our health can soar to new heights.

Here is a wonderful quote to affirm when performing a cutting cord ritual.

Elevating my psycho-spiritual well-being is more crucial than clinging to any codependent connections. I now step into my highest timeline for the highest good of all.

Cord Cutting Mantra

Important Step Before Cord Cutting

Before any cord cutting ritual, I find it very important to anchor yourself to the earth deep within her core to a crystal.

Only you know the crystal color that best serves you in this experience.

Once you are anchored, you can be cognizant of your auric shield of golden light protection.

Then call it your main guide and the high angelic beings.

This creates a well-lit fortress of powerful, loving energy as you go about your cord cutting ritual.

Below are two affirmations for cord cutting. One for collective and one for personal use.

Collective Cord Cutting Mantra

I consciously let go of energetic ties that do not serve the universal journey toward our highest timeline.

I release these cords with compassion, liberating every soul connected to them for our mutual highest good.

These ties are gently removed across every dimension, era, and realm, facilitating our shared evolution.

I hereby reclaim our collective energy, dedicating it to the spiritual advancement of all.

Personal Cord Cutting Mantra

I now remove ties with any energetic cords that limit my journey toward my spirit evolution for the highest good of all involved.

I release both myself and others from these bindings.

Each cord that does not contribute to my personal evolution is lovingly dissolved, across all realms of existence—past, present, and future—ensuring a path free of these past constraints.

In this act of letting go, I reclaim my energy, dedicating it to my ongoing growth and the unfolding of my supreme potential for the highest good of all.

cord cutting ritual technique

How Do You Emotionally Cut The Cord?

Visualize yourself surrounded in a golden aura of light.

Next ground yourself energetically to the earth imagine a cord from your root chakra that goes deep into the earth’s center and wrap it around the crystal there.

Only you know what color that crystal is.

Next call in your main guide.

If you don’t know your guide, call one of the masters you align with, such as Archangel Michael, Babaji, or Guan Yin.

Call in only the Christed ones.

If an energy ever feels dark, you need to clear this first.

It is important to call in your main guide or one of the above masters to have them remove them from the space.

How do I ask Archangel Michael to cut cords?

Surround yourself in a golden light. Ask for Archangel Michael to come into your field.

Then affirm and speak to the dark energy with the help of Archangel Michael.

Once your guide is there, you can easily move them to their highest place and request them to go in peace.

You let them know they are forgiven and fully healed and transformed into the highest expression.

Cutting Cords with a Loving Heart & Pure Intent

Emotionally, cutting the cord must be done gently and with peace inside yourself. 

If you are angry or upset it can cause anger in the other person involved and can cause you to have disturbances in your field.

It is important to come from an evolved space. You may have learned a great lesson from this experience but now it is time to move forward.

You only wish to move forward in peace. 

Now as you gently remove the cord or request your main guide to do so or your higher expression you can visualize it entering a high vibrational flower such as a rose.

This is a technique that has been used for centuries.

It will help transmute any dark energy. 

You can visualize the rose then like a poof of energy that dissolves or implodes.

You are free of the energy cord.

How To Remove The Cord

How you remove the cord is up to you. 

Do you have your higher self perform the action with a crystal wand or a sword?

Utilize the right brain to call forth imagery of the highest and peaceful way forward.

If energy goes back to the other person it is their free will to choose how they will use the energy.

Whether they stay stuck or evolve is solely up to them.

Wishing them the highest outcome is the way.

Karmic ties are a real thing and we must lovingly and peacefully release the cord in order to free our soul from any bondage we carry.

If we truly want to progress and free ourselves from the energy attachment this is the way.

We can choose to have a light touch relationship so our soul can soar.

Some relationships dissolve and some transmute to their highest expression.

Remember This Crucial Step

Next you want to seal up the hole where the cord was with a golden resin from the earths energy

how does cord cutting affect the other person

How Does Cord Cutting Affect The Other Person?

If you do it as we discussed in the last section you create a loving exchange for the highest of all souls involved.

The energy can be moved into a high vibrational rose which can help take the energy back into the nothing.

This dissolving of energy cleans up the path forward for a higher relationship to emerge.

If energy goes back to the person and you made peace with the situation they are at liberty to choose how they utilize the energy that comes back.

How Do I Prevent More Cords?

There are healthy cords in our lives, such as the umbilical cord that connects us to our mother when we are born.

But cords with others as we traverse life can be unhealthy and not the most optimal way to keep our energy authentically ours.

The way forward is to instead choose to blend auras for a time if you are with another instead of attaching a cord.

As you practice the realization that you are an energy being first and foremost, you will start to visualize this easily in your relationships.

You can then go in and out blending if you want or holding your aura at a certain field to not absorb another. 

Important Tips

Cords that are often covert are on the back. 

Check the back so that you can make sure to clear those as well.

Remember to practice from a loving heart with a pure intent.

It is key to anchor into the earth with a grounding cord and keep a golden egg like protection around you.

Remember, attacks or any bad vibes can be negated with an energetic protection shield as well as pulling in your aura. 

With a proper shield the negative energy goes back to the sender.

Cord Cutting Questions

How do you sense negative energy around you?

As you become more aware to your subtle bodies that are around your physical body you become more aware of the feelings that come into your field.

Meditating and getting to know your subtle bodies is a key way to sense negative and positive energy, for that matter.

Can you pick up other people's energy?

Yes you can. If you unknowingly create a cord attachment or if you are an empath and do not know about protection practices you can pick up other people's energy.

Instead you can begin to practice how far you allow your aura out, utilizing aura blending instead of creating cords.

Practice cleansing your own aura with kriyas, cold showers and aura protection techniques.

How do you remove someone from your energy?

You can do a cord cutting ritual that helps you to peacefully dissolve the energy. Utilize the steps above in this post.

You can also put an energetic shield around you so that you won't take on other people's energy.

We are energy beings before we are human beings. After all human means light being.

So you must have energetic hygiene which I speak about in the article.

How do I cleanse my aura?

Cleansing your aura can be done with the Kundalini yoga series called Awaken The Ten Bodies.

You can use cord cutting as taught in the article above.

You can utilize cold showers, grounding and aura visualization techniques.

How do I stop letting people ruin my energy?

The first thing is to remember we are not victims.

Once we take responsibility and learn we are energy beings, we can do the work to keep up and clear our energy.

Creating an energetic shield will protect you from allowing in energy you do not resonate with or is harmful.

The energy goes back to the sender with a proper energy shield deployed.

We can allow people to have their own energy experiences without taking them on.

With compassion and mercy we can hold that type of energy and space.

Cord Cutting Ritual Recap

In this post we went over a step by step way to practice a cord cutting ritual.

The key pieces to remember are that we are energy beings first and foremost.

Once we realize this we will work each day to clear our field with techniques such as in the magical morning routine practice.

We become cognizant when we go out into the world of our own grounding chord to the earth.

We also become present to how our aura projects and which color it is.

We realize we have the ability to move it in and out.

We can blend with those we care about for a time instead of implanting cords as a way to keep our energy consistent and authentic.

This post was all about the cord cutting ritual, and I hope that it offered you some powerful tips.

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