Why Choose Natural Skin Care?

natural skin care

As a Natural Lifestyle Enthusiast Organic & Wild Crafted skincare is of the utmost importance to me. Why?  

Well because our skin is the largest organ of our body.  

The skin takes in and absorbs everything we put on it or are exposed to including any chemicals, pesticides, make up, environmental pollution etc.  

This then goes into the blood stream and can cause havoc on the body systems.

When we choose 100% Wild Crafted & Organic products we are giving our whole immune system support and our skin the ability to breathe.  

I have noticed many companies claim to have clean and natural products even claiming organic and in reality the product is full of chemicals or GMO (genetically modified organisms) ingredients.

I recommend creating your own products and if you don’t have the time or interest then find a completely clean source for your body care requirements. 

I have done a good amount of research on the subject and my preference and recommendation is Living Libations.  

Check them out and adorn yourself with the purest products on the market.

Here are some things you can start using right away to become self sufficient in your body care regime!

Essential oils are great for cleaning the skin and for therapeutic use.  I

f you have learned or studied the “Bach Flower Remedies,” you will note that many flower essences contribute to the health and well being of the mind, body and soul.  

It’s quite interesting to note that when the body has wild plants &flowers to eat and be nourished with inside and out it seems to thrive.  The body can breathe and expand into its natural state of being effortlessly.

Another wonderful natural beauty product is Aloe.  

You can find the thick Aloe growing in many areas of the country however your local health food store may sell Aloe in the produce section.

Buy a large leaf and fillet the inside and apply to the skin after cleansing. 

Apply it in the middle of the day and to the eye area for incredible results. 

If you watch an aloe plant after it is cut it actually starts to heal itself! 

This tells you that it has an incredible nutrient profile of enzymes, polysaccharides and amino acids to regenerate your skin.  

Beyond that it can be taken internally to lubricate the brain, joints and nervous system. 

It helps the immune system to handle viral issues and also fights against Candida Albicans (the type of yeast that is best kept at low levels in your intestinal tract).

I also recommend Raw, Unfiltered Apple Cider Vinegar taken internally and used on the body and scalp for overall health. 

The PH of Apple Cider Vinegar is very close to that of the exterior of your skin. 

This is important as Soap is alkaline and actually strips the body of the healthy bacteria that is required on the outside of our skin to keep us armed with “the good guys!” 

 This type of Vinegar does not feed yeast and is low cost if you are on a budget. 

The applications are quite abundant from steaming some with spring water for a facial, creating a scalp tonic for lustrous and shiny hair , using as a douche & internally enjoying some to ensure great digestion.  

It has the ability to assist the body in creating hydrochloric acid required for digesting food.

So enjoy the flowers, the plants, the elements as your guide to a 100% natural, wild crafted you!

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