Why Diet and Exercise Are Not Always the Answer

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Let’s be honest most of our real issues stem from traumas from our past. These can be in the form of emotional or scars/interference fields. As a Quantum Reflex Analysis Practitioner these are the things we look for in ourselves and others. In fact, these are the very first things I would clean up before doing anything else. Dr. Robert Marshall is the pioneer of this way of thinking and within it are the keys to bringing back energy flow to the physical body while clearing the energetic bio-field around the body. This is a huge clue into cellular health. One could be investing tons of money into supplements and nutrition when half of that is not even able to be utilized due to a small scar or trauma on the mid line or elsewhere on the body sedating energy flow.  I am not saying nutrition & exercise aren’t important b/c clearly they are for most of us but what I want to bring to your attention is that we must heal and seal the field first in order to benefit from upgraded nutrition.

Lets take a look at an example: A young teenager loves to skate board, he has no fear about injury and just wants to have fun and see how far he can take his skills. One day while riding he has an accident and falls a few several feet straight onto his head. As the years progress and it seems that he has healed from the trauma, it actually continues to get weaker and that particular area of the body has a weakened cell resonance than say another area of the body. As this builds, no nutrients or energy is getting to this area. Now the young man into his 30’s has major issues in the spine and so forth because of a trauma to the head.

8a22ec_22fa6bd8bebc499590b5e38c1544fd16.png_srz_257_273_75_22_0.50_1.20_0We also see this often with foot ball players, boxers etc. They have a scar trauma to the midline of the body most often the front of the teeth with a blow to the head in this region. Decades later they have prostate issues. This is because this scar trauma is sedating energy flow down the midline of the body.

How about a woman whom has a c-section, she thinks nothing of it, the scar seems to heal fine and all is well. But what about years later when she has edema in her right leg or kidney issues or a whole boat load of other problems? Often this reflexes back to the scar trauma.

Other ways an interference field or scar trauma is created: 

Vaccine Sites            Allergy Shot Sites          Tear of the Skin           Surgery Scars

Here is a great role of thumb: If you have two of anything and one of them is not functioning properly you can almost be certain its a scar trauma and not a nutritional deficiency. Example: If one of your knees has pain and not the other it’s most likely a scar trauma. Same goes for your eyes, ears, kidneys and lungs etc.

The remedy here is to find the scar trauma and mudpack it. This would not just be any mud or clay, this is cell resonant mud, clay and minerals that test strong to all 4 polarities of the body. A Polarity is the positive or negative state in which a body reacts to a magnetic, electric or other field.

imagesMudpacking when done properly by an educated QRA practitioner brings energy flow back to the traumatized area and pulls the toxins from this spot on the body into the mud.  The mud is composed of humic acid, clay and botanical agents in a specific formula for optimal cell resonance. Scar Traumas are not always easy to find; that is why its important to have someone with energy eyes and practice to find them.

Now that the scar is taken care of nutrition can much easier flow through out the body, this means far less nutrition just quality. It’s not about quantity its about quality and getting to the root cause.

I remember seeing an energy medicine Doctor years ago in Sacramento. He was a bit woo woo you might say but one thing he did have a hold on is this field and our scar traumas. He recommended lightly going over the entire body with the hand to seal these scars. Its like the samskaras in our minds we can’t just bandage them we’ve got to uproot them and seal these wounds.  Its apart of the game. He had a more old school approach to sealing these traumas, this would take daily sealing but w/ QRA we mudpack the site and test it to see that its back to health. It may require more than one mudpacking to clear that scar but once its cleared the body has health once again.

Next week I will be in Central California having more of my scar traumas found by a fellow practitioner and then I will go back home and apply the proper protocol to mudpack these on my own. I will enjoy being out in nature on a sandy beach by the river in quietude w/ plenty of solar sun energy. And then the river will wash away the mud. It’s vital to have the stomach testing strong and the auric field be strong before anything like this is done.

I invite you to learn more about this and ask questions or comment below. Lots of love and blessings, Dodhisattva

Note: It is also important to address the Emotional Traumas and that is for another blog post. Until then…Appreciation and Respect.

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