What Will Your Personal Legacy Be?

silhouette of native american shaman with pikestaff

In what way will you pass on your Personal Legacy?

Having a personal legacy can give you a strong reason to get up in the morning and live your life with passion.  It is something you hand down to the next generation.  It is a gift you bring others so that they remember you for your good works and deeds.

Whatever you choose your personal legacy to be do it with heart and nobility.

No matter how big or small it may seem it is coming from your true essence.

I feel a noble personal legacy to pass on being a woman is to embody a healthy culture.

By this I mean an internal culture.

An internal culture that is rich in friendly microbes and has strong roots is a gift that will pass down to each generation.  This will allow your children and grandchildren and great grand kids the DNA and Culture to thrive in their lifetime.

This culture we imbibe creates our thoughts, words and deeds.  It is what our mind, body and spirit is composed of.  Creating an internal garden with a flourishing rich soil is an integris personal legacy.

If you don’t have children you still leave the lineage line as complete in your karma by honoring your inner culture and so likely evolve this lifetime.

Women have the unique and honorable gift of bringing life into this world.

With this comes the responsibility of making choices for the household on what we will eat and drink on a day to day basis and how we conduct our selves and our state of affairs.

Creating a healthy environment for the family can be the best gift we pass on, so each member of the family has the opportunity to be the best version of themselves.

To me being the woman of the family is being the medicine woman.

It is what many tribes and past civilizations recognize in the women, they are often the one’s that have that inherit medicinal nature.

Women can bring the strength and nobility to the family or tribe.

“Native American tribes believed that the women had more healing power and were able to soothe ill souls with their chants and connection to the spirit world.

Medicine women gathered herbs to create healing medicines for those who fell sick within the tribe.

Additionally, most Native American women were master craftsman who made beautiful blankets, baskets, and pottery.

Jewelry was another favorite.

There was a feeling of mutual respect between the men and women of the tribes. They cared for their children and husbands, just like the modern woman does today. Without their help, it would have been very difficult for the Native Americans to survive.” – Indian.org

If we can remember this essence of ourselves and bring it back into existence we can recognize the true power of women.

What will your personal legacy be? No matter what it is, do it with a compassionate heart, a neutral mind and an old soul…know that it is a perfect choice for you.

If you don’t know what your personal legacy could be just follow the things that make you happy and what you enjoy doing.

These are often the things we most want to give to others and leave behind as our personal legacy.  When you have noble or elevated intentions you will dwell in the most beautiful realms of your own creation.

If you wish, please comment below and let us know what your personal legacy is. Blessings.

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